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  • Quitting a job after a week while pregnant ?

    I started a job at a daycare a little over a week ago and I probably shouldn’t have. I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant and this job is becoming very stressful on my body. Having to carry around babies all day and bend over for long periods of time is taking a toll. I come home, go straight to bed and can barely stand up to get out of bed. Aside from the toll on my body I have also already gotten strep from working here and this can interfere with my pregnancy. I’m not sure how to quit and need advise because I don’t think it’s a good idea I stay here any longer due to my health and the babies health.

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  • How much could i sell a fake Louis Vuitton bag?

    My aunt gave me a loui vuitton bag a while back and now looking at it I think it's fake. If I sell it what would be a reasonable price? Heres a description:

    The bag is a multicolored pochette with a black background. The leather feels slightly rough and is very shining. At the top it has a lining with a bow and 4 jewels that need polishing, but I'm going to do that. The zipper has the LV symbol and a gold covering The bottom of the handle next to the zipper has Louis Vuitton, Paris, Made in France with a small R above it. The print looks legidiment, but as I said before it's multi colored. The straps have a red lining. Inside has a gold zipper that opens another pocket.It also has a tag that has the LV sign, a small R and then Louis Vuitton, Paris made in France, just like the other one except this one has a code below that, that sais M51980.

    I hope that wasn't too confusing. Thankyou to anyone who has any information on this it will really help!

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  • Why are my parents so lenient with my older brother?

    I never do anything wrong, i do my chores, get good grades, and all but when i do or say something wrong my parents go crazy. My brother is completely the opposite. He is always doing bad things. He stays out late, sleeps over with his girlfriend, has girls sleep over, smokes, gets bad grades and all he gets is a lecture and then does the same stuff all over again. He can have 8 to 10 people over sometimes and my parents will barely say anything. I can only have 3 people over on occasion and can barely ever spend the night. How do i either get more responsibility or somehow explain that the way they're parenting is unfair?

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