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  • Why won't Vista recognize an HP wireless printer?

    I have 5 computers on the network, 3 run Vista Business, 1 Vista Home (on HP Desktop), and one Server 2003. The computers are in a star topology around the router.

    All the computers can access each other and the router, all can access the internet, and the HP running Vista and Server 2003 computers recognize the printer, but the other Vista OS's won't detect it unless I reboot the printer. After that the printer is fully functional, but the connection is flaky.

    I've found that the print driver is unstable (the OS disables it on startup) and that the HP Network Discovery Service hangs on startup (won't restart sometimes). The apps, drivers and OS have the latest versions and updates so I'm at a loss. I've spent the last 2 days on this, but have to think it's a common problem since all the computers running Vista (except the one made by the printer manufacturer) have the same problem.

    Has anyone run across this problem and found a solution?

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  • Define exponential curve?

    I want to determine the exponential curve that would define the pressure of Neptune's troposphere.

    How do you determine the value and it's power or the power of e to accurately follow a given curve.

    So you can see the type of curve I'm working with I'll provide the pressure data. Right now I'm using multiple curves that fit with a range of altitudes, but want to clean it up.

    Km Pressure (Pa)

    -4500: 10000000000 pa

    0: 50000

    25: 100000

    35: 10000

    50: 5000

    85: 1000

    145: 100

    200: 50

    250: 10 -- tropopause

    475: .1 -- monopause

    800: .001

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  • Hey APBT experts! Is my dog a pure breed American Pit Bull Terrier?

    She was given to me by a family that said they had two pits, some sort of unplanned pregnancy. She's a sweetheart, but every time I tell someone she's a pit bull they'll say "no she's not, she's a bulldog or a boxer mix.

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  • What type of dog is this?

    I found her on the corner with a name tag, but no contact info.

    Here's a link a photo was uploaded to.

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  • Determining if a post variable is set in php?

    I have an html form that uses dynamically created text inputs and names each incrementally (expense_1, expense_2, etc.)

    I'm sure that variable variables are the answer, but can't get the syntax right.

    How can I setup a loop in PHP on form submission to determine if the $_POST['expense_35'] variable is set?

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  • Do Europeans understand Americans?

    Why do most Americans traveling overseas say their another nationality? For safety or because their ashamed of the Americans who loudly announce their nationality?

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