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  • Lenovo or Toshiba: Best bang for the buck?

    Toshiba Satellite S50-ABT2N22 Laptop ($724.99)

    15.6' 1366x768 TruBrite display

    Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3337U Processor (3M Cache, up to 2.70 GHz) with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology

    Memory: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz (4GB + 4GB)

    Hard Disk Drive: 500GB HDD (5400rpm, Serial ATA)

    Graphics controller: 2GB GDDR3 NVIDIA ® GeForce® GT 740M with Optimus™ Technology

    No Bluetooth

    No touch screen


    IdeaPad Y410p Laptop ($769.00)

    Display: 14.0" HD Glossy with integrated camera 1366x768

    Processor: 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor (2.40GHz 1600MHz 6MB)

    Memory: 8.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz

    Hard Drive:1TB 5400 RPM

    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT750M GDDR5 2GB

    Bluetooth: Bluetooth Version 4.0

    Industry Standard Multi-touch 2 button touchpad

    Gaming wise, will these laptops perform similarly to each other?

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  • Why is Lady Gaga famous?

    No disrespect or anything, but her lyrics don't make any sense, and she mostly repeats senseless stanza's describing her surroundings over and over again. I don't know why millions of people waste their money on lyrics don't make sense. Her tunes are catchy, that's all I find decent.

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  • HELP!!! Analytical Chemistry Study Tips?

    I'm majoring in biochem, and I'm finding this class harder than Orgo because I'm taking a total of 20 credits this semester. It's so hard to find time to study for this. I've learned the hard way to stick with at the max 18 credits a sem.

    So I have a midterm tomorrow. It's too late to read all seven chapters so is it fine if I just do all the recommended problems for all chapters. There are about 100 recommended problems in all, and I don't think I'm gonna get any sleep tonight.

    Are there any other tips to improve the score?

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Are we being unfair to some undocumented students/ illegal aliens?

    I was just reading this:

    and it got me wondering, do kids of undocumented immigrants, who did not know of the implication or problems when coming here at very young age.

    Should America give such students equal opportunity?

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  • Have you met a politician?

    Have you seen their greedy dark eyes masked by their artificial smile and a laugh?

    They seem nice at first when you ask for help, but when they see that you not an influential person (does not have significant dough), they smoke you in the dust and slyly make their escape. In the end to be befuddled by their blonde secretaries.

    Politicians truly make life unfair.

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  • What do homosexuals feel when....?

    So I was thinking about it for a while, and I am wondering, say there are two people A1 and A2.

    A1 is heterosexual.

    A2 is homosexual.

    A1, naturally feels disgusted when just thinking about a relationship, plainly put intercourse, with the same sex.

    Does A2, the homosexual, have the same disgusted feeling when just thinking about a relationship with the opposite sex?

    Plainly, my question is, are homosexuals revolted by thinking of having sex with the opposite sex, or plainly said 'heterophobic'? If that is even a word.

  • Organic Chemistry naming problem (IUPAC)?

    The compound of interest is Batrachotoxinin A

    In the second slide Batrachotoxinin A has an R which is an H instead of a pyrolle moiety.

    Now Batrachotoxinin A's relative Batrachotoxin (the one with the pyrolle moiety) has the following IUPAC name

    1H-Pyrrole-3-carboxylic acid, 2,4-dimethyl-, (1S)-1-[(5aR, 7aR, 9R, 11aS, 11bS, 12R, 13aR)-1,2,3,4,7a,8,9,10,11,11a , 12,13- dodecahydro-9,12-dihydroxy-2, 11a-dimethyl- 7H-9,11b-epoxy-13a, 5a-propenophenanthro[2,1-f] [1,4] oxazepin-14-yl] ethyl ester

    So is the Batrachotoxinin A's IUPAC

    (1S)-1-[(5aR, 7aR, 9R, 11aS, 11bS, 12R, 13aR)-1,2,3,4,7a,8,9,10,11,11a , 12,13- dodecahydro-9,12-dihydroxy-2, 11a-dimethyl- 7H-9,11b-epoxy-13a, 5a-propenophenanthro[2,1-f] [1,4] oxazepin-14-yl] ethyl ester

    (As you can see I just deleted 1H-Pyrrole-3-carboxylic acid, 2,4-dimethyl-,)

    is that ok?

    cause I'm lost

    : (

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  • Philosophers, morality has escaped my grasp, what do you think?

    "Julie is traveling in France on summer vacation from college with her brother Mark. One night they decide that it would be interesting and fun if they tried making love. Julie was already taking birth-control pills, but Mark uses a condom, too, just to be safe. They both enjoy the sex but decide not to do it again. They keep the night as a special secret, which makes them feel closer to each other. What do you think about that — was it O.K. for them to make love?"


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  • Vegans, Why aren't you people dead yet?

    Vegans eat a plant based diet excluding animal and animal by products because they believe animals have a right to live. (What's next, plants have rights to live?)

    Which brings me to my point:


    < Olfactory response towards its prey Frankliniella occidentalis of wild and laboratory-reared Orius insidiosus and Orius laevigatus.


    Chart Graph Graph


    Carvalho, L. M.1

    Bueno, V. H. P.2

    Castañé, C.3


    Journal of Applied Entomology; Apr2011, Vol. 135 Issue 3, p177-183, 7p, 1 Chart, 2 Graphs

    Document Type:


    Subject Terms:

    *OLFACTORY nerve

    *FRANKLINIELLA occidentalis



    *INSECT-plant relationships

    *INSECT pests -- Biological control

    *PREDATION (Biology)

    NAICS/Industry Codes:

    561710 Exterminating and Pest Control Services


    Orius species are important biological control agents of thrips in protected crops. Rearing conditions in mass production facilities may affect their performance in the crop when searching for the target prey. The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the search behaviour and orientation towards prey of two Orius species, O. laevigatus (Fieber) and O. insidiosus (Say) that have been reared in the laboratory under different conditions, with wild (field-collected) individuals. Adult predator females were placed in a Y-tube olfactometer and offered a choice between the odours released by plants of different species (cotton, common bean, sweet pepper and cucumber), which were either non-infested or infested with Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) adults. O. laevigatus and O. insidiosus responded to odours from thrips-infested plants and these responses were influenced by the origin of the colonies. A larger percentage of laboratory-reared O. laevigatus females (42%) did not made a choice between thrips-infested or clean plants, compared with wild individuals (17%). Of those females that did respond to plant odours, a smaller percentage of laboratory-reared O. laevigatus females (34%) responded to the odours from thrips-infested plants compared with wild insects (76%). No significant differences were found in O. insidiosus females that did not make a choice between thrips-infested or clean plants (14% for wild vs. 17% for lab individuals). Also, no significant differences were found between O. insidiosus females that selected thrips-infested plants at the corresponding proportion of wild (75%) and laboratory-reared (70%) individuals. We propose that the olfactometer test could be a complementary evaluation aspect to the already developed quality criteria for performance of mass-reared Orius predators . [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

    Copyright of Journal of Applied Entomology is the property of Wiley-Blackwell and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder's express written permission. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. This abstract may be abridged. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. Users should refer to the original published version of the material for the full abstract. (Copyright applies to all Abstracts.)>


    So once microbiology catches up, the conclusion will be that plants have feelings akin to animals. So when that conclusion arrives, will you vegans then live by eating purified air free of any living particles and pure distilled water?

    Don't say plants are mute and therefore we can't hear them scream in agony, by such argument, then it would be 'OK' to eat a mute child in a vegetative state, which is quite a pathetic argument really.

    9 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan9 years ago
  • Anyone from Spain knowledgeable on Ape's Rights?

    The Apes in Spain have rights, does that mean that they can be held accountable to the law (such as civil or criminal liability)?

    Just as it will be a criminal act to mistreat an ape, if an ape mistreat a human or attacks a human, can the Ape be taken to court?

    I read somewhere that primates wouldn't have all the same rights as humans, but it would place them under the guardianship of the state.

    Then is Spain extending the definition of rights (mutual responsibility) to also protection?

    I am confused %-(

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • Humor me, why same sex marriage?

    Before you judge this question, I shall put it out there that my opinion on marriage is that it seems to be a joke (To clarify it is just my opinion and not right or wrong per se but just my opinion from observing newly weds, divorced couples, and couples that have been married for many many years.)

    To those of you out there who support and want to make same sex marriage legal, what do you find about marriage that is intriguing. Based on statistics there is more than 50% chance you will likely end in divorce?

    If it is a unifying contract that one is after, why don't same sex couples or group of people who support same sex marriage make up a term for such union and make it into law. I say that because matrimony in Latin means state of motherhood.

    So why fight the system, be creative, make up a term based on some Latin root word that has something to do with same sex union and go with it.

    Won't that just be an excellent compromise, I mean it's easier to create a tradition rather than change the very very very old "tradition" of so called "marriage"?

  • Is it just me or do you think the apple is rotting?

    There has been rumors that apple is spiraling into destruction after Jobs passed away.

    Today's headline in the tech world "More than 600,000 Macs infected with Flashback botnet"

    - So what's up with the new i-pad?

    -- Oh it got a better screen

    - `:- !

    Apple stocks are on a 7-month low and still falling.

    It seems like the apple engineers/ Tim Cook is riding on past fame, and just getting lazy.

    Apple consumers, do you feel this declining effect since Jobs has passed away??

    1 AnswerOther - Computers9 years ago
  • Morality... is it hardwired?

    "It seems, then, we are forced to believe in a real Right and Wrong. People maybe sometimes mistaken about them, just as people sometimes get their sums wrong; but they are not a matter of mere taste and opinion any more than the multiplication table."

    - C.S. Lewis

    That is fascinating.... I always thought society bares the morality on the individuals who partake in society's ways or be exiled (albeit sometimes society do make up weird laws and call it morality such as burning children to various Gods for good harvest in the past).

    Say suppose morality is much bigger than society, a universal law, then it makes you wonder if animals, or feral children have morality??

    Of course we can't test if feral children have morality, as they are a rare occurrence, however it makes me wonder if animals have morality?

    Where do you think the sense of morality stems from? Is it hardwired/ a universal law? Is it based on society??

    2 AnswersPsychology9 years ago
  • How would feel if your parents were ...?

    the same sex?

    How will your friends react?? (Will the children feel isolated when the majority of their friends have parents who are hetero sexual?)

    Will children of homosexual parent be more prone to have tendency towards homosexual relationships??

    I need to write a paper on arguing whether Same sex marriage will make America better off or worse off than before.

    Just need some general chatter from people (who have opinions that differ from mine) to get me thinking on the subject of homosexuality?

    Please try to be rational and limit charged words, name callings, and trolling to null....

  • Where is the Hydrogen Technology headed?

    There are two paths: Hydrogen Combustion Engine & Hydrogen Fuel Cell.

    Which of the two technology is practical for real world application (e.g. energy for transportation vehicles)?

    2 AnswersAlternative Fuel Vehicles9 years ago
  • UIC and UIUC: University Identification Number question?

    My friend is applying to both the colleges. She applied to UIC and setup a web i.d. and pin to apply online. Then for UIUC, she tried the web i.d. and pin for UIC and he logged in. So I guess the databases for both these colleges are the same.

    But where she is conveying her worry is that after the application was send, she got an UIN (University Identification Number) from both colleges and it is the same.

    Is this a problem?

    I mean both the colleges are part of the University of Illinois branch so I'm guessing it is not a problem.

    Any suggestion or advice will be much appreciated.

  • Do you think the world will be boring without the presence of evil?

    I mean evil in the philosophical sense of undesirable states of affairs.

    Do you think it keeps everyone on their feet, until death?

    4 AnswersPhilosophy9 years ago
  • Why do people use F@#k word a lot when they are angry or frustrated?

    Sure F@#k is used to express anger, annoyance, contempt, surprise and impatience.

    But if those people who use it had a bit of decency to think things through, this is what they are actually saying:

    F@#k you: "Have sexual intercourse with" you

    Oh F@#k: Oh "Have sexual intercource"

    I could go on, but you get the gist.

    So why do people embarrass themselves by saying such a embarrassing word so often?

    I mean there tons of other vulgar words/ combination of word to express yourself without embarrassing yourself.

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay9 years ago
  • Will a alternator that is going bad do "this" to a car?

    So I was driving my 2000 Toyota Camry, and the radio was on. Then the radio suddenly goes off and at the same time the engine sound goes mute. So I look at the rpm meter and it's dropped all the way to zero, and the car slowly decelerates to a complete stop. (Don't worry, I steered the car to the side lane away from traffic). I tried to put the emergency light on, and even that won't even turn on. I tried to restart the car by taking the key out and putting it back in, but to no avail the car won't start.

    So after 5 minutes, and right before I call the tow truck, I open up the hood, give some good punches to the engine top in my frustration.

    Then got in the car and once more tried again, and fortunately the car turned on fine, as it usually did.

    In the period of 10 years of having this car (with constant service every 10,000 miles) this is the first time that this happened.

    The engine wasn't overheating because I remember the temperature gauge was in the cool range when I was driving it before it stalled, and there wasn't any smoke, and the fuel was 3/4 of the way full.

    So anybody have any idea as to what would cause this?

    (I don't want the car to go dead again while travelling in a highway)

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago