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  • Should I get my budgie a friend?

    I’ve had my budgie for a few months now and he’s pretty tame (he’ll step up, likes getting scratched, and will fly on to my shoulder and try to preen my hair). He’s such an goofball that I’ve been wanting to get another budgie to add to the family. But part of me is selfishly worried that they’ll want nothing to do with me once they have each other. Am I worried over nothing?

    4 AnswersBirds4 months ago
  • Why do I wake up early when I set an alarm?

    I am not by any means a morning person if left undisturbed I will sleep in until late in the afternoon so why is it that when I set an alarm for early in the morning I will consistently wake up 15-30 minutes before it goes off regardless of how early or late I went to sleep the night before?

    Biology4 months ago
  • How bad do budgie bites normally hurt?

    Mine bit me before when I accidentally startled him but it didn’t hurt I don’t know if it’s because he held back on me and just wanted to warn me not do that or if it’s because he’s still young and he just can’t bite that hard yet.

    1 AnswerBirds6 months ago
  • Bird cage door?

    I’m planning on getting a pair of budgies once I finish getting everything prepared but I noticed that the cage door is really loud and kind of hard to open does anyone know of a fix for this? I’d hate to scare them everytime I have to open the door to change their food or water

    1 AnswerBirds7 months ago
  • Why is it so hard to put in my right contact?

    I’ve been wearing contacts for awhile now and putting in the left one is a breeze so why does it take forever to get the right one in is it because I’m right handed or is it something else?

    2 AnswersOptical2 years ago