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I'm a down to earth kind of guy which loves messing around with my computer tweaking it up and customizing it to my liking....and if you can't figure it out, I'll take a stab at it......... I'm currently going to college for a CIS degree and for web design. not quite sure yet to where or which direction I want to head for but there is nothing wrong with learning all i can... In my spare time I Spend time with my lovely niece which is so adorable and man's best friend (my Pitbull) which Wouldn't hurt a fly, my niece love to play and tug at him lol the great thing is he never seems to get annoyed by her, he just sits there as to say ahh whatever she will go home in a couple of hours anyways so suck it up lol I also do some stained glass in my spare time, I just find it to be relaxing.....

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