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I'm currently a college student majoring in Management Information systems and Operations Management.I will be getting a minor in Global Business.I really enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures.I find that really interesting.After I finish my degree I will most likely be joining the U.S. Coast Guard.I feel that would be a more meaningful occupation to have vs a desk job. After my time in the Coast Guard I want to get my Master's degree.As of now I am considering a Master's in Physical Therapy. I am also planning on working towards getting my pilot license during the summer. Spent 2 year's on my college's tennis team.I am fluent in Spanish and I know plenty about computers.So if you need some Spanish or Computer help or anything you think I can help you with just send me a message. I try to make my answers as clear and as easy for a child to understand since I usually don't know how well informed you are on a certain topic.

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