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  • tips on handling a very naughty foal?

    Hi guys so I was just wondering how I should go about handling a 6 month old foal whk rears and strikes at you when leading? My boss at the stables has a crazy fiak because that how he likes them when it comes to a saddlebred so. I was wondering what you guys do to correct this rearing and striking behavior. He told me to put a small chain over her nose. Or do whatever I need ton to get her to chill out to be leadable. She behaves perfect for him probably because. He trained her etc so any tips would be appreciated. Thanks

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  • obtaining a serval?

    Hello all

    so I been thinking about wanting to become a savannah cat breeder and checked my county and state and everything and its legal here with a permit of 50$ a year. So I was wondering if any now of breeders I can buy a serval from I have 5.8 acres and I would start in about a yr or so after I do some more extensive research on breeding them. I know they are Alot if work and well im a stay at home mom and I have always loved the savannah cat as well as the personality of them. I would definitely be building and outdoor enclosure of course for them to run around . I was just wondering what I shoulddefiantlyy research more if as well as where I could buy a serval for starters.

    thank you

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  • denied medicaid now what?

    So I know this isnt the best place to find answers but I'm out of options. I found out I was pregnant about 3.5 months ago and applied for medicaid. I am also considered high risk due to a blood clottimg problem so i have to take aspirin to prevent clots and i had 4 miscarriages last year.Today I got a notice my medicaid was denied due to income too high. Our income filed adjoining was 45000 but in reality it was only 30000 after he put down since he is self employed for business he paid out 29000 dollars we also had to pay 5400 in taxes. We also have living expenses like crazy that we literally live paycheck to paycheck. I have insurance through my parents but it doesn't cover dependant pregnancies.So I thought it would help with their decision but I guess not. So now I dont know what to do because the insurance open enrollment period has ended and most insurances wont cover a already pregnant pregnancy, so I'm out of options there. Does anyone know what I could possibly do?

    thanks you


  • desensitizing a friesian that only spokes under saddle tips?

    Hi so I took in a friesian who spooks a lot hes very good on the ground I tie plastic bags to him and I tied milk jugs with small rocks too and he does fine with all that but when under saddle he spooks really easy we been working in stop too. I give him lots of praise when he does good but he is just soo spooky. Any ideas how I can help desensitize him more under saddle? He isn't sore or anything either. So any comments would be great. We also only have a outdoor arena that doesn't close all the way but it is an arena. Thank you in advance or help.

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  • ok saddlebred horse trainers tips on collection high head set?

    So my mare has improved over summer but she still isn't setting her head correctly she sets it way too low. I was going to send her to a trainer for couple months but the one I was going to send her to is full. And any others are like 3 hrs away which is too far. So I was wondering what exercises do you do to train their head carriage? Just a lot of line driving and bitting up? Her teeth were just done in august by a horse dentist so its not that. And when I have line driven her it seems to pull on her mouth too much. I have bitted her up and free lunged her in the round pen would that help?




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  • winter exercise ideas for conditioning my horse?

    HI Everyone I was wondering what exercises and thing can I do to condition my saddlebred during winter and snow? Because I am showing her in saddleseat next yr and she is new to it were still working on her headset which is slowly coming along. Her registered Name is Julie christie if you look her up she is bred extremely well. Anyways so.i was looking for exercises to do in the winter to build her chest muscles up and hind quarters. She trots level barefoot now but not really toned yet so any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.


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  • help what to do about my dogs mange?

    Ok so my dog was diagnosed with demodectic mange a yr ago so she was on ivermectin for 7 month's she was doing good so she was taken off of it in july and was doing really good but now its back with a vengence. My vet said she probably has to be on ivermectin her entire life due to poor immune system. Its soo expensive so I was hoping to get her in immune system vitamins since she almost 2 so she might have a chance to build it up before its fully developed. I had seen these organic immune booster vitamins in an article by dr something it was made with herbs too. can't remember the rest of it and now I can't find it anywhere so I was wondering if anyone knew what it might be. Also was wondering if anyone knew any other vitamins or herbs that would help her out.


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  • How do you professional saddlebred trainers achieve great headsets on saddlebreds?


    I was just wondering what do you trainers use when achieving collection do you just line drive or do you use martingales a lot?Do you just constantly line drive or draw reins? I'm just wondering I sent my saddlebred to a trainer and I got her back now she has knotts in her neck. My trainer said its just from training but idk I tslked to some others and they said never had that issue. So I need to correct it cuz she still doesn't fully collect now either. She is 4 and I love her to death and I just want to be able to do some exercises and stuff to collect. She collects at the walk real good but not at the trot. Please give me some tips


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  • How do you trainers feel about caveletti for saddlseat training?


    So I was wondering what are aome opinions of uaing caveletti ti create more action in saddlebreds to build the muscle? I have a saddlebred 4 yr old and she breaks level with just plain shoes on although her chest could use some muscle building. How do you feel about using the caveletti to help create a little more action and muscle building. I know of surgical tubing but don't want my mare to concentrate on her friend end as she is just figuring out how do make herself round and more under herself. Thanks, also off subject but how do you edit the questions after you post them? My computer doesn't seem to have a button to. Thanks

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  • Horse collection Ideas?


    So I was wondering about different saddlebred collection ideas. Because I have a 4 yr old and she has a bit of a ewe neck and my instructor has veen having me and her work on collection although now my husband only letting me take 1 lesson a week verses 2 cuz of expenses right now. And so I will be starting to work her every day instead of 4 days a week and so I was looking for different collection ideas and exercises so she doesn't get board. Currently we have a regular martingale and draw reins occasionally with some ground driving. Any other ideas that I can do everyday so she stays fresh? She has improved a lot with her neck then sge use to be.currently trained in a D ring snaffle. She has natural front level action already with just regular shoes. She just needs more collection neck conditioning just looking for ideas thanks

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  • Any one ever had a dog that would constantly at night lay down then bolt?

    Ok soo I have a siberian husky amd every single night when its bed time he lays down but then akl of a sudden bolts off and acts like something bit him. He then comes back to his bed all scared and this literally happens every night. He is 5 anyone kniw why he does this?


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  • Park pleasure and gaited show pleasure?

    Ok so my trainer recommended I show my saddlebred horse in park pleasure instead of 3 gaited show pleasure. I'm just wondering what is the difference between Park pleasure and 3 gaited show pleasure?

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  • Anyone know the name of the russian group or song?

    Ok so in 2010 I had this one Russian song I loved but lost all my cds with it in. I know it was kinda Russian techno and it was a russian guy group. Not Faktor 2 or ruki vverh. But some of the lyrics all I know were like this.Eto leto moy xachy ya ona, eto leta dosha xachy ya ona or something like that in the music it had like siren noises kinda in it too. My russian friend said translated to English its about a giy who f ell in love with a women in the summer. And then something about either their soul or rain can't remember but that's all I can remember I really hope someone knows what song I'm talking about Thanks for your time Kat

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  • Make up tips for oval face for saddleseat horse showing?

    Ok so I have an oval shaped face and hazel eyes. What make up colors would look best in the show ring for saddleseat for me? My horse is dark chestnut with flaxen mane and tail if that helps.

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  • How old are saddlebred horses started in training for saddleseat?

    Just wondering how old are like 3 gaited show pleasure saddlebrrda started? Because I have seen some 3 yr olds in show pleasure extremely built with muscle and they look like it took time?

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  • What's wrong with my dog?

    Ok so when I came home my dog was wabbly and weak and when we went outside she took off and after runnung everywhere for about 10 min and when I finallu got her all of a sudden she got extremely weak and fell over and couldn't get up her tung was hanging out and she had no response when I tried calling her name and even said treat no response. I'm not sure what's wrong she is a siberian husky and she is on ivermectin for demodectic mange. She was just put on 10 day antibiotics. Could this cause it and what else could be causing it?

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  • Any tips on how to get my saddlebred horse to collect?

    Ok so I have a 3 yr saddlebred mare that is great all togethor except for collecting at the trot. She collects at the walk 100% but every time she goes into a trot she noses out really bad and I bit her and line drive her. She collects in all 3 gaits then but upon under saddle she doesn't collect at the trot. Any ideas or tips? Thanks oh and she is used for saddleseat so need that headset thanks

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  • Do I need a D & C at 4 weeks?

    Ok so yesterday I had some bloody mucus but then it stopped and I had 2 miscarriages prior within the last 5 months. Anyways it stopped bleeding I'm only 4 weeks along amd I have some cramos so I thought I was miscarrying again cuz I started getting bloody mucus it was darker in red. So I'm worried if I'm having a miscarriage and I bled a little yesterday hit stopped could this mean I possibly need a D & C? Or could I still be pregnant. The only symptomni jad was breast tenderness and it was very sore but now its only a little. Plz let me know thanks

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  • How can I break my horses habit of bolting on the left lead?

    Ok so for some reason my horse started taking off full speed at the canter when taking the left lead. She takes the right lead no problem. Trots and walka no problem I keep her at the far end of the arena working her cuz she slightky barn sour. But she started taking off to the barn when taking the left lead no matter how hard a I try and push her body away and turn her head . I need to break this bad habit i tryed using the whip with a light smack on the shoulder too but she just runs sidewaya. Help my friends also say it might be because she in heat cuz we have a gelding that was just gelded 2 weeks ago they say he could be bringing her into heat since the other mare becamenin heat too

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