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I'm a former Top Contributor for the Celebrity section and I am currently a top contributor for the Wrestling section. I don't act like or think I'm better than anyone else but I also don't like ignorance, trolls, and people who answer questions with false or dumb information. I actually look up facts, I give the devil's their due when it goes against my own opinion, and I admit when I'm wrong. But I will admit that I can and will pwn you :) JSYK, I block people like nobody's business because when I ask questions, I like GOOD answers. Not answers from trolls, adults who type like children or adults who answer like children. HERE ARE MY *CURRENT* FAVORITES IN WWE Sin Cara (Mistico. And I am one of his biggest defenders around here and I do it by FACTS not bias) Cody Rhodes Alberto Del Rio John Morrison Kofi Kingston Daniel Bryan Danielson Evan Bourne CM Punk Christian

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