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Kirk Balop

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  • Why won't the USA embrace Soccer?

    Really? We watch dodgeball on television and get so bored that we create versions of already popular games. Does anybody remember slamball? or the XFL? Why can't we just embrace the beautiful game as such and just run with it.

    4 AnswersOther - Soccer1 decade ago
  • Could the 49ers run the Single-Wing if Tim Tebow is drafted?

    The single-wing formation, similar to the 08 Dolphins "Wildcat," could do the Niners some good with a mobile quarterback. It's essentially a run-powered offense using a TB or mobile QB taking snaps. From there you could move to an option, a reverse, a TB pass, or just a straight pass. With their assortment of talented runningbacks and strong receivers, could the Niners succeed in a single-wing? Personally I think it'd work, I'd just like some other opinions.

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