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  • New nose piercing sinking into my nose? Reasons?

    So I just recently got my nose pierced (about 5 days ago) by a really good piercer. He used a piercing needle, and did a really great job with sterilization, prepping, piercing, aftercare, etc.

    I have really been staying on top of cleaning my piercing. Its become routine to clean it three times a day with antibacterial soap and warm water (as intructed). But lately my piercing seems to be sinking into my nose a little bit. Not to the point where I can't see it, but enough to where I can tell its sinking.

    I've googled this, and have read that it can be due to swelling of the nose. I have been pushing it out to really clean it, and sometimes randomly through the day to help the hole. Now, I push it out way more often because I'm afraid if I leave it "sunken" some in my nose, it won't heal properly.

    Any suggestions on why this is occuring and what I should do? Thanks :)

    Oh, and there is no pain, barely any redness. I don't see any signs of infection, just some occasional crusting. No bleeding.

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  • Is this a good haircut for curly hair?

    I have really thick curly hair and I straighten it once in a while. My hair is pretty long, and I really like the popular haircut where there are long layers but short ones on top? I don't really know how to explain it.

    But I guess I just want to know...

    Are more layers better? If I put in shorter layers (like, the shortest being right below my ears) would that be a bad idea?

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  • Would frosting taste good on a chocolate chip cookie?

    For my boyfriend's birthday, I am wanting to make one of those pizookie (pizza cookie) things, because he loves them. But I was thinking of frosting it to look like a pokeball. Yes, like pokemon. Don't judge. :)

    I can't tell if it would taste good. Frosting on a chocolate chip cookie? Hmmm. What do you think?


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  • Would frosting taste good on this cookie?

    For a friend's birthday, I wanted to surprise him by making a large pizookie (pizza cookie) but I wanted to frost it into something. If that made sense.

    Don't laugh at me but...

    I was wondering if anyone thinks normal store-bought frosting would taste good on, say, a large chocolate chip cookie. I've never tried that so I wouldn't know.


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  • How do I cope with this break up situation?

    I am sixteen and a junior in high school. I know us teens are thought of as "not knowing what love is" but please try to understand.

    My boyfriend of over 7 months has suddenly decided to break up because he was "bored of being in a relationship." Not of me, of just being with the same person for so long.

    I feel so empty, because he was perfect for me. We had been best friends for years before. He says the most perfect things. He even told me once, that if he broke up with me, he would regret it forever.

    I drove to his house and we spent 3 hours in my car crying. Him and I. He says he still likes me, his heart will always belong to me. And that what he is doing is unfair. That night he said he just realized he hasn't made up his mind yet. And he's torn. He doesn't want to lose me, but he feels as though he is done with this. Only because he gets bored of the same thing.

    I told him that i should just give him time to think. And he later replied

    "ya. i'm sorry. this is a break. we aren't done yet, no. we aren't."

    I can tell he doesn't want to leave. But he doesn't want to stay at the same time. I feel sorry for him that he is so torn.

    I just don't know how to deal with this. I don't know what to do. I want to give him time. And if he comes back (which he had asked what if he did...) what should I do? And how can I cope with my first major heartbreak?

    Please help. I appreciate it.

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  • my right ear is numb, as well as my neck. please help?

    So yesterday morning I woke up and my right ear was numb, as if it "fell asleep," similar to the way your foot falls asleep.

    I figured I had slept on it wrong, and hoped it would go away. Today, it hasn't disappeared, and I now feel the numbness on the side of my neck.

    I've been messaging it some, but it hasn't helped much. Does anyone know what this could mean?

    I am a teenager, and worried. Thanks.

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  • Are carrots okay for dogs?

    My dog is spoiled :P

    He is SO CUTE and we can't resist giving him "cookies." However, we know those "cookies" aren't the greatest for him.

    My mom began giving him carrots.

    At first, it was fine, and he LOVED them.

    But are they really okay for him?

    I think my parents and siblings feed him carrots excessively.

    Just maybe a little too much :P

    I just want to know if any one knows if it's bad for him.

    Once in a VERY great while, he pukes. And it's orange. (Sorry...gross I know) And I'm a little worried.

    Anyone know? Thanks. :)

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  • How do you go back to the origional myspace layout? Not 2.0?? Please help!?

    I just recently got new myspace and it is so different.

    I don't like the 2.0 layout. And I can't go back!

    How do you??

    Please help :)

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  • How do I rotate a video to face normally on my MacBook? Please help!?

    I am doing a project for an AP class. I am making my own documentary and I am using the program "iMovie" on my MacBook.

    However, some of the video was shot from my camera facing vertically, so when it's on my computer its rotated.

    How do I rotate it right-side up??

    PLEASE help.


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  • iMovie MAC video editing skills? PLEASE HELP asap!?

    I am doing a project for an AP class. I am making my own documentary and I am using the program "iMovie" on my MacBook.

    However, some of the video was shot from my camera facing vertically, so when it's on my computer its rotated.

    How do I rotate it right-side up??

    PLEASE help.


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  • How do you make natural curls soft?? Please help :)?

    I have naturally curly hair. And its THICK.

    Its not super curly, not wavy, just really pretty curls.

    However, I can't seem to control them. They frizz :(

    I have products that reduce the frizz alot, but they are never SOFT SHINY curls.

    How do I do it without doing too much or applying heat to my hair, or that makes my hair greasy?

    Any products?

    Thanks :)

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