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  • Is drinking unsweetened tea as good as drinking water?

    Is drinking unsweetened tea as good as drinking water? Does tea count as water intake or do you need to drink extra water to meet your daily fill.

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  • Prorated Rent in California?

    I moved into a new place in August. When I moved in I paid my first rent in full and was given a document with the prorated amount to pay the second month to make up for the days I moved in after the first in August. The document was signed with this amount. I paid the rent ahead of time. I was just told yesterday (12 days after I paid rent) that I owe more money because the person who calculated the pro-rated rent counted using 31 days, instead of 30 days.

    Am I legally obligated to pay the extra money?

    *Note: The owner who owns the building has been known for being shady. I moved in because I knew someone else who was happy living there. I also had issues with the day I moved in. When I did the walk through there were still people fixing up the place, so I couldn't actually move in until after 3PM. The unit wasn't thoroughly cleaned. When we did the walk through the manager said that she would get the guys to clean those things up before I moved in. It was a red light to me, but I let it slide because I really liked the place and just wanted to get settled in. At that point the lease was already signed and the papers said my move in was that day, so I didn't know if I had the right to not move in and tell them I won't move until it's cleaned up. It wasn't super dirty. It was more dirty than any of the places I left when I moved out. If it wasn't for these circumstances and for the fact that they want it in a money order I would just pay it.

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  • Website for Older Anime fans?

    Is there a website/forums/group/chat for people who have been anime fans for a long time? I'm looking for a place that doesn't have as many of the newer fans. It seems like most places you go online is full of the newer fans.

    Thanks to anyone who can answer this question! ^_^

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  • Diabetes costs and Medical Insurance?

    I currently don't have insurance(I did up until I got laid off in July), but I should hopefully get benefits in 5 months with my new job. It was expensive to keep the insurance that I had through work. Right before my insurance was cut off my doctor told me I should get tested for diabetes. Now I'm wondering if I should wait until I get health insurance again or if it's better for me to just go to the doctor and pay for it out of pocket. I won't qualify for any low-income medical care.

    How much does it cost monthly for medicine, testing supplies, and doctor visits? How often do you go to the doctor?

    It would be great to hear from people with and without insurance. If you have insurance if it's HMO or PPO.

    What are the chances that if I paid for insurance now that the company would cancel it as soon as they found out if I had diabetes?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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  • Why do people always suggest mainstream anime series?

    Whenever someone asks to suggest a new series people always suggests "Naruto", "Bleach", "FMA", "Fruits Basket" ect. even though sometimes the kind of series the person likes isn't ACTION or isn't drama. Are people just answering questions to get points? or do they not know the difference between different anime genres? I'm not trying to be mean, but most of these series are hard to avoid. I don't think someone who is asking for new series would have never seen any of these around.

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