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I'm 14 Love to skateboard,play basketball,play the guitar and piano,writing,drawing,sing,listen to music,love outdoor activities and travelling.

  • Malaysians : How long can you last without eating rice?

    I don't know if I can, even going to Paris, I still eat rice!

    *Bawak periuk and then plug it in, hotel black out.

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  • Is this poem ok?

    I wrote this not more than for half an hour. I wrote to see what I could do in a short time. It doesn't have a title, care you give one? I'm not good, can you guys fix my mistakes and what not.

    Thank you very much!

    Just a glimpse of you

    Makes me feel like I’m in a dream

    My heart beats a fast rhythm

    Perfect, you seem

    Seeing your daring smile

    And eyes sparkling

    Worries forgotten awhile

    As I stare and lingered

    You know I was staring

    Then, looked deeply in my eyes

    Sat beside me to say something

    I know it would not be lies

    Hearing your voice

    Excites and calms me

    I think about this every time

    I can’t believe that you’re actually mine

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  • Dear brilliant poets! What do you think?

    This is a poem I just wrote, I'm not good but I'm wondering if you guys can help me,thanks!

    'Morning Treasure'

    The birds sing with joy

    While the Sun rises beautifully

    Morning has come little boy

    Wake up on the count of three

    Open your eyes

    Awake your senses

    See how magical this morning is

    Feel the cool wind blowing

    Smooth dances of the trees

    A wonderful feeling gently flowing

    In my soul and when I breathe

    It tickles my heart oh so softly

    Receiving such a delight

    While sipping a cup of English tea

    It inspired me to write

    You fade away and come back tomorrow

    Waking me with such pleasure

    When you let me happily borrow

    This feeling I call a treasure

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    What do u think of this?I don't even think you can call it a poem..whatever.Any advice on how to make it better? =]

    I want the truth,

    nothing but the truth

    I don't care.

    I want it right here,

    right now.

    I'm sick of lies.

    No more lying!

    Tell the people you've been

    lying all these years.

    Tell them what you really think,

    how you really feel,

    what you've been hiding from them.

    Even if it hurts.

    They need to know.

    Be honest.

    Nobody wants to hear something untruthful.

    I know what you're thinking,crappy poem right?haha..

    I was sick of lies..and bored.I was wondering how to make a good poem?

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  • Some tips on running?

    Can you guys help me please..I'm new at running and need some tips.

    1.What types of shoes should I get for sprinting?(not the brand,the type) Getting Nike anyways

    2.What kind of warm ups and cool downs should I do before and after running?

    3.What types of food should I eat before and after running,btw I'm on a diet trying to lose the extra pounds.

    4.I'm 13 and weight lift like 2-3 times a week,is it ok for me to lift 2-5 kgs?

    5.I run 2 times a week-30 minutes,do I have to increase the number of days I run?I run on Mondays and Thursday..I don't got a lot of time so I just do 30 minutes.

    6.How do I run faster?What are the techniques for sprinting and to run faster?

    7.About high jump too...the technique and how to jump higher?

    Thats all I wanna ask right now.

    Hope you guys answer this.Thanks.

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  • My name Zulaikha,what does it mean?

    I want long answers,its arabian i know..I want long answers of what it means..thank you

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  • Is it true?

    Is it true that a 13 year old girl can't weight lift because of being too young?Some say it can effect me growing up.

    If so,what's the perfect age to start weight-lifting?

    and please give me a website link for more info on this..

    thank you very much.

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  • Ice skating...just asking stuff?

    I just need to know some stuff like..

    1.How much are the skates?

    2.If you're buying skates,do they customize it according to the shape of your feet?

    3.If yes,will it cost the same?

    4.Pros and cons of ice skating?

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  • Overweight 13-year old and ready to get up and go..advice?

    I'm 13 and I weigh about 147lbs..

    Eventhough I weigh this much...I extremely love sports and outdoor basketball,volleyball,badminton,tennis,skateboarding and anything that can make me sweat.

    I'm planning to lose the extra weight and maintain healthy throughout my teenage years or for life if I'm lucky.I'd really like to build my stamina,stay fit and my main goal is to be an athletic person in school for next year.

    So what I want to know is..

    1.How to build my stamina?

    2.How to lose the extra weight?

    3.Foods not to eat?

    4.Good food for sports and breakfast b4 running?

    5.I run 2 times a week,weight lift 3 times+push ups+sit ups..are there any other exercises that can help me have strong arms and legs?

    Thanks.I hope lots of people out there answer this because last time I asked only 1 person answered,and he told me to do knee bends....

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  • Career choices for Capricorn?

    Can you guys list down some jobs that'll be suitable for a Capricorn?

    just wondering cuz I wanna make a decision on what subjects i'm gonna take.

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  • Help on the road?

    I need to know how long does it take from Grand Seconnex apartment to..

    1.Geneva-Certoux, Route de Certoux, 734-15-09 Geneva, Switzerland.

    2.Are there any skateparks and places where I can skateboard at Geneva?

    3.Are there any skateshops in Geneva?

    2 AnswersGeneva1 decade ago
  • Skateboard shopping and stuff?

    Can you tell me..

    1.Top 5 best decks? and why

    2.Top 5 bearings? and why

    3.Top 5 wheels? and why

    4.Top 5 trucks? and why

    5.Anyone know any skateparks at Geneva,Switzerland?

    6.Anyone know any skate shops at Geneva,Switzerland?

    that's all.Thanks :D

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  • Fat Cute Syrian Hamster questions?

    1. Is it ok if I bathe my 5 hamsters(got 6 before but 1 died R.I.P) with special shampoo that is used for bathing them?Should I use warm water?because I'm afraid they will get cold and shiver..and their tails go straight..and stuff

    2.How often should I clean their cages?

    3.How often should I bathe them?

    4.Should I send them to the vet only when they are sick or do I have to send them for a check-up or whatever stuff like that in a specific time like once a months,etc

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  • More of my skateboard again?

    More questions :D please help ................!

    1.I can ollie but on my welcome can I ollie while I'm moving?i'm kinda scared sometimes..maybe i need protective gear?

    2.What's the price of a helmet,knee pads and elbow pads?total & separate prices

    3.If I buy bearings, does it come with the spacer & washer..I'm really new..never bought seperate parts before..really blur..haha what a stupid question

    4.Are there any good sites that I can go to for info like trick tips and how to buy a skateboard..and other stuff about skateboards

    5.There's not really a place for me to skate except home,skate parks here are far away from my house..30-50 minutes from my house by car,and the only place other than my house to skate is like a hall but I'll be going alone..I don't like that,neither does my dad..what should I do?

    P/S: I just bought Vans brown/pink shoes which comes with brown and pink laces..with 30% off...I will cherish them forever!! really cool!!

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  • New Skateboarder,need help?

    I need to ask some questions please..:D, i'm 13 and I got my first board when i was i wanna buy a new board that has a brand

    1.I was thinking of buying a Girl it good? Or even Element,Almost..what do you recommend ?

    2. And I was thinking of buying those Etnies Sheckler shoes, or anything cheaper..can u tell me what shoes you wear and what shoes should I buy.

    3. How can I learn tricks in like 3 wanna get all the basics done before end of May, because I wanna skate at a skatepark in Switzerland for the holidays.

    I hope you guys and girls will answer my stupid questions.. :))

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