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Ashley ♥Aislings Mum♥ {09.25.08}

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Hey all. I'm Ashley. -I'm 23 years old. -Momma to a little girl named Aisling who was born on September 25, 2008. -Girlfriend to an amazing man named Mike. We don't feel marriage is a requirement to be a good parent so we're not rushing down the alter just because we got pregnant. We're going to wait until we can afford the wedding of our dreams. -Very laid back in parenting. I'm not the type to jump up and freak out if my child skins her knees falling. As a result, I have a very rough and tumble little girl. -Pro-life -Don't care if you breastfeed or formula feed, as long as you are feeding your child. -Anti-CIO. If my child wants her mother, even at 3am, I'm not going to deny her that. -I'm a work out of home mother. -I practiced extended rear facing with my daughter. Unfortunately had to change her forwards earlier than planned due to a growth spurt.

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