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  • xbox 360 headset issues?

    I had my headphones just stop working as I couldn't hear through them the games I was playing yet I can still hear my voice go through the mic and back through the earpieces. Any idea why it stopped...and what to do to fix them..I can play online just not hear through them

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  • Does my girl suffer from Bi-polar depression?

    I really dont know what im dealing with right now, but I have been with a girl who had manic depression disorder, it was all about sex..and the relationship ended cause she couldnt control it, I have been with a girl for 3 years. She said he child hood was really messed up. She had 2 brothers who were always bad with drugs ,etc and her mom would bale them out all the time but her mom wouldnt even let her have friends. She started house hoping at 15 staying with sisters and family but it never worked out. She fought with everyone. It is now to the point that the family wont help her with anything and she is only 20 years old...We were together for three years and have an 18 month old child and for the most part we were ok..I could never keep her stisfied with was fine but she would get bored being at home and sometime she wouldnt even go out for a walk but just be on facebook or textthe whole even with the baby. A year ago, I felt us drifting apart..I wanted her to behappy so i gave her space. She met up with an ex from years back..claimed it was a physical attraction she had of him. She said she didnt like the guy...but she still went out with him..Simply she had sex, said you just pushed it too far and then she gave in..I dont believe that..but she is like that..and she always looks up old exes to call and then ha sex with them or tries. When she cheated the first time..I blew up. baby was only 5 months old and she begged me not to go...She basicallt said, you wont have sex ever again with me..I stayed cause I loved her and for the baby. Then 8 months later she decided to move back to her moms where she could be by her self, although i think she a motive. We were seperated maybe 3 weeks,. and in that time frame, had sex with the guy she met before me that the relationship never went anywhere..She just now told me that secret a few weeks ago..Why I dont have a clue. Well with her boredom I tried everything to keep her happy. But we fought all the time..nearly knock down drag out fight which I was ashmed but she would get in your face and it would go to far. At her moms, she instigated a fight with her mental syaye Brother and he slapped her..He got put in jail so i had to recue her and take her back,.Now January of this year..i gave her some space ,but the first night she went out with friends she smoked weed. Then she started talking to a guy and moves out 2 months later.First date she moved out, she had sex with him. Can she be Bi-polar or what coudl this be. She always said it was just the sex...Even when i knew she was gonna leave because of this new guy..She hadnt had sex yet with him.She would get turned on and say ok, lets have sex but dont tell him..Tell me something.I know she has a mental condition. She has mentioned it as well as has slits on both wrists but other than a dr diagnosis what could this be.

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  • Appropriate behavior around an 18 month old?

    I recently got dumped byt my girlfriend who has severe bipolar issues..and she left for a guy..My question is what is appropriate behavior to be around an 18 month old kid. First night she moved, she had sex with her man in the same room where my 18 month old kid was sleeping. Am I over reacting or is that just wrong, not to mention she only knows this guy for 2 months and brings him around a child at that age. I would die if the child got more attached to him...I have already told her I was gonna fight custody...I know half of it, is it safe there..Its a nasty old house that smells, but the behavior she shows with the sex..Would court look at that as wrong, would that be good for to help me...

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  • How to change child custody?

    I just split from my girlfriend of 3 years almost, have an 18 month old and she decided to move in with friends, I know she is in a bad place and I want to fight for custody. I am jusdt looking how to do it legally. I woudl rather not get CPS involved unless I have to. I live in Houston, Tx so if anyone can give me some info. That would be great. I have heard of a modificastion letter and court..etc....

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  • How can I take my child out of a bad enviroment?

    Ok, here we go...My ex girlfriend moves out due to she says we wont workout. We have an 18 month old and she decides to move in with friends. I know she moved into the place she is at due to a guy so she is dating him. I know she smokes pot and drinks and with my son there and has someone watch the baby so she can have her fun. Does this give me the right as a parent who pays child support to take the kid away and if so , just how do i do it. I dont want CPS involved if I dont get the kid right there. Trying to delictae but dont want baby in a bad place, unsafe place. I am in TEXAS so what can I do to doit legal.

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  • break ups with children?

    I will try to make this short and sweet.. Been in a three relationship . I am 38 and she is 23.. We met at a perfect time for both of us, but we had our ups and downs. We fought a lot due to her being depressed about being home alot adn i had to work...We had a child. He is now almost 19 months and she finally decided she now wants a younger man , her age cause she sees no future with me. Im broken up, more because now we have a child and she wants to bail. I know age does have something to do with this but she could have left many times, when she did..she always came back but this time its different. I finally told her it's ok to go have fun with friends, just dont be stupid. Well she got stupid. Facebooked her herself in about a month. She said we were over..She sais she loved this guy, I of course said thats impossible..but she eventually left me..and now is with him. I have done evrythign wrong since then. i have wrote letters, texted, begged and pleased and even threatenned that if she didnt change that she would lose me forever. I had been her only support for three years and her family who despised me from the beginning now love me...Its hard to take this now and with a baby, its tougher. When i see my baby, i cry just because he cant have a life with a normal family..When I see her to get him, i start thinkng back and start getting teary eyed. I wasnt emotional enough then but now Im too emotional. I dont want to accept the fact that its over because we have pictures, videos good memories but yes some bad ones. I told her I would wait for her because she has my heart and I cant replace what she has given me..Its hard to even think about life without her in it. I know...Im stupid for even being like this but at the same time I want her to be happy. The question clearly is WHAT CAN i do? Let her see her mistake, wait for her. Its harder cause of my kid. I could just go but with my son... I never want to leave on bad terms. I want to put my foot down and say.. CHANGE now or you will not have my support any longer. I see it in her eyes when I am sad..shes looks the same..She has feelings but wont let them out..Do I have any chance to get it back with her or should i accept the fact that its over..I know experts say let it go..but if I let her go, she will drift too far away and I cant imagine evr getting a chnace again.. Am i just stupid for wanting her back? I need answers. advice...but please keep smart remarks to yourself. Love makes us all do stupid things..I am just tried of trying to win her back if it's too late

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  • Is there a way to fix samsung indulge notification light?

    I recently bought a samsung indulge but the led light on the front doesnt work. How do i get that to work.

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  • Winning an Ex back no matter what it takes?

    I have been with a girlfriend off and on for three years. We have been through a lot but the biggest problem is our ages and the enviroment. We were in love once maybe twice but because of the circumstances, I just couldnt the right things and now she has slipped away. We have a child which makes it harder but I know she still thinks about me but since she now spends time with friends of her own age..she simply is losing touch with the love we had and she just doesnt care. She is stuck on thinking age is a big difference; possibly but with a kid now..whats more important..the kid the family...I even told her she could have as many friends too make her happy.but she saw one guy as a friend but the guy got mad because she is over friendly and when he said he wanted her as more, she said no..and she lost their long time friendship. she has then gone out a few other times and met a guy who she knew in school but only Facebooked him for about a month and now she says it's more..Difficult for me to swallow that it's love, cause Love takes time to find...I have said play it safe..If I'm over i dont her to get hurt or for her to rush into something and make another mistake.. Question is how much does age play into a RELATIONSHIP. and if she can get what she lost with being around friends why can't we both have what we want...we are more than 15 years difference but so was my parents and hers were like 20 plus..all of her family have told her stay with me, cause i have been there through everything and to keep the man, They didnt say that in the begining but they got to know me..Sad the family finally excepts you but she decides it's time to move on.. She's moving out soon and i know it willbe over.The saying that says once their is a person out there thinking of you..your not in love with the other person is so I know she has that..I don't and I know I will become a complete zombie once she is gone..Is there anyway to WIN her back....WHAT could I do to try...I know she wanted a puppy for the baby who is almost two, but I dont want to do too much too fast because she will feel it's just being desperate. I need any suggestions.It's gotten to the point that she doesnt want to talk about my feelings in front of her which is the emotional side I thought a girl wanted. I havent been the best man I could have been but when i say if you werent talking to that guy, I might be able to proove it..She simply doesnt care but she does at times cause she is still physically attracted to me. I really dont know what to do but to accept it... makes me feel like i have given up on her..and thats not gonna happen. I lost one kid to this years ago and i dont want two broken familes with kids running around.

    Not looking for smart asses to write move on...Thats for losers..If you still care and love a person..LOVE doesnt quit.

    A life without LOVE is a life without living

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  • Right or WRONG? Looking for advice?

    know this is WRONG! but just looking to see if it's just one or not.

    I have been in a three year up and down rollercoaster ride. Have a 18 month old son who's the world to me. Although we don't always get along great..I feel that my girlfriend wanted to drop me as soon as she could. She hasnt had a lot of friends or time for that because of the kid and I work so much..I never saw it coming till is has. Well She had been Facebooking friends from school and being an easy friendly person..she meets people easily yet makes all guys fall in love fast even me...She had chatting with someone since end of december and finally saw the guy in feb then again 5 days later. She was out with friends so I wasnt worried nor did I see it coming. She now throws in the face, we wernt gonna be together..all that crap but she has nothing , except a kid and no place to go and no job, no car and yet she thinks it is fair to be dating a guy. I have threatenned many times that if I find out something was happenning more than friendly I would kick her out. Well Valentinesa she kissed the guy and I knew it would end everything yet I am a sucker or true man at heart knowing Love doesnt die easy. I love her to death and want to make sure my son has what he needs but I am bwteen a rock and hard place, cause i need to deal with heartache daily. It would have been much easier to swallow if this happenned later when we id split maybe in 2 months or so but now I find myself wondering , how can I help her get on her own when she has nothing and my son. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!. she even admits it but won't stop the relationship. I feel like I really need the Doctor on this one..


    Crushed, shattered and left dragging on the ground a day after Valentines

    Advice please

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  • Love or just an enfatuation?

    Ok, I have been with someone for almost 3 years..We have had our ups and downs and have an 18 month old now but I knew it might not work out in the long run due to our age difference, My parents had nearly a fifteen year differnce and her parents had a 20 yr difference but I havent been the best companion but she feels young and just isnt ready to feel old. She wants to be young and enjoy life in her mid 20's. I had no choice but to let her go out and have friends which was ok..I want her to have friends but she has gone off the deep end. She is lazy as crap at home but i let her go out to see if it would help at home. On New years ever she got smashed off pot which she never had done and I warned her but anyway she did it...She got obsessed and two days later lashed out saying she wanted some more. She apologized about it later and hasnt done it since.The she goes out with a friend strung him along for over a month and now he wont even talk to her..although she stated she was interested if maybe there was something there..If she dont work with me, I just want to look out for my son and want the best for her. The she goes out after dumping that guy and went out with a girl friend and hooked uo with two guys..She texts himall the time , has now seen him twice..I even caught her leaving with the guy holding her hand..not to mention when they went out the first time.She got trashed by drinking...It cmes down to this..She cant make it on her own..She needs support to find her own place and yet she gets mad cause I cant just continue living with her and let her see that guy..I am not racist but she said she would never be a black guy and yet it is. Im torn up just because that she is trying to move on so quickly which is irrating me, She sated that this guy was a weirdo and then says she likes him..then starts buying things off ebay for valentines day. I know I am not crazy but what the HELL can I do...I fee like **** coming home every day knowing she does nothing but text or talk to him and does nothing at home but MY SON is my main concern. I want him to be ok in a good place but I told her to just wait..there's no rush to get with anybody but she just says I cant help it if I fall in LOVE. I tell her it;s not LOVE and that she is just using him so she can kick me to the curb. I have already told her...she wont be comin gback after she does whatever is next and I know she will The guy is maybe 20 so there is no support there for her and she is too young to understand that. I am just looking for suggestions on possibly what i can do. Sad part was I thought she was gonna chnage so I bought early FLOWERS for valentines then found her stuff on the computer for a gift for him. I really have no idea what to all suggestions or ideas would be helpful Thanks

    I like this saying and wrote it on the card I thought it was so true and heartfeklt yet I feel she has lost that feeling towards me..I hope the card saying isnt accurate or she will be begging to come back after she makes a huge mistake

    Some people say the worst way to miss someone is when they are right next to you and you know you can't have them, but it's worse when you thought you didn't want them anymore and then all of a sudden you realize you can't live without them

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  • is my relationship over?

    I have had an up and down relationship for almost 3 years..I thought I had everything yet I was called non-emotional.I almost lost my girl to 2 different times of indelity and yet I thought it was my fault but i stuck around and now she starts Face Booking to meet old friends and only after 1 month she thinks she likes a guy well enough to tell me she doesnt care of love me anymore. I feel it's over which I hate to let it all go now that we have a 17 month old boy but I feel like I don't have anything I can do. I have tried to show I can be what i havent and do things i never did, but she simply doesnt listen and I fel worthless now. Is this her just rtying to move on or if theres is any way of me to get her back..Let me know..Coincidentally Valentnes is in two weeks? Please help

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  • Texas state laws about how cops can use roadways as speed traps?

    I just have a question. I see cops daily sit in a middle turning lane which is either a turn lane or an emergency lane if you have to get out of the reg drivning lane but is it legal (TEXAS) that is for a cop to sit in that lane and watch for drivers to either run a light or not completely stop at a stop sign before going on. To me this is like the old SPEED TRAP where you must be in plain site NO HIDING and on the side of the road..or else it's ENTRAPMENT. Any one know where I can find out the facts to the question!! Thanks

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  • Can I take onlie class instead of 6 hour drivers lisence class?

    In Texas can't find out if you can take a online course instead of inclass course. They are many online szaying accredited but dont want to wste money, I know you have to take the test in office and the driving course there but want to get the course over before I go in.

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  • What would you like to asHow to raise your credit score?

    I have had many people say try this and do that but still dont know what is the best. How do you raise your credit score. What afects it. What to do is what I am looking to do. I have heard of opening a secured card and thats raises your score by points..etc.

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  • Who to sell sports cards to?

    I have collected sportscards mainly back in the 80's. No special cards but some that should be worth 5 to 20$ a card but want to get rid of them but dont know how to find the right person to take them too. I live in the HOUSTON tx area. Can anyone tell me what I can do. Thank you

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  • How to manual fix computer Network adapter issue?

    I had to redo my computer from scratch and use a windows xp disk but after it gets done. Iwont fix a few drivers Video and ethernet controller. Not to mention the computer tells my Primary drive is not working so Ihave to hit F1 to continue. I get to the windows screen but I cant connect with a bad adapter so how can i get the adapter to work so I can go online and get the correct drivers etc... Is this a problem or can i fix .

    Please help

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  • Specificiations for Baby Car Seat?

    My wife wanted to buy a much lighter type of car seat. She bought a portable baby seat through EBAY from Japan, I'm guessing and it just ties down to reg car seat but has no side supports or head restraint. Looks like a cushion an adult puts on their drivers seat for some cushion. Is there legal specifications for booster chairs or what types of seats are allowed to be used. This chair is clearly no safety seat but I am looking for facts to proove it. Thanks. It is called a Portable belt baby car safety seat for 1-5 years old.

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  • Can you mix similace formula in can with real milk?

    Just curious , my wife decided to Mix similac formula in a can(that usually requireswater) with reg milk to get him use to regular milk. She told me to mix half and half.. Stupid me..She was clear to mix the formula still with water then half with Milk. Thats sounds like watering it down. Can anyone tell me what is the correct way or if that is even a good idea. How should you mix simlac in can formula with real MILK? add water or no. or dont do it at all.


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  • How to get my son on a better sleeping schedule?

    Here's the deal. I am the father and work till maybe 11pm or later. My son at home with mom use to get to bed by 9 to 10pm but mother decided to start giving baths at 11pm or later, feeding him after midnight and when he did get to sleep ' he would sleep will nearly noon the next day. Now it's like 4 or 5am ; he finally gets to sleep. eats maybe after 2am and wakes up maybe by 2 or 3pm. I have explained to the the mother; this is your fault. Get him back on a sleep pattern.. it won't happen overnight but it will over time. She complains to me to do it...She also has negative comments about everything. Johnson products are bad...real milk is no good..can't go the the store without chnaging clothes 2 or 3 times and violent at times..Maybe bi-polar but definatelymoody. My son is 1 year old and is extra hyper. I need help to get him to go to bed earlier. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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  • Im freaking out WTH do i have genital warts!?

    Im a girl i normally dont shave so when i trimmed i found a bump on my pubic bone where most of your pubic hair grows. Its raised and round soft It doesnt hurt or itch. Its a little pink and when i tried to pop blood only came out and left a small whole at the top. im not sure what to think of this. i am sexually active but i only have one partner. If i would have never shaved i would have never noticed this. Ive had zits before down there but ive never gotten something like this?

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