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  • Does the crumb coat on a cake need to be colored if the final layer will be colored?

    I am coloring a cake bright royal blue but first I am going to make a "crumb coat" of frosting before the final so I can make a smooth and crumb free coat. Does the crumb coat need to be colored like the final frosting? I am making a buttercream frosting.

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  • In Wisconsin is sugar taxed?

    Is pure cane sugar taxed?

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  • Best way to store cut vegetables?

    I am going camping Saturday through Tuesday and we are bringing a variety of vegetables to eat raw and to cook over the fire. To help save time and energy I would like to precut the veggies that we are going to be put on kabobs. What is the best way to store tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, red potatoes, and onions that have already been cut?

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  • What is a good tree to be potted indoors?


    I am looking to add a small tree (one that grows slowly), with preferrably an exotic feel (like a palm tree), indoors. What is the best kind of trees to have potted indoors? I'm thinking I might leave it outdoors during the summer and indoors in the fall/winter (I live in Wisconsin). Any suggestions?


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  • My right arm is slightly numb and tingly?

    I didn't notice this until I started using a repetitive motion in manually typing 500 labels. My right arm feels slightly numb and tingly. Like right before your arm falls asleep. I stopped typing the labels but it hasn't exactly improved. It's a very slight sensation througout my arm, from my shoulder down to my wrist. I do have a little pain in my right shoulder too. I worked out last night so I don't know if it could be from that. Should I wait on this to see if it worsens or go to the doctors? My arm just feels weak and it seems to worsen when I type (I am a secretary so thats my job).

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  • Am I dating a gay man?

    After sharing a lesbian type dream I had, my boyfriend shared with me that he had "accidentally" been kissed by two guys before. This alarmed me a little. We had been friends for about 4 years before dating. I always got the vibe he might be gay (just a vibe) but he dated a very gorgeous woman for about a year before she broke it off to date someone else. We both got lonely and decided to hook up with "no strings attached" which ultimately lead to me getting pregnant. After having the baby we felt so close with each other we started to officially date. He's mentioned wanting more kids with me and marriage. I love him so much. He is the nicest man I have ever been with and I would love nothing more than to be with him forever.

    He seems attracted to me. Tells me I'm beautiful and talks about my assets :) We have a good sex life but he does occasionally get soft. He doesn't talk about men being attractive. Sometimes it seems hes a little obsessed with boobs and butts.

    The problem is now I'm worried about him being a closet gay. If he was gay I don't think he would ever feel comfortable coming out. If you kiss a man does that mean you are probably gay? Is it possible he is bisexual? Can gay men still get aroused and have sex with women?

    Do you think I'm in denial about him being gay or that I'm just looking into these (2) kisses too much?

  • What can you do when work isn't support for pumping?

    I am a mother of three boys- two of which I have had while working with my employer. With the second child I pumped for about 8 months at which I got pregnant and was no longer able to nurse. At my work we have two individual bathrooms (one stall) designated for "men" and "women". I was allowed to pump in the womens bathroom. I was okay with this since there was room to bring a chair and an outlet. Now with my second child I was allowed to do the same, only this time I have to ask one of my coworkers to watch the phones while I am pumping. I work with all men in an electrical construction company, and I am the only woman in the office. I found this kind of embarassing to have to constantly ask my male coworker if he could watch the phones while I pump... but I guess it made sense. But now I noticed the men are using my bathroom (even though in says women) and today one went in the restroom right before I went to pump and it smelt like BO. There is no fan in the bathroom and I thought it was absolutely repulsive that I would have to pump my sons food in a room that had just been used for that. I went into my bosses office and asked if there was a possibility to change the door knob in the empty office to one with a lock so I could use it for pumping. His response was I think you should continue to use the restroom. I don't want to sound demanding by bringing up it is law that I should be provided an area that is NOT a bathroom. I just don't know what to do, but I'm starting to get disgusted by using the bathroom and I don't know if I can demand anything else since I had been using it beforehand.

    Any suggestions on how to handle this situation?

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  • How to make a greek goddess costume?

    I ordered a dress online from ebay only to realize it will take another week for it to show up at my house. I now am on a tight budget for making my greek goddess costume. I already have accessories- gold bracelets, gold earrings, gold necklace, a head piece, gold strappy sandals, and a gold shield (since I am being Athena). I am only missing the dress and need to make a cute, form fitting dress. A lot of the how-tos online are very bulky and not very flattering. Does anyone know how to make a more stylish dress? I still want a long one.

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  • How do you make-up for being a drunk jackass at your best friends wedding?

    Okay, so I believe I messed up. My best friend got married on Saturday and I was her maid of honor. I did as much as I could to help her out during the process and that night. At the reception after all of the official wedding things- like the dinner, speech, cake cutting, dances- me and her sister and some others starting taking shots and whatnot. I had figured I hadn't got to drink yet and I was supposed to clean up the whole mess at the end and I never get an oppotunity to go out drinking (I have 3 kids and this was after my parents took them home for the night). Well we were having quite a bit of fun by the bar and I started thinking about how I wish my best friend was right there with us (I barely got to see her that whole night) and we got her to take a shot with us (which her husband didnt like and wasnt happy about) and then later on I started crying (obviously severly drunk) about my friend not being able to be there anymore and yadda yadda- i actuallly cant remember if I had a good reason to be crying but I was very emotional. She came with me into the bathroom and we talked and then she left for the night. Well by the time I went back into the reception hall to clean up, her mom and family had already cleaned up the whole thing. I mean everything! I'm sure they are pissed...

    How do I try to make amends with her and her family? She is on her honeymoon right now but I'd like to try to figure out what to do before she gets back.

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  • How do you get pillow filler out of a washer?

    Okay, so I decided to clean my sons pillows because he had a couple accidents in bed and I figured the pillows should be cleaned too. Well he had a body pillow that was made of I think clustered poly- which has small little balls. Well somehow a hole got on the pillow and the insides of it had came out and all over the inside of the washer. Its almost impossible to take out and I'm not sure how to get rid of it so I can clean anything else.

    Anyone have a similiar problem and how did you get it out? How do you get rid of the poly filler from a pillow when it gets all over the inside of a washer?

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  • How to help a wilted calla lilly?

    I bought some yellow calla lilies in a pot from a local store. I had them indoors for a while and they appeared to start looking a little wilted so I figured they were not getting enough sun light. I brought the plant (still in it's pot) outside by the rest of my plants so it could stay bloomed. Well it dramatically got worse quickly. After a week of having it outdoors it appears the plant is completely wilted/dying. I have tried to water it more but nothing seems to be helping- and only making it worse. I read a little bit that the colored calla lilies go dormant in the summer and then rebloom- instead of staying in bloom all summer. Is that true? What should I do to help my plant?!?!?!

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  • Info on Buick Rendezvous?

    Okay, I've done some research and decided I want to purchase a used Buick Rendezvous with the third row seating. I went looking online at different dealerships in the area and wanted to make sure they did in fact have one that had a third row before making the trip out.

    I noticed a lot of dealerships won't specify wether there is the third row or not but in the pictures of the vehicle I see the second row up and an area where the third row would be set down (it fully loads down) and a third set of seatbelts on the side. Is it possible that the dealerships sales people are ignorant and don't know the third row is down? Or is it really possible to have 3 row/sets of seatbelts with only 2 rows? Has anyone seen this?

    Here is an example but I have seen multiple of the same thing- with an even closer picture.


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  • What is the best choice for an unwanted child?

    I have a serious issue and I know I caused it upon myself. I am not blaming anyone but myself and my partner. I do not blame the child and that is why I could not feel right about abortion.

    The situation is I'm 6 months pregnant, due in June with my third son. After my divorce, quite frankly I got lonely and hooked up with a friend. The hookup turned out to be a big mistake since it resulted in a very unplanned pregnancy shortly after the birth of my second (he will be 1.5 years old when this child is born).

    Problem, I am single and able to take care of me and my two children but not anymore or anything else. Me and the father of the unborn child are not getting along anymore. I want to give the child up for adoption and he wants his family to take care of it. I know where I am at and I know I could not possibly take care of 3 children on my own, financially or emotionally. I know that it will be near impossible to take 2 babies to the grocery store, to go get diapers, to go anywhere. I cannot carry 2 children!

    What do I do?

    Option #1 Still try to go through with the adoption. Which would take going through court to prove he was an unfit father (money for a lawyer and time away from work).

    Option #2 Give up my parental rights and custody to the father (he wants full custody).

    Option #3 Suck it up, rely on an immature irresponsible man to help me when I need it and take of 3 children, which is not in the best interest of my other 2 children

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  • How to move and plant a raspberry plant?

    Someone offered me as many raspberry plants I want, I just need to dig them up from her yard and plant them in my own. I've got some information on moving them and I assume it isn't that hard but my plan was to plant them in my backyard near the edge of the house. One website suggested not to put them near buildings or houses, but will they still grow fine if I stay up with the pruning?

    Any information on growing raspberry plants is helpful!

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  • What's your favorite bowl at Noodles & Co?

    I'm thinking about going to Noodles & Co. but I always get the same 2 things- Mac N Cheese and Penne Rosa. I was wondering what other peoples favorites are?


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  • What should I do? What can I do?

    Okay before I say my story- I know I made my bed and now I should lay in it so please refrain from harassment.

    I'm a single mother of two boys whom I love sooooo very much. I love being a mom and I love the closeness I have with my sons. My oldest is 4 and my youngest is 14 months. After my divorce, me and a guy friend (of 4 years) decided to "hook up". We were both lonely and agreed to keep the relationship platonic. Well this hook up ended up in me getting pregnant- when we found out we tried having a relationship- which did not end up working out. Now we hate each other and are no where being friends.

    I am living on my own in a duplex, paying my bills on time, have some savings, and things seem to be working out well. With the addition of a third child- I would not be able to pay my bills, I won't have time to clean or take care of all my kids the way they deserve. I sincerely believe the best option and choice for everyone is adoption.

    The dad on the other hand, is swayed and pressured by his family who is extremely against giving up any of their own. He lives in his friends moms basement- he has no plan to move out because he thinks its great to only pay $200 a month for rent. He has never paid for groceries, or regular living expenses on his own and has always lived off of other people. He works at a pizza place as a cook and thats where he eats and when hes not there he just orders pizza. He said he was going to look for a better job, save money, buy the baby things needed, and get ready but he has done nothing.

    He has porno on his TV almost at all times now, and laying around his room. He buys toys for himself like legos, and nerf guns. When he needs to fix his car or get a new car. He has yet to save any money and does not have any baby things other than a few hand-me-downs that are so old... no one would buy this **** at a garage sale.

    He does not want to give this child up because his family is enabling him living off of everyone. They are basically saying they will raise the baby and pay for the stuff he cant etc.

    I just don't see how this is fair to me, my children, or this child. I already know the stress of raising and coping with children seperately and not as a family and know that it is not what is best for the child. Not to mention neither of us would be fully capable to take care of them.

    What should I do? What can I do?

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  • What is a good middle name for a boy with the first name Jude?

    I'm thinking about naming my third son Jude but have run into the problem that everything as a middle name sounds weird and unbalanced. Any suggestions?

    I really wanted to incorporate the name James or Steve some how but I just don't think it's going to work.

    16 AnswersBaby Names1 decade ago
  • What do you do for a bruised palm?

    I have never injured or bruised my hand before, so I'm afraid I think this question is a little odd. I was packing and boxing up stuff late in the night and woke up with the palm of my hand, like right under the thumb, slightly swollen and sore to the touch If anything pushed on it there was a pain. Now today I can see it is slightly bruised- brown/ little darker in color and still slightly hurts to the touch and just slightly swollen (you can tell visually really only the way my hand feels when I move or use it.

    What kind of care should I give my hand? I really dont think its necessary to go to the doctor since its not really that painful.

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  • Is it really that bad to skip prenatal doctor appointments?

    I am on my third pregnancy and by this point I know the procedure and I know what is going on. I am 21 weeks and so far every doctor appointment has had me waiting in the room for over an hour just to say "How is everything going? Good, okay see you in 4 weeks". I understand that complications can happen and is nice for the doctor to be able to check and look out for things but honestly if the worst case scenario is a still birth- there is realistically nothing the doctor can do to stop it, period. So why should I continue to waste my time at the doctors? My work is getting continuously frustrated with all of the work I am missing, to the point I'm afraid if I take off too much more time they will just fire me.

    Has anyone else skipped the majority of their prenatal appointments? Did you regret it?

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  • Is a crack in the microwave door unsafe?

    Okay, I bought a microwave off of ebay for about $30 bucks almost brand new but had a slight crack in it. My first reaction was oh whatever since I've seen many people own microwave with slight cracks in them and still use them. After receiving the microwave I have got that constant questions from friends and family- is that safe? My question is if the crack doesn't look that bad- not very big or deep, is it still safe to use the microwave.

    Here is a link to the microwave and the picture of the crack


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