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  • Will i be included in the Santander Ag settlement?

    Will i be included in the santander consumer usa ag settlement? On the website i see that 34 states were included. I live in oklahoma and oklahoma isn't included. But the dealership that i got my car at was in arkansas and is one of the states. I was told they are going to have to forgive loans to so many people. I had a cosigner help me get the car and was able to afford my payment at the time just fine. The pandemic has me barely gettin by. My cosigner wont help. I've only had 2 late payments within the last year. I was also forced to get a service contract at the dealer and was told if i didnt get it that i wouldnt get to get the car. Its such a crazy situation. 

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  • Whats that commercial that talks about undertaker?

    I was thinkin it was a geico or snickers commercial. Not sure though. 

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  • Why am i having to let my push mower sot for few mins before i can start?

    I've only had this lawn mower about 3 years. Its a briggs and stratton. Well my last mowing it would die on me then i could let it sit a few mins then it would start and run for awhile until it happens again. Im guessing fuel issue because sure not spark plug because i just changed it this year. Whats your guess? Many thanks. 

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  • Can my mom qualify for retirement social security at 57?

    My mom is currently disabled. She has lyme and lupus. She's had it for over 10 years. She also found out she has type 2 diabetes. She's worked as a waitress most of her life and then she did some pipelining for a little while when she was with her ex husband. Not for over a year though. Shes 57 about to be 58 on june. She's currently drawing ssi disability but i was told she can get that plus her retirement, just that she would get penalized for drawing early. I'm hoping and praying thats true. Even of its just a couple hundred extra a month, anything is a blessing. 

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  • Can i have stuff that isnt true taken off my medical records?

    Reason i ask is because i was treated like crap one night by this one nurse at the hospital i was at. I guess i was still intubated. They had these mittens on my hand. This hateful nurse was like dont you hit me thats a felony offense. I wasnt even trying to hit her. I was just trying to get her attention. I was gna write down on paper what i was needing because i couldnt with me still having a breathing tube still down me. Then i over heard her telling the next nurse that warning its down on records that he's abusive. That hurt my feelings. I never been abusive in my life to anyone. So i went to medical records to see if it was showing anything like that. She had to have a date. Well i wouldnt know what date something like that would have went in my record. I just wish there was something i can do.... 

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  • Can i do anythong about our cable company?

    My hometown cable company which is where we get our phone, cable, and internet through posted on facebook and said due to the covid19 we will be suspending all service shutoffs until april 6th. But i called and they said we only get til the 1st of april. I told them that dont seem fair because yalls post says otherwise. 

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  • Can i request to be intubated?

    I being gpoing through pul.onary embolism on both lungs. It hurts when o breath. They already got me in icu due tp clot in my legs and lungs. I dont see wjy they cant help me. Cuz at least that way i wouldnt have to struggle to breath

    3 AnswersRespiratory Diseases10 months ago
  • Does changing oil brands make a big difference in gas mileage on a 2016 toyota prius?

    I know toyota recommends mobil 1 as their brand of oil. But i just wanted to try it to see if its a better oil (Valvoline full synthetic high mileage). Because i've seen reviews of online and people saying they they never get engine oil burning issues with valvoline even after 400k miles. I changed it myself at 55k miles and changed the filter. But the only brand at walmart that carries the prius filter is k&n for about 5 bucks n change. Im not sure if the oil change is what dropped my mpgs. But im thinkin about switchin back to mobil 1 to see if that helps. My mileage didnt drop big time. But too me its a pretty good drop especially being a hybrid. My mpg dropped from about 55mpg to about 50ish. Let me know of any pointers, thanks! Have a great day!

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  • Can i cancel my spinal tap after signing a consent?

    I ran 105 the hospital and they kept me another few days. Well they are wanting to do a spinal tap in the morning. Im thinking about backing down if i can because I'm fine now. No fever or nothing. I just think itd be silly. They already tried to do a regular spinal tap but could t get to my fluid. So now their wantin to do an x ray version this morning. Idk what to do. 

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  • How do you get ahold of a movie producer/ writer to give them ideas on a movie?

    I remember watching the jack frost 1997 the killer version and recently jack frost 2 made in 2000. Apparently Michael Cooner is wanting to make a 3rd jack frost but is wanting some help. He's wanting to make him jackzilla. But i got some ideas as well.

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  • Is my fiance doing the right thing?

    Idk im kinda skeptical about it. But she has 2 kids of her own. One is 2 and the other is 1, both boys. Well she is living with me and we been together since february. Well she keeps lettin her parents take care of her kids because shes afraid of her oldest son to cry missing his grandpa which is who he sleeps with. I tokd her she oughta try and let them stay with us to see if its gonna work out because she has full custody and she wants me to be their daddy. Well she's pregnant but not with my blood kid. Ecause we're waiting til marriage before we like sleep together even though she is wanting to do the dirty with me now. Bit i told her no i want tl wait. I guess more or less i got a lot of questions going through my mind. Shes pregnant with someone she slept with and not sure who the dad is. I guess i just dont understand why is she not wanting her kids to stay with us. At first when we got together she fought with her parents cuz they wouldnt let her have her kids even tbough she is the one that has custody. Idk im just so confused on the whole situation and not sure what to do.

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  • Can a hospital keep me for urinary retention,?

    Reason i ask is because i been in the hospital for about 6 days because of seizures. But im also having urinary retention. The nurse told me that they will not send you home until your able to pee.

    2 AnswersRespiratory Diseases1 year ago
  • Do you have to buy Denso brand maf sensor for Toyota or would duralast be fine?

    Its for 2010 toyota prius. Reason i ask is because i took it to toyota shop and they said sometimes other brands dont get within spec of the cars computer on what it needs to read which in turn will keep your check engine light on and your engine burning too much fuel.

    5 AnswersToyota1 year ago
  • Attachment image

    Does anyone know what these check engine codes could mean?

    Ive already replaced maf sensor and both o2 sensors. So idk im at a catch 22 on what it could be.

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • Would a bad mass airflow sensor cause my car to poorly on 2010 Toyota prius?

    Reason I ask is because my check engine light came on about a week ago. I replaced both o2 sensors. Still didn t work. I cleaned the maf sensor with maf cleaner, still didn t work. I unplugged the maf harness while car was running, car didn t die, it stayed the same. I m so confused on this because one website says the car will still run if you disconnect the maf then others say it won t. So idk....

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • Check engine light on 2010 toyota prius with 189k miles. What could it be?

    I'll explain this from the beginning how this started so maybe someone could pinpoint what this could be. My check engine light came on about a month ago. I found out that it was my air filter box hose was loose. Which i guess i loosened it on accident when i was changing my air filter. So tightened all that up. Check engine light goes off the next day. Ok about a month or so later. Check engine comes back on. About 20 something different codes show up all leading to either o2 sensor or maf sensor. Well the maf sensor was cleaned with maf sensor cleaner to try that for a few days to see if it would clear, that didnt work. So then i replaced the downstream o2 sensor, didnt work either. So now im either thinking it could be the upstream sensor or maybe the maf sensor has to be replaced. Idk what to do. I got limited funds

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  • Why is my check engine light on and getting less mpg?

    I have a 2010 toyota prius. Well the car seems to be running fine but my check engine light came on plus my fuel mileage went down alot. At first i noticed my fuel mileage was dropping the past few days. But my check engine light didnt come on til today. Its came on before amd come to find out it was my breather box lose from where my maf sensor is. I tightened it back up amd that made the check engine light go away after a day or so. Now about 2 months later its back on. Only thing i did this time was change my air filter. But mu breather box hose clamps and what not is still tight. I type it in on google. Some are saying it could be one of the 02 sensors. Idk its got me puzzled.

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • Why is my home theater speakers making a clicking sound on youtube on my samsung 55in smart tv?

    Its on a older model sony av receiver model str-dg520. I have it hooked up via the digital optical cable from my tv. That way everything i hook up to my tv, i can have it in surround sound if u wanted. I checked the connections on the back. They seem to be fine. It only makes the clicking sound if i back out of a video or if i go to a video. Its weird. But it doesnt do it all the time.

    2 AnswersHome Theater2 years ago
  • Can i go to jail for default on an unsecured loan in the state of oklahoma?

    Reason i ask is because in the past year i started having seizures and gettin in bad health. I had 5 loans and i was always on time. Weol i started gettin behind because walmart started cutting hours and plus was in and out of the hospital. Well i had one that was startin to garnish mh wages. Well i ened up losing my job for being in the hospital last month. So now they have nothing to garnish. I want to pay them off but dont have no income coming in. Well what makes me nervous was i was sent to little rock uafs hospital for having a bad seizure. Well mom told me while i was gone 2 cops came by the house lookin for me. Im guess because of the loans. I dont know what to do. Its not really my fault. No one person can predict their health. I feel like another loan company is tryin to garnish my wages. So maybe they was just bringing a court paper by. Idk.

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago