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  • Out of these sedans/coupes, which one would be the best first car?


    91-96 Caprice

    94-96 Impala

    82-92 Camaro


    03-07 CTS

    92-02 Eldorado


    87-05 Mustang


    90-97 Town Car


    90-92, 98-02 Firebird

    So I guess from this list I quickly made (If I included muscle cars that list would be wayyyyy longer!) you can tell I like older American luxury cars and sporty American cars.

    Which cars would be the best out of the ones I provided? Please consider gas mileage, safety (I would like to know safety ratings because if a car is safe, obviously my parents wouldn't mind if I bought the car), average price of these vehicles used, and reliability. Thanks!

    Also, if you have any personal experience with any of these vehicles, please let me know what you thought of the car! Personal reviews are always helpful!

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  • Best SUV or pickup for a first time driver? (American vehicles only, please)?

    So I have come to that age where I am eligible to drive. Great.

    But I have a slight dilemma. I don't know what vehicle I would want. I think I would be happy with an SUV or pickup (Let's not argue over the ethics of giving a teen a full sized vehicle, thank you.) because they are good for the bad winters in this area and they can haul a lot.

    Any recommendations? I was leaning towards the 97-01 Jeep Cherokee or first gen Grand Cherokee, but if I got a pickup, I could haul a motorcycle in it if I had to when I get my motorcycle permit.

    So, anything? What do you guys think about Dodge Dakotas?

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  • I am thinking of an old PC racing game but I don't know the name?

    I can't remember the name but I do remember a few vehicles. One of them was called the Defender and it looked like a Jeep Wrangler, although it was most likely a Land Rover Defender (due to the name), I don't remember. There was also a red Jeep Grand Cherokee (or maybe it was a Ford Explorer) with fire marshal sirens on the top. I think it was a fire marshals vehicle.

    There was also this one track where you drive through the suburbs.

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  • How bad is "cabin noise" on a 4 Cyl Jeep Wrangler?

    I was looking to buy a TJ Wrangler (which by the way, everyone sells them for way above KBB value.), and I always hear how Wranglers in general have poor cabin isolation, and that especially with the 4 Cyl engines combined with a soft top, you can hardly hear anything in the cabin at higher speeds. I know I can fix half of that by using a hard top.

    But compared to an I6 TJ, how bad is cabin noise If you are using a soft top? Is it really the engine that you hear more or the wind?

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  • How much would a good paint job cost on a car?

    1994 Chevy Camaro, pristine condition, no damage or dings to the exterior.

    Unfortunately, it is colored hornet green. It's an ugly color and I would rather have it blue or black. How much would that cost?

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  • What are some college majors that don't require advanced mathematics?

    Advanced mathematics: Trigonometry, Calculus, etc.

    Algebra and arithmetic are fine, but what are some majors that don't require you to take/know trigonometry and/or calculus?

  • How to pick a bow? I am a first time bow hunter.?

    I am asking this because archery season is coming soon and I want to get into bowhunting. I have a Ben Pearson Jet Bow 3300 from the 70's (it was my dads) without a string, I think it is a longbow. I cannot find the bow string anywhere, so I think I will get another bow.

    But I don't know what to get, a recurve, a longbow, a compound, or a crossbow? I generally don't want a compound because they look overly complicated.

    And a crossbow is cool, but I think I should only buy one if I get good at bow hunting.

    Anyway, any suggestions? Preferably under $250?

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  • Why does this website require a password/username?

    You can't even go on the site, you need to enter a correct username and password in the text box that pops up before you can go to it.

    The message says the site says "root".

    Anyone knows what this means or why the website cannot be accessed?

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  • How much is a 1997 Honda Accord worth?

    My dad is going to buy me one from a friend for about 1K (USD) in a few months. Currently, the Accord has 141K miles, so lets say it will be at around 150K in the next few months.

    It is a 4cyl automatic, very clean, metallic navy blue with new tires and has been detailed recently. No noticeable scratches or dings/dents. (I didn't see any.)

    So, when the summer ends, my dad will buy me the car. When the summer ends, I should have minimum 1K from my lawncare service.

    So that gives me 1 grand on top of the price I will sell the car for. (I plan on selling it when I get it so I can buy a car that I like more) How much do you think I can sell it for so I can buy an SUV?

    I think I can get about 2.5K for it?

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  • Questions about motorized bicycles?

    I want to buy a motorized bike KIT, but I can't seem to find the answer to these few questions:

    1. If I run out of gas or I just want to pedal, is there a way I can pedal the bike manually?

    2. Can I mount a kit on a mountain bike, or do I need a specific bike to mount a motor to?

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  • What would be the best SUV for a first car out of these options?

    I am thinking of buying a USED SUV.

    I have narrowed it down between these three:

    - Toyota FJ Cruiser

    Pros (That I cant think of): Cool looking (To me at least, lol), can take a beating, and has a good safety rating.

    Cons: Not to good on gas mileage (17/20).

    - Lincoln Navigator

    Pros: Stylish, powerful V8 engine, great sound system, a lot of airbags.

    Cons: Bad gas mileage, unusually high risk of rollover.

    - First Generation Mercedes Benz M Class

    Pros: Stylish, has electronic stability control, cheap nowadays, safe.

    Cons: Bad gas mileage, not much power.

    PLEASE feel free to voice your opinions on which would be a best used first SUV.

    Also, if you have ever owned one of these vehicles, please voice your opinion on it!

    3 AnswersBuying & Selling9 years ago
  • What happens if I have straight A's and one D?

    So I have had straight A's all year, and now I am in the 3RD quarter, and I have straight A's but one D, in math. I am taking all honors classes and I am in Geometry.

    The quarter is just about over and I have no chance of bringing the D up (Well, I am at a 69, so I could possibly get a 70...), so what happens now?

    Does this D ruin everything? College opportunities, etc? I am a freshman, but this stresses me the hell out!

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  • How bad is .308 Winchester recoil?

    I am thinking of buying a Savage in .308.

    But I have never fired a .308 Winchester rifle, and I would like to know how comparable the recoil is to a 12 Gauge shotgun. With a 12 gauge, I was fine, does the average .308 have heavier or lighter recoil?

    PS: The Savage comes with a rubber buttplate.

    7 AnswersHunting9 years ago
  • Java keeps telling me that "Unzipping Core Files has failed"?

    I have looked at Java's FAQ, and they had said to delete C:/Programs/Java and reinstall Java, but the issue is: Java is not even on my computer to begin with.

    How am I to delete Java if it is not on my computer? This problem never happened until I restored my computer.

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  • What is the US Army MOS that gives you authorization to drive Humvees and other light vehicles?

    I thought it was Motor Transport Operator, so I went on GoArmy and apparently, the MTO only drives heavy vehicles like passenger buses, water/fuel trucks, and semi-tractor trailers.

    So would it be just an infantryman that gets to drive Humvees and the like?

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  • How much would a MAS-49 Rifle cost?

    I would like to know how much a MAS-49 Rifle (I don't care if it isn't a French model, a clone is fine.) would cost? Preferably in decent condition?

    And how common is the 7.5 Ammo?

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  • USMC PLC or West Point?

    My sights have always been set on USMA, aka West Point. Recently, I have had some doubt regarding the school. I just feel, and I know it sounds selfish, that I want to actually have a life in college. I have heard USMA is a hellish combo of 4 years of bootcamp and ivy league school.

    Then I discovered the USMC PLC. Automatically, I knew the military training part would be harder and much more harassing, but something is making me want to go into the PLC route. If I did, my ideal plan is to go into Penn State and do PLC in my sophomore year, and balance education, life, and military.

    I am at a crossroads, can you offer input?

    Either way, I want to serve the US.

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  • Can someone help me find out how much this gun is worth?

    I looked over this long rifle I had for a while yesterday, and discovered is was a M/96 Swedish Mauser.

    It was stamped "201" on the bottom, I guess that's the serial number? 1904 is stamped on the top, that's the year, and Carl Gustaf (And some other Swedish writing is on the top) is stamped on the top near the bolt.

    It is in pretty good condition, minimal scratches. The Swedish crown is stamped on the bottom and top, and even on the bolt of the weapon, just very small thought.

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  • Is it a good idea to join Army JROTC at 14?


    I am wondering if it is a good idea to join Army JROTC at the age of 14. I read that the Army starts promoting JROTC and other programs in high schools, and since I am a freshman, I guess I could get an early start?

    What would JROTC include? Would I need to go to a base for weekly meetings, like I did in CAP?

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  • How can you tell if a Turkey is healthy and safe to eat?

    This year, I have to find, shoot, and gut the turkey for Thanksgiving. That means I will have my entire family on my back if the Turkey is bad/rancid, even if it was the cooks fault.

    So anyway, what are some characteristic of a healthy turkey, and what are some of an unhealthy turkey?

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