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  • What are my odds of being HIV+ (graphic)?

    Last year, when I was 15, I barebacked this guy and ejaculated within a couple of minutes and that was that. It never happened again. The guy in question used to actively sleep with male prostitutes and never wore a condom. That means he's probably HIV +, irregardless of whether or not he has full blown AIDS.

    That was a year ago, and recently I've been thinking of how stupid it was and how I could have thrown my entire life away. I'm going to the hospital in a month to get an HIV test, and in the meantime need some statistics of facts of what the chances are of a MALE TOP getting HIV by having sex with an HIV+ BOTTOM. Someone please help and answer.

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  • Someone please HELP! Internet-related!?

    Ok so since a few days whenever I try opening a page in Safari it gives me this error "Safari can't open the webpage ""/ (or any other one) because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection. This usually occurs when the server is busy. Wait for a few minutes, then try again".

    I've waited 3 whole days and no avail! On my computer, I also have internet explorer and firefox, and they work perfectly fine. My mom and dads laptops also work perfectly fine (and they're connected via wireless to the same router ), its just my computer. Please tell me how I can fix it, and in simple language please, cause every forum I've been through they talk in computer lingo and I don't get it.

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  • AVAST Antivirus help.?

    Ok so I stupidly downloaded this torrent which turned out to be a bunch of crappy viruses!

    So I did a scan with avast and sent them to the chest, but now my computer is kinda slow, especially when I'm browsing the internet, and I dunno what to do.

    Heres a snapshot of the chest!

    Please tell me how to completely clear the files of viruses and whether its safe to delete these files or not!

    Let me know if you need any additional details

    Thanks a million!

    PS: I tried doing a boottime scan using avast and when it detects them, all I can do is delete or ignore, cause when I click "send to chest" or "repair" it says something like Error, Avast cannot find filename. :|

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  • A GTA 4 Problem! (PC)?

    Ok so I installed GTA4 on my PC, and when I start the game, it works fine up until the point where I take Roman to his house, after which the camera goes into 'drunk mode' and keeps moving left and right, making the game nearly impossible to play. Whats the reason this is happening, but more importantly: How Do I Fix It?

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  • Notes on a Scandal Question?

    In the scene where barbera visits sheba and her family for lunch and they all start dancing to this reggae song, whats the name of that song? anyone?

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  • Roadtrip (movie) question?

    In the part where the guys go to that all black fraternity house and the skinny nerdy one (with the strict father) starts dancing on stage to this song, whats the name of that song? anyone?

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  • The simpsons movie question?

    Somewhere in the beginning when homer and bart are in the diner and they see that pig in the hat that goes to homer and homer has this thought of him and the pig dancing around in a field to this song, id love to know what the name of that song is. anyone?

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  • Facebook Help. Its being weird!?

    Ugh. Facebooks being retarded.

    For some reason its started showing up in some sort of HTML view and I need to switch it back to the normal mode

    Anyone know how?

    Here are a couple of scans of the freaky facebook.

    The blackened out names are my doing (safety)

    but the rest is all facebook being weird.

    Any idea how I can fix it?

    Cause that blue bar and stuff is interrupting with me reading my notifications and all. :|


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  • Virus! Spybot Search and Destroy Question.?

    Ive downloaded spybot search and destroy because my computers been infected with a LOT of spyware/malware and stuff.

    So spybot deletes all of the crap except this one file called "smitfraud" or something and it says "cannot delete smitfraud, its in use. can Spybot run on your next system startup?" and I go "yes"

    So then when the computer starts and spybot tries deleting it, it still doesnt get deleted and spybot gives the same error!

    How do I remove smitfraud? :(

    Please help, this virus jazz happens like every couple weeks and Im forced to reinstall windows each time, resulting in losing all my personal stuff.

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  • A Sims 2 problem?

    I tried installing the sims 2 games today. Sims 2 downloaded totally fine, but whenever I tried installing any of the expansion packs, they would install, then say "the game will now check that ure existing installation is up to date", then it would ask me to insert my orignal disk, but when I did that, it would just say "the update failed to occur, the installation will now terminate" and it just goes back from 100% to 0% :|

    Its really annoying and I really want to play the games so can someone please help.

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  • Webcam trouble. Please help!?

    I just bought a webcam (one of those chinese or something ones) and it came with a driver cd. So I installed the drivers but when I plug it in it doesnt detect the webcam. Its soo weird.

    The program is called "AMCap" and when I open it it just shows an error "Sorry, you have no video capture hardware"

    in the manual that comes with the camera theres an faq asking the exact same problem and its answer is "check the system, BIOS, usb port, and driver".....usb is fine, driver is installed, system is ok, and I have no idea what BIOS is..

    Can someone please help?

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  • Someone Help!!!!!?

    Ugh my computers totally gone insane. I live in pakistan so the electricity goes often and when it does the computer turns off. And then when the electricity comes back it turns right back on so its all good. But lately whenever it turns on then my whole settings just vanish. I have Windows XP and so then I have to put all my favourites in the internet back on and bring back my desktop background and all. Its really annoying someone please help! :)

    thanks :P

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  • Is swallowing chewing gum harmful?

    I have totally heard a lot about this and have read in a few places that 'No, its not harmful', but my parents are like totally insisting that it is... So could I just know straight out whether swallowing chewing gum is bad or not

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  • A question about ea land?

    I had downloaded ea land a few days ago and everything was going well. I'm a free player and started of in the main beta stage ea land, before moving to test center three. Well today when I tried turning ea land on, I log in and all but the city never loads, it just gets stuck at 100%. Ive restarted, turned off the computer, and tried numerous times but no luck. What should I do? Is anyone else having or has had this problem?

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  • Does anyone have sims 3 scans?

    I was sooo exited when I saw that sims 3 has been announced on that magazine. I already got a link to but it doesnt have it =[

    Please someone give me a 'working' link to scans of the april/may issue of games for windows magazines. It would really make my day.......thanks a million folks =]

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  • A downloading question?

    Ok so we get our internet from a router which catches those em wave thingees from the air. Once and hour or so, the internet will turn off for a couple of minutes which isnt really a bother to me cause I just wait it out but its a problem to anything big I try to download, because it just stops when the internet stops and even when the internet comes back, the downloading refuses to continue :(

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do? Maybe someone knows the name of a site where i can download through something, which will just pause when the internet stops, and start again.... thanks =]

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  • Band Suggestions?

    Does anyone know any bands or solo ppl with a style similar or the same as the black eyed peas? you know like hip hoppish songs like that. But dont recommend any rap please because I hate rap...atleast the rude rap, dont mind will.i.ams rapping.=]

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  • What is this thing?

    Ok so yesterday my mom bought this machine from a flea market and we are trying to figure out what it is. Heres a description: It is cylindrical, is white from the top and light blue from the bottom. It has a knob in the front which can be used to turn it on and off. It has a cord which has to be connected to electricity. At the top, there is a deepish hole in which theres a metal grate. At the front theres a sticker that says 'CAUTION, will get hot in use, wear oven gloves when handling'.When we added water to it and connected it to electricity and switched it on, steam started coming out of it. At the bottom, there are 2 stickers. One says '4imprint@Product Plus International Ltd, PO Box 4348, London, SW8 5XP' and the other one says 'Type: GM-2018, 240V 50Hz 900W'

    If you know what it is please post a reply. Or if u can use the info on the 2 stickers to tell me. Thanks =]

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  • I need to meet some celebrities...?

    I need people to post myspace, bebo, hi5...etc accounts of celebrities and people, mainly american idol contestants and winners...thanks :)

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  • Someone please help?!?

    I love runescape the virtual world but someone reported me when i was cursing and then i used up my appeals to lie and now they've found out and have permanently muted me. :(. What do i do? will they lift this mute or what? what do i do???

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