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  • mitchell avocet gold with fluorcarbon?

    I have a new mitchell avocet gold spinning reel. I asked my wife to stop by and pick up some line for it yesterday. Anyway she came back with the berkley vanish fluorcarbon 8lb. I have not fished with fluorcabon before (my gear is usually mono or a straight braided for my jigging rods). I am wondering how this line would work on a spinning reel since it doesnt have as much memory or strech. Do you guys think it would work?

    Fishing this rod mainly pond fishing, panfish and small cat's with live bait under a float. Thanks.

    3 AnswersFishing7 years ago
  • What is a good spincast combo for eating size lake catfish?

    This is for my wife. We are fishing in Lake Sinclair in Georgia from a dock. Bait will probably be minnows are chicken livers. Looking for something that is strong enough to handle nice catfish (not huge) mostly pansize.

    3 AnswersFishing7 years ago
  • 3 week old bearded dragon question?

    I have just got a 3 week old baby bearded dragon sunday from petsmart . I own several pet reptiles a few geckos and snakes. My question is my beardie is slow to feed. I have calcium dusted the small crickets, i have the uvb and lights set up with basking spot. Food dish with some dragon pellets in it, i have a hide box on the cool side, stacked rocks for climbing and the bedding is reptile carpet. I have seen him eat 3 crickets since ive had him in 2 days. should i be concerned or it normal to start off a little slow?

    2 AnswersReptiles7 years ago