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  • Can you use your Ipod Touch to take pics on Instagram?

    You know the 4th gen with the camera, video, & text messaging. I know you can use your iPhone but what about the iTouch?

    2 AnswersMusic & Music Players9 years ago
  • What will happen if a 7th in line Prince of Denmark marries a 2nd in line Princess of the Netherlands?

    After the Royal Wedding I was just thinking how big would a Royal Wedding be if a Prince is marrying a Princess (by birth). Like if Prince Nikolai of Denmark (eldest son of Prince Joachim and then Princess Alexandra *divorced she is now a Countess) married Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, Princess of Oranje-Nassau (eldest daughter of heir to the throne Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands). Can that work? Prince Nikolai is 7th in line to his Danish throne and Princess Catharina-Amalia is 2nd in line to her Dutch throne. If they did get married in the future will Denmark and the Netherlands become a joint Kingdom or something? Since she is more likely to become a Queen then he is a King (of Denmark), does he have to renounce his Danish titles?

    5 AnswersRoyalty9 years ago
  • HOw come some websites won't work on IE or Google Chrome?

    Like Amazon, IMDB, or Lipstick Alley. Everytime I go to the pages, only a part of the website shows. And I have to keep refreshing the page like 50 times to work. I always delete the cookies, temporary files everyday. I don't understand why those websites are not working.

    1 AnswerOther - Internet9 years ago
  • How to fall asleep at the nighttime?

    I've been struggling with sleep for a long time no. I didn't fall asleep last night until like 6 AM but woke up around 8. Then I didn't want to get outta bed so I sleep indefinitely to 1 something in the afternoon. From 4 - 7 I fell asleep again. So is there anyway to to sleep earlier and better tonight? I'm 21 btw.

    2 AnswersOther - General Health Care9 years ago
  • Why do I have to keep on refreshing certain sites to work?

    I use Google Chrome and on my computer (not others) websites like and is always in dire need of refreshing just to see the webpage. I always cleared my cookes, delete tem. files, clear history, etc but it still doesn't work. Help?

    2 AnswersOther - Computers9 years ago
  • I cannot click the Lists link on new Twitter?

    Timeline, @Mentions, Retweets, Searches, are working but not Lists. Help?

    1 AnswerOther - Yahoo Products10 years ago
  • Is there a difference between a Regents Diploma and an Advance Regents Diploma?

    My brother failed Geometry 2 with a 61 (on both his regents and class) and he's a junior in high school. Because of this, he will have to go to Summer School and retake the regents in August. However my brother does not wanna go to summer school and rather just repeat Geometry in his senior year. But he is supposed to be taking Algebra II/Trig. next year and if he doesnt take the Trig regents, he will only recieve a Regents Diploma instead of an advanced one. My question is does it look bad in applying for college that you repeat a course you have no future in whatsoever (he actually wants to study Geography and History in college)?? and is there a negative in recieving a Regents Diploma compared to an Advanced one??

    3 AnswersOther - Education10 years ago
  • What is the Mainstream Music in the UK (mainly England) today?

    Like in America our Mainstream Music is crap like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Black Eyes Peas, Lil Wayne, Drake, Selena Gomez (like her though :) and other music mainly talking about sex, drugs etc. But what about in the United Kingdom? What Mainstream Music is popular over there especially in England? Do they listen to the same stuff we listen to over here in the states?

    2 AnswersOther - United Kingdom10 years ago
  • Why isn't Kate Middleton a princess, but a "Duchess"?

    After she married Prince William, she became Duchess of Cambridge. I thought she was supposed to be a princess. For example, Mary Donaldson (an Australian with absolutely no royal blood whatsoever) married Frederick, Crown Prince of Denmark and she became Mary, Crown Princess of Norway. Also Máxima Zorreguieta (an Argentine investment banker with no royal blood as well, although she has some Basque nobility) married Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange (aka Holland/the Netherlands) and she became known as Her Royal Highness Máxima, Princess of the Netherlands. Why is it that these normal women who are also so-called "commoners", marry Princes and become Princesses, while Kate Middleton is just Duchess of Cambridge and not Princess?

    9 AnswersRoyalty10 years ago
  • Can someone please explain to me why King Constatine III is the King of BOTH Greece and Denmark?

    I don't get it, he was the former king of Greece and after they put him on exile along with his wife Queen Anne-Marie and abolished a monarchy in Greece, I still don't understand why they are both King and Queen of both greece and Denmark, wth did Denmark come from?

    3 AnswersRoyalty10 years ago
  • Hair problem! brunette help needed!?

    My friend dyed her hair yesterday a light ash brown, but the results were more of a dark ash brown (since her natural hair color is dark brown/black). If she re-dye's her hair light ash brown, can she achieve the deisired color(light ash brown)?? it keeps soming out dark due to her natural hair, how can she get to this color?

    3 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • Going to the city tomorrow! I need help with the Valley Stream-Penn Station railroad information!!!!?

    Okay so me and my friends are goin to the city (New York City) 2mm at 11:46am, Valley Stream to Penn Station, NY. Our train leaves at 11:46am and arrives at the Penn Station in New York City at 12:21pm off-peak! I don't wanna look stupid because im terrible at like knowing which train to hop on like Train E or C and yea. Can somebody please help me!!!?

    1 AnswerRail10 years ago
  • My other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) don't work while IE does?

    IE works perfectly but I rather use Google Chrome or the other browsers first. The internet browsers aren't working b/c of something relating to the connection being timed out. IE works just fine so I don't know why the other browsers aren't working. They all use tp work fine. I try redownloading them and it doesn't work either.

    1 AnswerOther - Internet10 years ago
  • Okay so my friend is in a relationship with this guy, though on facebook his ex girlfriend went single &..?

    Okay so my friend is sort of in a relationship with this guy, though on facebook his ex girlfriend went single & he liked it. When my friend found out she got really upset and didnt wanna talk to him because she didt wanna feel like a stalker to his ex girlfriend's life. What do you think about your bf/gf liking their ex's "SINGLE" relationship status on facebook?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • OMG! I need help! Does anyone know any good fast traditional African songs with lots of drumming?

    Im doing a presentation on Friday for a Cultural event, I know plenty of African dances from many different regions and ethnic groups in Africa, but now I just need a really good lively traditional African song with drumming that will keep the audience excited! Anyone recommend anything?

    2 AnswersDancing1 decade ago
  • How to pronounce the Korean word "Boyeojul"?

    Does anybody know how to pronounce this word?

    1 AnswerLanguages1 decade ago
  • How to pronounce the Korean word "dolrilsun"?

    I was listening to the Korean song "It Hurts" by 2NE1 and Minzy said this word (dolrilsun) in her first verse and I really wanna know how to pronounce it.

    2 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • Am I waisting my time liking the Korean culture?

    I love the Korean culture. Just everything about it, like fashion, food, language, music, art etc. but my friends think it's really silly of me to obsess over a culture that technically hates my people, Black people. What do you think? Knowing that the majority of Koreans dislike dark skinned people (Blacks/Africans, SE Asians, Indians, Arabs and what not), is it a waist of my time appreciating a culture that can never seem to accept mine?

    14 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups1 decade ago