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  • Can a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha write you a letter for a scholarship for another sorrority?

    One of the scholarships that I am applying to is from Delta Sigma Theta. It is not a scholarship in order to join the sorrority in any way, they are giving it to anyone in the community who completes the application. On the form it says that you need two letter of recommendations, one from a teacher (I already have that), and one from someone that is not a teacher or family member who has known you for a long time. The only problem is that every women that I know who has made an impact on my life is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. I contacted the local alumnae chapter because they are not giving out scholarships at the time, but I was wondering if it would be tacky if my Godmother who is a AKA could write me a letter of recomendation?....

  • How much would you have made or lost on an investment of $1,000 on McDonalds?

    How much would you have made or lost on an investment of $1,000 on Mcdonalds?

    Hint: First find out how many shares you could've bought one year ago by dividing $1,000 by the price of the stock one year ago today. You may have to estimate the stock price from the graph. Round the number of shares to the nearest whole number. Then, find out the current value of your shares by multiplying the number of shares you bought by the price of the stock today.

    Can you please explain to me how to do this? Like how do I find out how many shares I could have bought a year ago?

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  • Is this MINI Cooper worth it?

    Okay so I am getting my license within a couple months and my parents are looking into getting a car that is accessible for me to drive. (So technically it will not be MY own car). Both of my parents and I really like MINI Coopers and have considered getting one. My mom has a manual Accra TL and I am not really interested in learning manual quite yet. My dad has a old Jeep but it does not have airbags so that rules that car out. He also has a BMW Z4 but he drives that and I do not feel comfortable driving it. Anyways, we saw a listing for a MINI Cooper Convertible for 2,000 exactly. We were not sure if it was a typo so we went to check the car out and it really is 2,000. But I do not really want a car with a convertible because I do not like having the top down but with a car at that price that I could actually buy with my own money I wonder If I should really look into buying it. Do you think that the Convertible is less safe than just a regular MINI Cooper? We also saw one listed for 1,500 on Craigslist. We are not sure if it is a typo but I am like in love with it because its exterior is red and its interior is black just like I have wanted for the longest time. (I have been obsessed with them since I was like 6 years old). Anyways we already know that service is pricey, gas is good, and all the safety features and stuff because we have gone to the dealership and discussed it with them so we seem pretty comfortable. Also I am looking for something under 5,000 because it is my first car and I know that those get pretty dinged up. So in Conclusion if you HAD to pick between the Convertible Red Mini Cooper and the Hardtop Mini Cooper which would you pick?

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