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im younger then 18. im a "girl".. lol i mostly answer pre-teen/teen questions... but i answer ALOT of questions too though.. one of my favorite yahoo answers answers' is "sillygirl"

  • i wanna use a tampon..but im too scared to.. HELP! please ONLY girls?

    im 13..and i really wanna use one...but im scared mabey it'll hurt or something...

    i use pads, and i HATE them...

    plz, i need advice..what happens when u use one? does it hurt?

    i know how to use it, but im scared i might do something wrong...

    im scared to ask my mom... more a doctor though..

    please help....!!!!

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  • umm..i kinda wanna have a baby. [help!]?

    i cant get it off my mind...i want to, but i cant...i know i wont be able to handel it, but i want one really bad...i just need some advice or somone to help me NOT want please help me! any advice? heres what im looking answers to:

    1. what does it feel like during the 9mnths. or so?

    2. when labor begins, what does it feel like?

    3. the 9 months of waiting?

    4. after birth?

    5. etc.

    help me plz!!!!

    [my fav person for these kinda ?'s so far is: sillygirl]

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  • little sister and puberty..ugh...HELP!?

    my little sister is 9 yeard old...shes suddenly asking me "BiG" questions about growing up.. aka "puberty"....

    and i dont know what to say to her...

    im only 13, so its kinda well, "WIERD" for me to be asked all those kinda questions...

    i guess ive kinda had those same questions before, but its wierd to be to be ASKED them, & not having them answered from somebody else...ya know?

    well yah, i need help PLZ!!! what should i say? shes asking about "DOWN THERE" and alot of other stuff? please help...any advice on what to say when she talks about "breasts", "down there" and growing stuff? and CHANGES?????! plz help!!!

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  • virginity issues!??! HELP!? im STILL one...but i have some questions about it..

    but dont wanna ask my mom...please help!

    okay, so ive been presured bout it before..but anyways...what exactly "HAPPENS" when you lose your Virginity? i know its an ackward question...but please help... what exactly HAPPENS? and do you feel any DIFFRENT or something after? or even before....? cause i dont know...please help me... thanks...

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