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  • Adv Physics: Impulse?

    A volleyball is spiked so that its incoming velocity of +4.0 m/s is changed to an outgoing velocity of -19 m/s. The mass of the volleyball is 0.31 kg. What impulse does the player apply to the ball?

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    To demonstrate his new high-speed camera, Flash performs an experiment in the physics lab in which he shoots a pellet gun at a pumpkin to record the moment of impact on film. The 0.050-g pellet travels at 99.0 m/s until it embeds itself 15.0 cm into the pumpkin. What average force does the pumpkin exert to stop the pellet?

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  • When will dnangel volume 12 comeout?

    In English perferibly.

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  • How many Sailor moon books are there?

    I want to know how many sailor Moon manga books, printed in English, there are....please help

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