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  • My research paper; PLEASE HELP?

    Is this a good introduction for my research paper on freedom of speech? What could I do to make it better?


    Freedom of speech is the liberty to speak and express oneself and one's opinions. The first amendment to the u.s. constitution bars the federal government from "ad bridging the freedom of speech"; since the 1920s the amendment's protections have been extended against state, as well as federal action.


    This is my first time writing a research paper and it has to be about the actions and legacy of freedom of speech.

    I need help, BADD.

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  • Freedom Of Speech : I need an action and legacy ?

    action is what they did

    legacy is how it affects us today

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  • Help Needed: Samsung or Kodak Digital Camera?

    In the target paper I see that they have a Kodak MX1063 digital camera. 10.3 MP, 2.7" LCD screen for 99.99

    Then in the HHGreg paper, I see a Samsung 10.2 MP camera for 99.97

    I dont really care about the price, but I want to know which brand is better. I dont want to get one camera and pay about 100 dollars for it and it breaks on me.

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  • Kinky Twists vs Micro Braids?

    I want to get something done before school starts.

    which should I get?

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  • Micro Braids vs Kinky Twists?

    What are the pros and cons of both?

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  • Do I look like I have bad skin?

    My skin is always dry.

    What can I do to keep my skin healthy looking?

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  • Weave used for bob braids?

    What is the best type or brand to use for bob braids?

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  • What happens if you get a perm before getting braids?

    And how long should you wait before getting them?

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  • How do I teach my dog that I am the alpha?

    I have a Siberian Husky mix .

    Yesterday was my dog's 4th time messing up a chair.

    When she does something wrong, I usually tap her nose and say, " no " in a firm voice.

    That doesn't work.

    So I got a "switch" and spanked her with that. Then she snaps at it.

    Shes also starting to bite.

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  • If you were interested in investing...?

    Would you want to own Yahoo?


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  • Yahoo investing question?

    Do you think there will be a growth in demand for Yahoo?


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  • Questions about Yahoo.?

    Where is it located?

    What does it produce?

    Who are its customers?

    What are its plans for the future?

    What have recent news stories reported about the company?

    Do you think there will be a growth in demand for this company's produce? Why?

    If you are intrested in investing in a growth-oriented company over long term, would you want to own this company?

    What is revealed about a company by the 52 week high and low?

    Why might dividends be important to some people?

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    I have a BB Pearl.

    How do I set my ringtone so that the same ringtone plays whenever one calls me, not just a default?

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  • Growth Defect ?? [PLEASE HELP]?

    kay. I am 14 years old, (Girl) and my left breast is bigger than the right. I know its supposed to be a slight difference, but its a huge difference, and im concerned. I cant really explain it to a picture, but ill just say this, my shirt pokes out on one side. Its not a HUGE difference, but its big enough.

    What could be the problem ?

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  • I need advice. [ IM FAILING. ]?

    Okay. Im doing good in all of my classes except for math. I just cant seem to do good on tests. I make 100s on quizzes but make like 20's on tests!! I dont know whats wrong. I have math 7th period, so i guess that kinda takes my mind off of math. I just got my first office referral for having a cell phone.

    I hate my school. I know I have to go by the rules, and im trying my best to follow them.

    What are some ways I can help stay focus and improve in math.

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  • Science homework help please?

    Okay. my science project question is "Why do cookies burn on the bottom." and my hypothesis is that if the cookies are left in the oven longer than required they will burn on the bottom.

    So, I need help with the independent and dependent variable.

    I think the Independent variable is the oven because you can control the temperature. And the dependent variable is the cookies.

    Please correct me if i am wrong.

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    I just recently got my hair cut into a bob ( like mid november) and i cant get my hair done right now.

    I plan to wash it, but my hair is still short. I cant do much to it.

    What are some hairstyles I can do?

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  • Myspace Help Pleaseee?

    Where is a site where I can get a code for having my text around my picture on myspace?

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