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  • How to use vermiculite or perlite with existing lawn?

    I just bought a house with a half dead lawn that requires lots of water. The soil here has lots of clay in it and as a result, doesn't hold water well and needs excessive watering to keep a lawn green. My neighbor lives on a hill and reseeded his whole yard only to have his back yard (uphill) die on him because all the water ran down hill. Question is, how would I use vermiculite, perlite, or anything else to help my lawn retain water? I have used Scott's turf builder in an attempt to spread the roots of the grass and my lawn looks 100% better, but it still needs lots of water :(

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  • Who are the top ten most ejected managers in baseball history?

    I know Lou Pinella is number one with 58 ejections and I think Bobby Cox is #2, but what about the rest?

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