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  • Why does the white house want America to forget what they said about the video?

    After the 911/2012 attacks both Jay Carney and Susan Rice were on national T.V. Saying the attacks including the one on Libya were over a video. One of the reporters grilled Carney as to why protesters would have heavy artillery at a protest. Carney still tried to say it was spontaneous, as Ms. Rice said to Bob (the ABC guy) over a stupid video. Hillary even rambled on about that video. Now the President seems to be trying to distance himself from the video statements! Why???

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  • Why is it that everything I read about what Obama is doing seems so stupid?

    His stupid unbelievable campaign ads. The news article on him hiring lawyers to help with voting, with tax payers money. Him wanting people to actually have their friends and family donated to his campaign for a wedding gift. And I could go on but it would take up to much space.

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  • Why is the movie industry so bent on making Sarah Palin look stupid?

    In the made for T.V. movie called "Game Change" they tried to make poor Sarah look totally stupid.

    I am mechanic with only high school and three years tech under my belt. I have never been educated on political things. I do read newspapers and watch the news! What I don't get about that stupid movie is it showed these people around Sarah prepping her by asking her questions that she was suppose to be to dumb to answer. The actress that starred as Sarah acted like a total idiot. Every one of the questions that she couldn't answer I could and I am just a simple minded goof! I know I don't have the political brain a governor of one of our states has. In the movie she supposedly didn't know what the federal government did, Joe Bidden's last name, or anything about Russia and about a dozen other no brainers that most simple minded goofs would know. The Sarah Palin that I seen four years ago, and that helped the tea party get a republican congress is anything but stupid! My answer would be the media is trying to make Conservative look stupid as a early attempt to drag our genius of a president over the finish line one more time.

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  • How come Christians don't keep the feast in Leviticus 23?

    Some say they don't keep them because they are Jewish feast. The Bible (in Lev.23) does not call them Jewish feast. It call them the Lords feast at both the first and at the end of the chapter. How come Christians who say the follow the scripture don't keep the feast?

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  • Have any of you seen an Angel?

    I don't mean your wife, girl friend, our daughter, I'm asking Angel from Heaven?

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  • How come my answers in Martial Arts categories are never chosen as #1?

    I have been teaching MA for over 20 years and in them for over 30. I answer questions based on my knowledge from that. In another category my answers are often chosen as the best one. I believe part of the reason may be that people consider Martial Arts to be such a Macho thing that they don't want a logical humble answer. I often answer from my experience as a martial arts master more into the spiritual side then the physical. I have also noted that many who ask and answer questions here are into the; yea I know; mode of know it all's. That is do to their young age and lack of experience in the Martial Arts. Plus the subject of Martial Arts brings out the guy that think they are tough when they have a screen to hide behind, but are really just full of themselves.

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  • Where in the Bible does it say you have to sin?

    I have talked to a lot of Christians that tell me they sin everyday. Knowbody is perfect , but God forgives them. Then many will go on to say we have to sin, so this is why ask where in the Bible does it say we have to sin. What Scripture?

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  • How come Obama thinks he did the right thing by voting against sending troops to Irac, and against the surge?

    We took out Baghdad Bully (Saddam). And the people of Iraq are getting back to a good and safe social life. Some try and compare Iraq with Viet Nam. In Viet name we lost 60,000 Americans compared to 3500.

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