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  • How old were you when you got married?

    I am not married but my parents were 22 ;]

    12 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago
  • Watch this video on Texas death row.? if the link doesn't work it is on youtube understand texas death row and the user name is goat boy. lol

    I would love if people would watch the video and post there opinions. Watching the video made feel sad for the family of the people on death row but also feel horrible for peoples family members who were murdered.

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police8 years ago
  • Do you believe in the death penalty or do you think it's wrong?

    everyone has there on opinions on this so I would love to hear them. I know that the states that do the death penalty really fast are texas and florida but where I live NY and go to college CT people die from old age before they are sentence to death.

    13 AnswersLaw & Ethics8 years ago
  • tell me you career and how you got that job?

    did you go to college?

    how many years of college?

    did you always know you wanted to do what you are doing?

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment8 years ago
  • diet coke has no calories?

    I always laughed at the people who order a big cheese burger than getting a diet soda. but i noticed yesterday that diet coke has 0 calories ? i really don't understand because ive heard that diet soda is worst than regular soda? can someone give me on good information of this? soda is bad for you period but i was wondering about this? thanks ;]

    4 AnswersNon-Alcoholic Drinks8 years ago
  • This Sunday The Walking Dead what do you think is going to happen?

    Do you think dyral and his brother going to have a real fight or fake it?

    1 AnswerOther - Television8 years ago
  • Need help with Spanish practice using indirect object pronouns?

    help me with these pratice questions?

    Create complete sentences using the cues and indirect object pronouns. Follow the model and use correct capitalization and punctuation.

    1.nosotros / a mi abuela / enviar (to send) regalos / para su cumpleaños (birthday)

    2.tú / nunca / prestar / a mí / dinero

    Tú nunca prestaste a mí dinero ??? how am I wrong idk

    3.mi madre / preparar / a nosotros / una cena (dinner)

    4.Pedro / siempre / dar las gracias / por todo / a mí

    5.los tíos de Marta / comprar ropa / a ella / todos los meses

    5 AnswersLanguages8 years ago
  • he says he loves me but wants to take it slow? idk how i feel?

    my ex boyfriend says he loves him but wants to take everything slow and take me out on dates in stead of getting into a seriosuly relationship of course he wants sex too but i told him no unless we are dating. what do you think?????

    one of our convos

    me- i just want you

    him- i want you too

    me- not the way i want you

    him- lets enjoy eachother hangout talk have sex because we dont know what the future holds

    me- I think I derserve more

    him- you absolutely do, but if we rush it like we did before it could end up bad again and i dont want that, as far as im concerned we together already. I have no interest in anyone else just you. but i dont want to jump into things. its only proven to end badly, and i do love you so much

    9 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago
  • Quotes about the heart saying love him but mind says don't?

    Does anyone have good quoutes about that?

    2 AnswersQuotations8 years ago
  • Why do people have to breakup? like it sucks?

    WHY :[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ relationship suck when they don't work out

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • what is my ex trying to say?

    We broke up and we were talking on facebook message and he said " i missed the true beauty you had to offer. I don't know if ill ever have an opportunity to see that beauty again but i know ill never make those mistakes again"

    3 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago
  • I need to know if I should stay on birthcontrol?

    I am no longer in a relationship and am taking birth control still should I just keep taking it even though I'm not having sex . I don't know when I'll be active again. But also taking the pill does help my period less days .

    2 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • Please help I don't know why I am feeling like this?

    I just got out of a relationship that lasted a year and a half , happy its over because we didn't want the same things. But now I had a relationship about four years ago with someone else that lasted a year he was my first love and it took me a very long time to get over him, but now im thinking i never did because its been 4 years and i want to add him on facebook, but why? . He broke my heart and i was 17 years old. now im 20. I don't think I should add him but the past week things have been making me remember him. Did this ever happen to you?

  • should I add my ex back on facebook?

    My first love and I broke up 3 years ago is it strange if i add him back on facebook?

    6 AnswersFriends8 years ago
  • So I pretty much got ditched!!?

    So I hungout with this guy ealier in the week and we made plans to hangout today and well he never texted me today nothing... and i felt he should of texted me? So I text him or just forget about it and no care?

    3 AnswersFriends8 years ago
  • should i feel bad about not caring we broke up?

    my boyfriend and I broke up a week ago and honestly i was happy i was depressed in our relationship so i already met someone and i like him but we hung out once so im going to take it slow and just be friends and get to know him more. But should i feel bad that Im alright dating?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • My two best friends don't understand?

    So the story is my boyfriend and I broke up we both new we weren't meant for each other so its great. Anyways my two best friends were like sorry and tried to make me feel better like good friends. But when I told them I went on a date with this guy. They were saying things like "guys are dumb" "if you want to get back into dating again i guess that's your choice" I feel like I can't talk to them about anything with relationships because they don't understand . They both have never had real relationship.

    Also I want them to start dating but they think its a waste of time, how do they know that when they never been dating? haha.

    2 AnswersFriends8 years ago
  • I would like some opinions on GUNS.?

    Do you think it is right or wrong for letting people have guns in there own home?

    Do you think there should be some kind of law that makes sure people don't have them in there home maybe if they want to go hunting they have to rent one and give it back when they leave the gun range or hunting place?

    Well of course it is the second amendment the right to bear arms.

    Do you Believe in this amendemnt.

    Thank you ;]

    21 AnswersHunting8 years ago