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I am 16,sophomore, I am in LOVE with Escape The Fate if you have a problem with that then go die. I love movies and music. My 360 doesn't work so don't send me messages,invites,or post comments because I can't read them but still check it out. IM me or email me anytime. I will reply and love making new friends. Music: ESCAPE THE FATE!!!!! Linkin Park Chevelle Saliva Black Light Burns Silverstein Papa Roach Three Days Grace NINE INCH NAILS Incubus Evanescence Flyleaf Gorillaz Bad Religion Drop Dead Gorgeous 30 Seconds To Mars My American Heart The Misfits +44 Movies: National Treasure Alien Vs. Predator When A Stranger Calls Balls of Fury The Goonies Signs Walk the Line Lean On Me The Village;_ylt=AnikYdrFO_WF5HO3J7HLkt.0AOJ3?cq=1 here is the link to my second 360: Oh yeah! I hate MCR,FOB,and P@TD!

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