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  • Who do you think is right in this debate?


    The idea that the right is inherantly wrong and violent strikes me as an incredibly closed minded one. If you continualy view your opponent as intelectualy lacking, how could you take there arguments seriousely? If you can take none of there arguments seriously, how can you judge who is the wise man and who is the fool in the end?


    Sibirsky is probably the only person on the political right I've heard that makes any sense at all.

    I'll take their arguments seriously when they start making sense and not appearing to be inherently selfish and lacking compassion for others.


    thats a dumb plan.

    OK, Ill do the same. When you live in a free society you are not allowed to make statements like this. "Everyone in that group is stupid". Could you ever prove then that left is not selfish, or lacking of compassion or makes sense?


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    The whole basis of the political left is sharing and making peace and understanding with your fellow man!

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    Is that is why conservatives in the US donate more time and money to charity than the left? :blink:


    They give comparatively small amounts of charity out of their massive piles of wealth as an excuse. "Foreign aid?" Bull. It's obviously not working, as the people are still as poor as they always were.

    "Foreign aid" and "charity" are almost always given by government to further a political agenda.


    You do realize that

    A. In the US Conservatives tend to earn a little less, but donate 30% more to charity.

    B. The US gives away more money in foreign aid than any other country

    C. The government gives away massive amounts of money to help students pay for college. (the main reason people fail in the US is because they are lazy)

    anyway, if anyone is wondering here are my sources ... l_giv.html ... n_liberals ... 7will.html


    I still don't see the results of this. Only the claims.


    I am not claiming that what we are doing is successful, but what I hate it the Liberal idea that because they support the government supporting the poor somehow makes them better, and more charitable than Conservatives, when in reality Conservatives donate more.

    So how is "the whole basis of the political left is sharing and making peace and understanding with your fellow man" when the left doesn't share with their fellow man as much as "greedy" Conservatives?

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  • Which sounds worse option 1 or option 2?

    1. Republican utopia (according to the ideals of the Republican party) in which abortion is illegal, the death penalty is allowed, gay marriage is not allowed, people are expected to succeed or fail without the government (no Social Security, no Affirmative Action, no Medicare), and the country is very free market oriented.

    2. Democrat utopia (according to the ideals of the Democratic party), where abortion is legal, gay marriage is legal, the death penalty is non existent, the US has a single payer health care system, companies are heavily regulated by the government, and the government has a large amount of social spending, with laws giving preferential treatment to minorities and women (such as affirmative action).

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  • Isn't the idea that abortion is okay, but that the death penalty is wrong hypocrisy?

    Many Liberals (not all, or even most so don't say I am generalizing) support abortion, while opposing the death penalty. Why is it, in the minds of those people, okay to take the life of an unborn baby because it is inconvenient, but wrong, and barbaric to put a man to death if he committed crimes such as murder?

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  • Isn't Affirmative Action racism?

    According to Wictionary racism is

    1. The belief that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes.

    2. The belief that one race is superior to all others.

    3. Prejudice or discrimination based upon race.

    Affirmative action according to Wictionary is "a policy or program providing advantages for people of a minority group who are seen to have traditionally been discriminated against, with the aim of creating a more egalitarian society through preferential access to education, employment, health care, social welfare, etc."

    So if Affirmative Action is the idea of giving preferential access to jobs and education based on race or ethnicity than Affirmative Action fills the third definition of racism. So if that is true than isn't Affirmative Action nothing but racism?

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  • Isn't Social Security like a Ponzi scheme?

    In Social Security you pay into a system, and your money goes directly to people who have been paying into it longer, and the exact definition of a Ponzi Scheme (according to Wiktionary) is

    "A fraudulent scheme where earlier investors are paid with the money taken from new investors, giving the impression that the scheme is a viable investment."

    The only differences I can think of between a normal Ponzi Scheme and Social Security are

    1. Social Security is government run

    2. You are forced to pay into Social Security

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  • Which of these programs would you like/not care if the government got rid of them, or cut the funding for them?

    You can choose as many as you want

    1. Social Security

    2. Welfare

    3. Foreign Aid

    4. Medicare/Medicaid

    5. other

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  • Which health care plan would you like best, and why?

    1. A single payer system

    2. Private insurance with a public "option"

    3. Fully privatized insurance

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  • Why does everyone say Obama is a Fascist?

    It is making me sick hearing so many people say that Obama is a Fascist. He is nothing like a Fascist, and it is misleading to refer to him as one.

    According to Wikipedia Fascism is "comprises a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology and a corporatist economic ideology developed in Italy. Fascists believe that nations and/or races are in perpetual conflict whereby only the strong can survive by being healthy, vital, and by asserting themselves in conflict against the weak.

    Fascists advocate the creation of a single-party state. Fascist governments forbid and suppress openness and opposition to the government and the fascist movement. Fascism opposes class conflict, blames capitalist liberal democracies for its creation and communists for exploiting the concept."

    Obama seems to believe in none of that, he is not a nationalist, many of his staff member either claim to be Communists, or have praised Communists, and lastly, he in no way seems to believe that only the strong have the right to live.

    Everyone calling Obama a Fascist is giving Fascism a bad name.

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  • Which system of government would you prefer?

    A true Democracy where there are no politicians or representatives, but people vote on every single issue, or a Republic where people elect representatives to vote on every day issues, such as laws, building projects, spending, and practically everything else.

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  • How would Liberals have reacted if Bush won the Nobel Prize?

    Would they have been like some Republicans are now and say that he hasn't done enough yet, or would they have congratulated him and thought that it was a great day for America (like many Liberals think about Obama getting it now).

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  • Question about God, is god willing to prevent evil but not able? Than he is not omnipotent. Is he able but not?

    willing? Than he is malevolent. If he is both able and willing than why is there evil, and if he is neither willing nor able than why do we call him god?

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  • Where do you want the 2016 Olympics to be held?

    Chicago, US

    Madrid, Spain

    Rio de Janerio, Brazil

    Tokyo, Japan


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  • Why do people on YA always say that Jesus would support socialism when the bible constantly has a negative?

    view of tax collectors? If the bible supported socialism than why would it present a negative view of tax collectors which allow socialism to exist?

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  • Is the earth doomed once the next generation takes over?

    Look at what is happening to America, kids care less and less about school, very few actually have jobs, play sports or do any extracurricular activities, all most of them do is sit around watching MTV, or playing x box 360. Are we doomed to collapse as a society once this next generation takes over?

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  • What are your thoughts on "social programs"?

    I keep seeing so many people referring to infrastructure as social programs. Some of the latest examples I've seen are roads, the military, and homeland security. What are your thoughts, are these really social programs, or are they infrastructure?

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