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  • Libri su partigiani?

    Ho Il Partigiano Johnny, La Casa in Collina e Sentiero Dei Nidi di Ragno.

    Solo narrativi, per favore, scusate per il mio italiano.

    2 AnswersLibri ed autori7 years ago
  • Tv Film and Radio with Rome dialect or accent?

    I'm looking for any kind of television show, radio shows, or films, spoken in either a Rome accent or with a Rome dialect. Preferably radio or television as I can listen to it constantly without it being repeated, any subject is fine.

    2 AnswersRome7 years ago
  • WW2 film with a Saboteur?

    I'm looking for the name of a WW2 film, and I'm pretty sure it was about either Americans or British, but there was a character who was either an explosives expert or just a saboteur and his first language wasn't English, possibly French?

    I don't remember much else, I'm sure there are many options with similar characters so any options would be helpful.


    2 AnswersMovies7 years ago
  • What are Mob Flips and who does them?

    Just watching Free Lunch with Jim Greco and he talks about Mob Flips, he talks as if they aren't necessarily on purpose but are a way of doing flips, I'm not a regular skateboarder so I can't really spot the differences if someone was doing something 'mob' or not.

    Can someone show me any examples of skaters who do mob flips, on purpose or by accident etc, he showed what he meant in the video, but they didn't pan to his feet.

    Thanks in advance.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Theres the video just in case.

    1 AnswerOther - Sports7 years ago
  • Can you rate these Nikon DSLR in order?

    I've only ever used Canon and I've been given the chance to borrow some Nikon's but I have no idea which are the top end and beginner cameras, new to old etc. Can somebody put these in a general order of their perceived quality?









    Thanks in advance.

    2 AnswersCameras7 years ago
  • How would I take an image like this?

    Looks easier than I think it is, is it just a case of lining my camera up so it is completely parallel to the object or does choice of lens come into it? I'd just like to be able to take a shot to look as close to 2d as possible, without shadow. Or is it just that Lewis Baltz's choice of location are flat anyway?

    2 AnswersPhotography7 years ago
  • Where can I buy a plain grey hoodie?

    Just a simple, pretty decent quality grey hoodie, a pull over, not one with a zip and that doesnt ride up at the stomach.

    5 AnswersFashion & Accessories7 years ago
  • How can I use Adobe Premiere Pro with Vista?

    Since I have Vista it won't let me download the trial for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, is there any way of getting the earlier versions that are compatible, or is that it and I just can't use that particular program without updating my system?

    1 AnswerSoftware7 years ago
  • Why is CM Punk so well received?

    This isn't me saying he shouldn't be, I'm just asking why does CM Punk have such a fan base? I watched WWF/E from 1998 - 2004, then probably another year or so 2006, and he wasn't huge when I watched, I think he was in the ECW when I stopped watching, and I never watched ROH.

    Just curious as to what CM Punk does that mean people respect his wrestling so much?

    Again not being critical as I've never really watched him wrestle, just curious.

    9 AnswersWrestling8 years ago
  • Does your copy of La Haine allow you to turn off subtitles?

    I used to own a copy of La Haine that I'm sure allowed me to turn off the subtitles altogether, but I recently bought a second hand copy which appears they are hardcoded, so I'm just wondering if you own a copy that allows you to turn off subtitles altogether, if so which version do you own?

    1 AnswerMovies8 years ago
  • Can I double up porridge packets?

    Simple question, can I put two packets of instant porridge together, and just double the milk? Or would that mess with cooking time, assuming I would normally do it in the microwave on full for 2 minutes?

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes8 years ago
  • Can someone recommend me some good nature documentary films?

    Along the same lines as Relentless Enemies, more full length films or televisions shows with a relative narrative to the show or film.

    I saw a good one about 3 cheetah brothers a few years ago, similar to that would be good.

    Thanks in advance.

    4 AnswersMovies8 years ago
  • Everytime I run advance system care scan, causes computer to run boot up scan?

    Everytime I run the advance system care scan on my laptop, it causes the scan that happens before it boots up to happen, with the black screen and white writing. Anything I can do to stop that happening, reinstalling it? or should I remove it altogether, aside from that I'm quite happy with advance system care, I've used it for a good 5 years now.

    3 AnswersSecurity8 years ago
  • What is the Dempsey Roll?

    Would someone be able to show me an example and explain what exactly the Dempsey Roll is?

    Thanks in advance.

    6 AnswersBoxing8 years ago
  • Is this film Ilford XP2 Black and White?

    I just took an old film from my Grandad's camera, must have been in there for over 10 years. Could very well be blank, if it's black and white I'll be able to develop it myself but I don't want to ruin it if its colour. Here's the information from the roll -

    Ilford XP2

    DX Process C41 or XP1

    4 AnswersPhotography8 years ago
  • How or where would I be able to find out information on my Grandad's service in the RAF?

    My Grandad past quite a while ago back in 2001 and I know that he served in the RAF Regiment specifically in Egypt during the Suez Crisis. Where would I be able to find any information, or anywhere that I may be able to specifically find his specific Regiment at that time? Any information at all would be perfect. Thanks in advance.

    2 AnswersGenealogy8 years ago
  • Possible battery leak inside Nikon F-501?

    I recently was given my Grandad's old camera a Nikon F-501, and he was always one for looking after his things so there is no problem with anything on the camera, except because he has been sadly gone since 2001, I guess the camera has just sat since then.

    I opened up the battery compartment and there were the old batteries still in there, around the end of one was a crust which I guess was where a battery had leaked and then been left to dry? My Nan wouldn't have at any point looked or opened the camera, I replaced the batteries after cleaning up the crust, but there is no life in the camera.

    Would the battery leak probably have ruined the internals of the camera? I can't get any signal from it no matter what I try, I'm new to the photography world so I don't really know what to try, so any help would be appreciated.

    4 AnswersCameras8 years ago