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  • Job interview?

    I have a job interview tomorrow for a place that's opening on the 15th of July. A holiday has been planned for months starting on the 11th of August for a week. I want to make sure I can still go, it's for my birthday, and it's all been paid for. I'm unsure whether to let them know and tell them up front at the interview or not. I know telling them might jeopardise my chances of getting the job but I also don't want to leave it til too late and not get the time off. What do I do?

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment6 years ago
  • How much is it to get from Glasgow to London by train?

    Glasgow Central Station to Victoria or London Bridge

    3 AnswersRail9 years ago
  • Laptop wont shut down?

    My laptop just doesn't seem to want to shut down. I've had to shut it down the "wrong" way for the past two days. I tried just leaving it, to see if it would shut down on its own, but it ended up running out of battery first.

    Also, the tool bar at the bottom right of the screen doesn't seem to be responding properly. When i plug in my USB it doesn't show up on the screen and when i plug my charger in it doesn't show that it's charging. It also says i have no internet connection when clearly i do since im on it.

    Any suggestions/tips/advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

    6 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks10 years ago
  • Advice on this situation regarding money matters?

    This may seem like a very stupid question and that I'm an idiot for even considering it, but just hear me out.

    Okay, so i tried to help someone through email (im not going to get into details, it doesn't matter) and she wants to thank me for my help by sending me £450,000 (she inherited millions from her father). She wants to send me it through a check, however, she has given the check to her reverend to give to me. The reverend wants me to send him £300 so that delivery charges will be covered. Now, before you lecture me on the dangers, i know all about the risks of sending that amount of money. It's a lot of money to just send away, but the amount i could get back in return is a hell of a lot more.

    Im indecisive as to what to do. I know there is a risk i may never see that money i have been promised. But, there is a chance it's legit. Is sending the £300 worth the risk? £450,000 is a lot of money and could allow me to buy a house ect...

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  • Tattooists in Glasgow that will tattoo under 18's?

    Obviously i want a tattoo but im 17 and don't look my age, there's no way i could pass as an 18 year old. Can anyone suggest a tattooist in Glasgow that will tattoo under 18's? I know it's illegal but i know some places will do it, i just don't know where.

    6 AnswersTattoos10 years ago
  • How can i improve this poem?

    I wrote it for my english creative writing. Im doing Higher level (I live in Scotland, i guess if youre from England it would be an A level?) but my teacher said its only good enough for Intermediate 2 level which is the level below

    Anyway, my poem is called Never Give In:

    He sits there, angellic in his grace.

    His eyes saphire blue, his hair smooth

    like a black rose blowing

    in the midnight sky.

    A mystery of darkness surrounds his aura

    as he floats on by.

    People watch him pass, intrigued by his abnormality,

    but he is blissfully unaware of the stares

    and keeps on moving.

    He carries his head high,

    proud of his difference,

    and walks with a rythme to his stride

    and nods to the music.

    He has black fingernails,

    all apart from one which is painted red.

    He wears a smile that is full of wonder

    a cheeky little smile full of innocent beginnings

    that light his life and keep him going.

    His clothes preach,

    "Never give in"

    to the people who care to notice

    and it gives them hope

    and it gives them strength.

    No one dares go too near-

    his atypical appearance tell them to be weary

    and shy.

    I venture into the area untouched by others

    and he whispers in my ear in a voice of knowledge

    "Never back down"

    And i never saw him again.

    3 AnswersPoetry10 years ago
  • Guys around 17; opinions please?

    Im 17, although it may not look like it, and ive never been in a relationship. when people ask me out, its for a joke. ive included some photos with the link below (old and new, the newer ones are the ones where i have purple or black hair). can i have your opinions on me please? and be honest, no being nice just to make me feel better.

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  • Poem for Higher level English creative writing. Is it good enough?

    Look into my eyes

    What do you see?

    Soul- what are you?

    Spirit- where are you?




    Love- where?


    Not here

    Look into my eyes will you please

    And tell me what you see

    Soul, spirit, emotion, love

    What are you?

    Where are you?

    Here comes the truth


    2 AnswersPoetry10 years ago
  • Is it because im short?

    Im a complete and utter midget. Im 4ft 10" tall the last i checked. Im 17 and Ive never been in a relationship, is it because im so short? I dont think i have a bad personality, all i want to do in life is to help people and i would keep a promise even if it would cost my own life. So why does no one like me in that way? Every time ive been asked out its been for a joke.

    heres my facebook pictures:

    (hopefully the link works)

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  • How likely is it to inherit bi-polar disorder from your mum?

    Just curious about it since my mum has it and i know it can be inherited

    4 AnswersMental Health10 years ago
  • Info on foreign partnerships for your bank?

    It would be much appreciated if i could get as much info as possible please. I dont know a lot about it, just that its something to do with someone from a different country being linked to your bank account in some way.

    1 AnswerInternational Organizations10 years ago
  • how do i get my rabbit to stop chewing on the bars of his cage?

    My rabbit's name is Dominoe. I let him out everyday and he has plenty to chew on inside his cage- a mineral stone, a carrot, a special chew toy and he has a wooden cottage and logs to chew on aswell- however, he still chews on his cage despite using anti-chew spray on it. He has certain times he does it; normally at 1am, 2-3am, 4am, 7-8am.

    He keeps me awake at night. It must stop, im in 6th year at school and have four highers to pass. Im more concentrated on falling asleep than i am in my school work these days.

    6 AnswersOther - Pets10 years ago
  • okay.. lots of bad opinions on the previous poem. what about this one?

    Music is my saviour when no one else is.

    When everyone else is wrapped up in

    Thier own selfish little worlds, i'll have

    Music to turn to for guidance.

    Pretending is a wonderful thing- it lets

    You live in a world of illusion- but i cant

    Deny the fact no one cares, not anymore.

    People leave you. Music never does.

    A lesson well learned. Thank you, my

    Teachers, you have taught me well.

    10 AnswersPoetry10 years ago
  • Opinions on this poem?

    Im trying so hard to be strong for you

    But i cant do it anymore. Im broken.

    I cry blood. I bleed. I bleed for you.

    I bleed for my life is broken. These

    Bloody tears fall down on my face slowly,

    Thickly, bloody. Watch me bleed. Does it

    Make you happy? Does my bleeding tears

    Make you happy? I hope so, for i cry blood

    And I know them.

    General opinions please? Also, do you think this would be okay to use as my creative writing for my english folio? I think its too "depressing" and the teacher might send me to the school councillor..

    7 AnswersPoetry10 years ago
  • I was told that my ears are too small for a scaffolding piercing?

    The lady told me my ears are too small for it to be done but couldnt she of just made a smaller bellbar?

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body10 years ago
  • I cant stop thinking about him :/?

    There's a guy that added me on facebook about a week ago and ever since then i cant stop thinking about him. Its completely insane because he doesnt even live in this country. His english isnt great but he understands what im saying and i can understand him. We now talk on msn more than facebook though. The problem is obviously the country issues but he also has a girlfriend who he says is disloyal. He tells me im beautiful and sweet and that he likes me because im different and that he wants to travel here to meet me and maybe even take me back to his country. We have a lot in common but its bugging me that i dont know why i cant stop thinking about him :/ please help?

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