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  • Penguin Tetra school breaking up?

    hi, I have just added four penguin tetra as the first fish to my new tank, however, the smallest of the four is swimming funny and away from the group, all day now he has been almost permanently vertical, as though he is looking for food, although he hasn't eaten when I have put food into the tank? I am worried that he has been hurt by the others, or bullied out of the school :( any ideas? I planned on adding more fish on Sunday, should be I be looking at removing this little guy or should I look for another set of tetras a little smaller (he really is quite a bit smaller than the others) so that he can join the new gang? Would appreciate your opinions? Thanks

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  • Reconnect Missing Files??? help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    I am in a total spin, using Adobe Photo shop version 3 (discontinued) when viewing my photos in the ORGANISER, almost all my photos (over 6000) have got a "broken link icon" like a red square at the bottom, and its unable to open when I click on the thumbnail, say Reconnect Missing Files, only problem is that the folders where the picture should be on Windows explorer are completely empty??? What have I done, any advice, I am going to hunt through the recycle bin and temp files now, but I have done a full Norton scan and its nota virus, and I have checked available memory so its not like the computer is "full", any help would be appreciated folks :)

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  • AARGH Itchy bellybutton, is it about to pop?

    Hi, can anyone remember when their belly button popped out was it extremely red and itchy?? mine just seems to have gone red inside today, and looks even more stretched out? I am 25 weeks tomorrow, was this about the same time as anyone else (p.s Midwife measured me at 26 cm yesterday but says that's ok:)


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  • Baby making a break for the exit? 24 weeks pregnant ?? help!!!!?

    I am 24 weeks pregnant and all day I have had a heavy burning sensation in my cervix area, not really painful or anything but just heaviness and a little irritating, is the baby making a break for the exit already, or is this a normal sensation? I have a midwife appt on Tuesday and will ask her, but any other experienced pregnant ladies out there felt the same thing.??

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  • Why do certain dogs lick your face and others don't?

    My own dog Mr Reg has never licked my face (not that I am too concerned about this !! ) its just I am confused as to why other dogs do do it?Whats the actual reason for this behaviour (feeding from mummy dog, or submissive behaviour etc etc) does you dog lick you face :))) ?

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  • Is Mabel a cute name for a little girl? ?

    What do you think, I think its cute, not sure how popular it already is, anyone know any kids called Mabel?

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  • Has your midwife ever forgotten you?

    Seems strange, but I turned up for my 18 week appointmenta nd the midwife glanced at my tummy and said "so is this your first appointment?" I was like "erm no, I am nearly half way through" maybe I didn't bug her enough or call her in the night about the slightest thing, but would you have felt put out too? Or is it just those pregnancy hormones again :)))

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  • Triple/CVS tests, anyone else didn't have these?

    Hi there, just wondering if there is anyone else who has opted not to take the Triple/CVS tests, I am feeling rather upset as everyone I talk to seems to have taken these and in some cases had amniocentesis when they had what I would consider real outside odds of anything being wrong, I know its personal choice, which I made as I could never have followed through with an abortion on the grounds of the test results, but is there anyone else now feeling bad they didn't take them :))

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  • Body hair and baby's gender? Anyone heard there is a link?

    Ok, so I have my 20 week scan all booked for New Years eve and we have decided to not find out the baby's gender, but secretly I would like an idea, anyway, I have heard that how your body hair grows during pregnancy is linked, things like leg hair stopping growing means its a girl, or getting extra hair where you didn't want it means a boy? Anybody out there believe there is a link, or correctly worked out whether they were having a boy or a girl simply from checking their leg hair LOL :)))

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  • Bigger feet make Labour easier??? Anyone else heard of this?

    Ok, so I was asked by my OH's sister what shoe size I am (I said Uk 8) she said labour will be easy because the bigger the shoe size the more "wide" you can open up, I am not convinced and wonder if anyone else has ever been asked this. She said it was something her midwife asked with her second baby, and was added to her notes (so seems believable)??? What do you think?

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  • Worried about sleeping on my back!!?? 16 weeks?

    HI there, almost 17 weeks and I keep waking up in the night on my back. I am really trying to stay on my left side, but it doesn't seem to work, anyone know of a good pillow product to keep you in one position all night? My OH says he is going to have to strap me to the bed (promises promises) but seriously its making me tired and worried. Advice please :))) Thanks

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  • Really embarrasing, anyone else 16 weeks pregnant and ......!?

    Please tell me this is part of being pregnant and not just my undercarriage giving up the ghost!! The last week or so I have had a few incidents of weeing when I sneeze or laugh or cough etc etc, I thought this was what happened after your "bits" had gone through labour, not before!!!!?? Any advice, reassurance this is normal would be helpful :)?

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  • Out of puff from just talking and eating!!! help :)))?

    Hi there, I seem to be getting very breathless from just eating and talking, of course I am a bit out of puff when I have done anything particularly physical like taking the dog out, but the last few days its been from just basic things like picking up the phone!!! I am 15 weeks is this normal, anyone else gasping ????

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  • Is there a right time to start buying things for baby?

    Ok, so my amazing friend went and bought me some lovely presents on hearing I am pregnant (dummies, rattle, blanket) and a nice bath set for myself, but part of me feels slightly superstitious about gifts for the baby, I am 14 weeks now, so when would you say is an ok time to start buying things?? I know I have ages yet, but I was also figuring that if I see something at a good price now there is no waiting because of stupid old wives tales, advice please:))?

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  • When does your baby start to hear you?

    I am 13 weeks now and have been singing my heart out to tour dog Reggie for weeks hoping he will learn to join in, then the baby can get used to hearing both of us:)) I always mention his name towards my belly and the baby when Reggie growls or yawns, but I just wanted to know are these efforts all in vain, at what stage will the baby start to hear me and Reggie (the dog)???

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  • What do these numbers mean on 12 week scan?

    Hi there, we had an amazing time at our 12 weeks scan and see from my notes that the baby measured 5.4CM Crown to Rump Length, but on the scan picture there are more numbers, any clues anyone???




    13.1 cm

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  • Is it normal for morning sickness to make a come back?

    thought it was gone for good, but seems that the last two days I am feeling off again, had it quite bad week 7 and 8 now 11 weeks going on 12 and feel terrible again??

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  • Arrrrrgghh! Do I really have to tell my Mum?

    Please, does anyone else have some bad experience of telling their Mum about being pregnant, I need to get some perspective, if I honestly could hide the fact that I am having a baby until its 18 and gone off to University I would. I am dreading telling her and feel like I have left it too late (I have my first scan on Thursday) and really I know a girls mum is the first person who should know (even my window cleaner knows before my mum) This has gotten out of hand. P.S I am 31 years old, which makes this even more embarrasing. Advice please:)))

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  • Anyone else due the last week of May 2009?

    Wanna be in my gang??? just wondered how you are all feeling today, I am feeling ok, hungry and tired, but not had sickness for a week or so, when is your scan and who have you told? good luck everyone :)

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  • When do I get free prescriptions and dental ? UK?

    Hi, I am 10 weeks now and wondering at what point I will get an exemption from paying for prescriptions and dental work. I have a scan and antenatal appointment Nov 6th, do they only give you the form when they have confirmed your pregnancy via a scan or should I have had this already?

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