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  • would i look good if i shave my head and keep a goat'e,link to pic given below?

    i love the way ma boy antwon skills taylor looks, so would i look good in a bald look:

    link to pic:

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  • should i buy toric contact lenses and stop wearing glasses?

    i hate wearing glasses, i look subtly good enough when i am not wearing glasses but due to my high eye power i have to wear them; so should i switch to toric contact lenses? are they safe to wear while playing basketball?

    which has a better and clear vision contact lenses or glasses?

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  • agree or disagree:cena really kicked IWC in the nuts this time..!?

    better just hard slapped the last bit of integrity whatso ever was left on cena haters!!!!!!

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  • how many of you are pissed and how many of you are happy with RR outcome?

    simply type in answers: happy or pissed!

    no need of explanation.

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  • are you excited/depressed for today's monday night raw + BQ?

    BQ:will the cena haters stop watching wwe and coming on Y/A forum since it is evident that this will be "cenation's greatest year!"?

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  • how would your react if undertaker's last WM match that will be WM 30 are these?

    THE UNDERTAKER VS HULK HOGAN in a HIAC match,the two most iconic legends created by the mcmahon's in this business for the past 30 years or so collide finally at WM 30!

    the streak vs the guy who made this business global!

    THE UNDERTAKER VS JOHN CENA in an I QUIT match, lets label it deadman vs superman!

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  • because y2j and kane agreed to wwe writers to job to new talents,the reason behind their doomed legacy?

    we all know y2j and kane are incredibly talented performers,y2j has amazing mic skills + wrestling skills + oozes charisma,

    kane on the other hand at this age can still deliever incredible performance when the script demands and can be still terrifying if he wants to!

    but because of their constant nodding to the wwe writers that "yes we will be glad to put over new talent" led to their almost diminishing career!!

    when kane debut in 1997 his gimmick was a freak of nature,completely terrifying and immensely powerful but as the years passed he became weak and now is just a laughing stock,i have heard that the wwe writers take everyone's prior consent before finalising a match script,so i assume kane for this past decade constantly agreed to job to other talents thus detoriating his own legacy which he could have established till now if he was still the guy who debut in 1997!

    same reason stands for y2j, on the other hand guy like cena rose to the top and is still the poster boy of this franchise because most of the time he disagrees to job to the respective talent,as a result he maintains his crediblity and legacy and his reasons to be taken seriously!

    wwe is a business and like every other business evryone wants to be at the top of the ladder,cena is still there because he caters to no one and wants to earn the big bucks (BTW after HHH he has been the highest paid performer in this business) ,wheras guys like kane and y2j selected their own downfall,don't you agree????

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  • why was austin inducted so early in HOF whereas the rock is still due to be?

    shouldn't they both have been inducted at the same time or at consecutive HOF ceremonies for example SCSA in 2009 then the rock in 2010,i know rock is still a part time wrestler with wwe and austin has officially retired just like edge who suffered a legitimate career ending injury but is this reason enough to not induct the rock???

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  • is a silent audience a prior indication that a gimmick is in serious jeopardy of failing?

    you can use example to define the answer more appropiately.

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  • cena is only 35 years old,he still will be in contract with wwe for the next 8-10 years,are you ready?

    cena is right now only 35 years old his real life friends like the rock or HHH are still competing at 43,well cena had his fair share of injuries but that didn't stop him did it? nor did it stop hhh,look he is again in a rematch with lesnar this WM 29!!! plus cena has a passion for this business just like a few elites hbk,taker,edge,hhh, people always whine,***** or complain about him but open your eyes and face the reality CENA ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE!!!!!

    he will still be the face/poster boy of wwe when you open your tv sets in 2015/ punk recently got a 430+ days title reign maybe vince decides to give cena a 500+ day title reign starting this WM 29

    many say his gimmick needs a change or heel turn......heel turn is not coming this year i guarantee you! WANNA BET??

    in the next 8 - 10 years maybe he returns to doctor of thuganomics gimmick,or spiderman,or batman,or wolverine,or captain planet or even better green lantern!!!!!


    so suck it up whether you like him or not....he will still define this business for almost the next decade!!!

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  • who is the most decorated superstar of all times? correct answer 10 points!?

    which wrestler glorifies the phrase "BEEN THERE,DONE THAT?"

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  • have you noticed besides the original cena,there are two more cena's in wwe? cena: never looses cleanly,heck of a brawler/powerhouse just like the original one,only difference is his ginger ale complexion and unlike the original john cena he says "i will kick your **** FELLA" not *** like cena!!!!!!

    2.heel cena:never wins cleanly,a technician in the ring not a brawler/powerhouse like the above two,always whines,complains,bitches,has been the biggest prick/jerk of all for the last one and a half year by not allowing any other superstar to be the wwe champ whether be it y2j,bryan,kane,ryback etc.

    actually there's no similarity between original cena and heel cena since the original cena has made stars be it irish cena,big e langston,wade barett,dolph ziggler by allowing them atleast one victory over him no matter how!!!! and yes the original cena + vince has created the heel cena at MITB 2011!!!!!

    am i right or right?

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  • will ziggler's career go down in toilet just like jack swagger even if he...?

    cashes in the MITB successfully on either ADR,RKO or sheamus at WM or prior WM? since its clear that at WM 29 rko vs sheamus has been confirmed by wwe!!!!

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  • is the big e langston/dolph ziggler the new batista/hhh feud?

    like batista and hhh had it going over the WHC during there evolution days,can the same be done with ziggler and langston....i know ziggler is no HHH and langston is no batista; hell not even lashley but this could be a great feud plus there's the spicy minx AJ lee in the equation and she could be used like stephanie mcmahon in kurt angle and HHH feud!!!!!

    what do you say??

    BQ: is cena finally getting back in form after having almost a year and a half of bad luck with two consecutive wins over ziggler in the past 2 weeks?????

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  • i have been using segal's solution for past 2 months,no progress in hair growth,HELP?

    i am 22 year old and have been using segals solution for past 2 months but all efforts have been vain!!!!!

    no new hair growth whatsoever + i can see my scalp area clearly its ******* visible!!!!!

    what to do???? HELP!!!!!

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  • whose year 2013 is gonna be?

    who will be the most iconic star of this year in terms of popularity and incredible moments????

    my bet is on "sheamus"!!!!

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  • does wwe needs to handle the storyline in such a way that it appears realistic+BQ?

    lets talk about a few wrestlers from this era:

    cm punk:got defeated a few times by taker in 2009,started straight edge society got his head shaved by rey mysterio despite having backup,wm 27 got defeated by orton;orton took out the whole new nexus along with him,and after winning the wwe champ he has been almost invincible!!!! WTF????? last year in mid 2012 he defeated rey mysterio on raw quickly within 12 minutes that too cleanly!!!!

    ryback:skip sheffield from wade barett's nexus got beat up by cena and orton and returned as ryback!!!!WTF?

    great khali:made his debut against taker defeated him cleanly for the WHC,beat the hell out of cena and batista and after getting defeated by them,only has been a joke!!!!!

    kane:1997 debut another deadman kind of gimmick,terrorising, just impossible to pin and now is just a joke with bryan team "hell no"!!!!

    Y2J:just within a year of his debut made an impact by winning the undisputed title beating both rock and austin,9 times IC champ and for the past few years only has been a stepping stone for others!!!

    note worthy mentions rey mysterio,randy orton former champs!!!!

    BQ:should wwe have kept guys like vladimir koshlov,bobby lashley,big zeke,tyson tompko,mason ryan etc..... as they could have used as powerful heels or unstoppable faces and even worthy contenders for WHC or wwe championship?????

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  • we say rock,cena kiss vince's ***,then what cm punk had to do to get such a looong title reign?

    my best bet is he is probably vince's ***** (bam chicka wow wow, and as mick foley says "bang bang")!!!!!!

    what does your imagination says?????

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  • despite the kind of year 2012 cena had,he never gave up,did you feel inspired?

    cena had the worst year of his career in 2012,lost the biggest match of his career to the rock,got beaten and bruised by brock lesnar,out of the 10 PPV'S he featured in 2012 won only 3,was the first one to not successfully cash in the MITB,got screwed again and again over the wwe championship,got involved in a crappy storyline with AJ lee and ziggler where in the end he again got screwed,currently is again a stepping stone for a wrestler in making big E langston,got booed badly by the crowd especially chicago and canada!!!

    despite all of this,he still puts a smile on his face and with an unshaken determination and faith, vowed to win the wwe championship this year!!!!!

    somehow i think he deserved to win the slammy for superstar of the year,people always say he is boring,his gimmick sucks but i think its the only gimmick in wwe which seperates wwe's fakeness from reality!!!!!!

    john felix anthony cena makes sure he is playing the character of the great john cena with all of his heart,passion and loyalty!!!!!

    each and every year this guy inspires me one or the other way to do something good,IWC members hate him because of his 2 goody shoes character but if you look at reality his character is the only thing that brings hope and desire to win!!!!!!

    so did you again feel inspired by the gimmick john cena and this time much more than other years????

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  • is this royal rumble and WM'29 the right time for kurt angle to return back from TNA?

    this WM has the rock,brock,hhh,cena,taker, the five biggest draws anyone could ever expect in this ERA!!!!!! i know kurt angle is associated with TNA but i think this is the right time for him to return to WWE that too if he ever wishes to!!!!!!

    he has some unfinished business with everyone of the above mentioned one way or the other!!!!!

    it will be great to see him again wrestle some of his most worthy opponents and who knows even put up for the match of the year!!!!!!

    so what do you think should he return or not and whom would you like him to fight and in what type of match at RR,EC and WM????

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