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No one expects the spanish inquisition...

  • Good musical theatre tenor solos?

    Hi, for my musical theatre class, we have to preform a solo from a contemparary (1970s onward) musical. I have the vocal range of a tenor, and I really need to see as many options as possible, because I don't know of that many musicals. (The song cannot be from a Jukebox musical)

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  • Can I move to Europe now?

    I'm afraid that congress is going to give a thumbs up to bombing syria.

    Why do I live in a nation where political leaders like to act before they know all of the information they should?

    Would waiting a few weeks to make a decision really kill the US government? It's been stated by the UN it will take around 3 weeks to analyze the data on the chemical attacks. Why are national leaders so quick to jump on a boat that they are oblivious to the direction of?

    At least the government of the UK opposed Cameron's want to bomb syria.

    I mean, at this point does anyone really support the bombing of syria?

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  • What is it with people with Joker avatar's blocking me?

    The Black Bolshevik and Obammi why so serious have both blocked me within a 24 hour period, all because they couldn't handle their views being challenged. A coincidence, they both have Joker(ish) Avatars.

    What is it with Batman's arch rival and not being able to handle a different viewpoint?... or maybe they are just the same person.

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  • For god's sake can we just shut up about the zimmerman trial for 5 seconds?


    You guys have literally done it to death.

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  • In this hypothetical situation, what would you do?

    So the United States Government for some odd reason passes a law that says all guns are illegal, and people will arrive promptly at your house to take your guns away. Let's just throw out how the odds of this happening are so low that it's pretty much completely irrelevant. I know many of you hold the ideal that you will never give up your firearm, and that you will just shoot whoever they send. But let's say this, they roll a tank in front of your house, and aim its gun at your front door. What would you do then? It can roll right over your house, or just blow the crap out of it. They give you an ultimatum. Give up your guns, or get blow'd up. What would you do? Would you still hold onto your gun facing certain death? Would you still be like "Give me the second amendment or give me death!"? Or would you comply?

    Basically what I'm asking is if your life is more valuable than your ideal.

    Throw everything else away in this argument, no slippery slope or anything, just say the government wants your guns, and nothing else.

    This is all hypothetical, as I do not support taking away guns, even though I support the restriction of sale. I am simply interested in your belief in this, and how far that belief goes.

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  • Could this be blood in my stool?

    Recently I have noticed a change in my bowel movements, moving from constipation to diarrhea. I began to think from research that it was just IBS. my stool no longer is diarrhea though. On sunday I discovered 3 small light pieces of stool that had small red blotches or streaks in them, amidst loose stool. I had eaten some red peppers about 6 hours earlier. Yesterday I thought my movements were sort of reverting back to normal. But today, just a few hours ago, I woke up from a nap and went to the bathroom, it was somewhat normal stool. After I ate I went to the bathroom again, but this time my stool was blackish brown. about 25 minuites later I went to the bathroom again, but found another one of those pieces Identical to one on sunday (My stool was a lighter shade of brown). Could my body still be digesting the pepers? or is this blood?

    Toilet paper doesn't become pink or red when I wipe with it. It is simply a shade of brown. I have lower abdominal pain whenever I have to use the bathroom/am using it, but it is usually isn't too bad.

    So I'm asking 2 questions-

    Could those small pieces be blood,

    and could this be IBS, or something more serious?

    2 AnswersCancer9 years ago
  • Why do I keep dreaming about the girl I like?

    Alright, So I really like this girl, I think she's perfect, and I haven't seen her in over a month. but about two weeks into my school break, I started having dreams about her. These aren't recurrent, but they always involve her in a specific way. I don't believe in dream symbolism crap, I just want to know why my mind is torturing me like this.

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  • Why does my laptop die when disconnected from it's charger?

    Alright, so my Toshiba Satellite A105 was working well this morning. According to it's battery meter, it currently has a 52% charge. But whenever I unplug it, it turns off at the speed of light. Why is this? Is this a matter of the laptop being unusable, or just a case of needing a new battery? (Note: When it is plugged in to it's charger, it will only work for 2-3 minutes at a time)

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks10 years ago
  • Can anyone remember the name of this old PC game?

    Me and my friend are trying to find this game, and we can remember it pretty fondly, we just don't know the title.

    The game was either Educational or like drawing or something...

    Their was this Pencil or Crayon or something (I'm pretty sure it was a pencil) and it talked to you about the things you could do. You explored this house, And as far as I remember their were 3 rooms. Each one had a few activities in it.

    If anyone knows it, I would much appreciate it.

    I'm pretty sure the game was made in the 90's (like the mid to late 90s)

    1 AnswerPC10 years ago
  • Is there any possible way to still license CryEngine 2?

    I was looking on Crytechs website, and I was wondering if their is anyway to license CryEngine 2, On MyCryEngine, they only posted CryEngine 3 and it's brochure, and I am not as interested in the brand new one as I am the old one. So, Is their anyway I can contact Crytech and ask about this? Or do they only License Cryengine 3 now?

    1 AnswerSoftware10 years ago
  • Can a NVIDIA GT 335M play Chrysis and other high graphic demanding games?

    I am looking into gaming laptops, and I have noticed that the one I really like has the NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 335M graphic card, and the current game I really want is Chrysis, the game is a couple years old, but was one of the highest demanding games in the market, so I was wondering if this graphic card could play it and games like it.

    1 AnswerPC10 years ago
  • Why do people like the Sims so much?

    I have been answering PC gaming related questions for the last couple of weeks, and I've noticed countless questions about The Sims 3. I own the game and personally think it is crap, the second one was WAY better. but still, I didn't even like the sims 2 that much.

    I just want to know what people see in it. Even with my low end knowledge about in-game affairs, I still answer technical problems with the game, and I would like to know why people tend to enjoy this game series so much.

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  • Where can I get a work permit in Kentucky?

    Preferable, I would like a link to download or print it. But where else could I get one?

    1 AnswerOther - Careers & Employment10 years ago
  • Would any of these movie theater's hire me?

    I am looking to get a job. I owe my brother 200 bucks, and I want to start saving up for a gaming laptop. My friend told me working at a movie theater is a good first job, and I started looking into it.

    I am 14 years old, and I would be extremely dedicated to a job.

    I am a hard worker

    These are the three theater's in my range.

    AMC Theaters

    Great Escape Theaters

    Rave Motion Pictures

    Pay doesn't matter so much, and I am planning to apply for all of them, but I would first like to know if I had any chance at getting hired.

    REMEMBER- They must hire 14 year olds!

    Thank you.

    7 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment10 years ago
  • Why does my computer take memory away when I uninstall games?

    Recently I uninstalled 3 games from my computer, in order to conserve memory for my brothers endless song library of songs he refuses to get rid of. But i noticed my available memory depleted when I unstalled these games? Why is this?

    2 AnswersOther - Computers10 years ago
  • Why won't my screen capture devices record sound?

    I am using Debut Video Capture system, and I have it set to record sound by line in (the only way my computer will) but for some reason it won't record any sound what so ever. Is their something I need to do to my settings?

    2 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • Help with running outdated computer games?

    I am trying to run Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3D on my computer. For some reason, the game play is very sketchy, For instance, Sometimes it will run very fast, sometimes extremely slow, and some times just stop. It keeps switching off of each of these 3 every couple of seconds. I have Windows Vista, and the game requires 95, 95b (or something like that) or 98. It requires a graphic card that can handle direct x 6, and my graphic card is operating off of direct x 10. The first time I tried playing this, It was going faster than hell, It skipped through the intro in less than a second. I reinstalled it, and now it has this problem. Is their something I need to do to get it running right? what is the problem?

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