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  • Why do I faint in the doctors office?

    Hey guys, I have a confusing and embarrassing question to ask you all. I'll try to describe it as accurately as I can.

    The problem began when I was 9-10 years old, getting blood drawn. After having the tip of my finger clipped to draw blood, I started to feel woozy. Next thing I knew, I was being woken up on the examination table. I had collapsed.

    Since then, I have periodically lost consciousness after receiving a strong blow to the elbow (funny bone), the middle part of the thigh, or shin. Additionally, whenever I enter a doctors office I become aware of "the feeling" - wooziness and disorientation, which I've learned I can deal with, although not well.

    The last time I had blood drawn, I was very anxious, but I told the doctor very directly I was uncomfortable and would feel much better if we could have a conversation throughout the entire procedure. Being able to talk without any pauses or breaks let me get through the uncomfortableness.

    Similarly, after having a fairly bad car accident, I was examined by a doctor, who gently began to touch various parts of my neck to feel for any pain. In the situation, I had feelings of wooziness and faintness as well. There was no pain, just an uncomfortable feeling that became overwhelming.

    Today, in a routine checkup for upper respiratory illness, a nurse was gently touching my neck to feel my glands. She had already taken my pulse and blood pressure, which can bring an onset of wooziness. At that point, After about 3 seconds of touching, I said I wasn't feeling well. The next thing I knew was that familiar feeling of coming out of a daze, having no idea where I am or whats happening (with everyone around me talking very fast). I had passed out.

    So, what do you guys think? I have had an ecocardiogram one or two years ago by suggestion of my doctor, and it came back normal. I'm close to underweight at 6'4", 160 lbs, but still in a healthy range, and I have a slender build. I don't do any drugs, hardly smoke (1-2 a day and cutting down) and as far as I know am healthy otherwise.

    This problem presents some difficulties for me as it is difficult to explain. Doctors (and parents, friends) often assume it has to do with pain, which it does not. I wouldn't say I have a high pain tolerance, but that i'm like anyone else. I can whack my thumb with a hammer and curse it away. I think it has to do something with unwanted contact. I regularly get chiropractic treatments (I believe it is beneficial to anyone) and I have no problems with it. Similarly, I can get a massage without any problems. But, I seek out that kind of contact and know it makes me feel good.

    So what do you think, yahoo? Do I have a natural propensity towards fainting? Do I have a fear of doctors? This problem really confuses me, as I've never heard of anything like it. If I could get a more clear idea of what I'm dealing with, it would make it easier to explain to doctors and the like.

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  • How to make brackets on Mac spanish keyboard?

    Ok, here's the deal. My password to log into my MacBook has a bracket, ie "[" in it. Unfortunately, I was typing with the Spanish keyboard the last time I logged out, and now I can't enter my password because the bracket keys on my keyboard no longer correspond to the bracket keys on the Spanish keyboard. Get it? In other words, when I push the bracket button, I don't get a bracket. Now, I need to figure out how to type a bracket only using the keyboard (ie no copying and pasting) from the Spanish keyboard. I know this sounds confusing but it's not. I simply need to know how to type a bracket on a mac Spanish keyboard layout.

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  • How can I play a PC game on mac?

    I've done a few searches but am very overwhelmed by the complexity of some of the answers. I use a computer every day but do not have specific knowledge about operating systems. Can anyone explain it to me like a 5 year old?

    I have a 13" macbook pro intel 2.7ghz i7 with 8 gb ram intel hd video card. osx 10.7.5

    The game in question is vampire: the masquerade redemption.

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  • Am I consuming far too much Iron in my diet?

    Hey all, after recently switching to a higher calorie diet to gain some pounds. I am nearly 6'4", close to 150 lbs, always been on the slim side, but decided I want to gain 10 pounds. I am now drinking 2 nutritional drinks a day, each which contain 30% RDA of iron as well as a multi vite I have taken for some time, which supplies 18mg, or 100% RDA. Doing the math, this means I could be taking 30mg iron a day, plus more from any other foods I might eat (sometimes eggs, dark leafy greens, beans etc.) Is there cause for concern?

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  • Can I re-use uneven brake pads?

    Do brake pads need to be perfectly smooth? I have a set of rear pads with lots of material left, but they were used on a significantly ridged rotor and are not flat. I figure since pads are softer than the rotors, the uneven pads will be "smoothed out" if I re-use them with my good rotors. Is there any chance they will mess up my rotors or calipers?

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  • How can I find my lost iPhone?

    I have no idea where it is. It must be somewhere still working, since it does ring. I know there is a GPS in it and maybe there is a way to track it. There are cell phone tracking apps but you must install them before you lose your phone. My phone is lost and I need to track it after the fact. Please help me.

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  • Can you answer these two college level Physics questions?

    1.Electrical charges and magnetic poles have many similarities, but there is one basic difference. What do you think it is?

    2. Explain why each atom is actually a magnet by itself. However, when you have a collection of atoms making up an object, that object is mostly not a magnet. Why not?

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • where can I play ping pong in rockland county?

    I'm looking for somewhere that people go to play ping pong casually or competitively. I haven't had much luck with google.

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  • Where should i start if i want to become a model?

    websites, auditions, places to be seen?

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