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  • What treats are OK for my puppy?

    I have a 7 week old Chocolate Lab puppy and was wondering what kinds of treats are OK to give her? I find it sort of hard to train her and sufficiently reward her good behavior without having treats. I just didn't know if, at this age, only certain treats are acceptable or if she is allowed simply anything that is soft enough for her to chew. Thanks!

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  • How do I help my dog to accept my new puppy?

    So we have a 3yo Golden Retriever mix (Eleanor) and we just adopted a 6 week old Chocolate Lab (Rosie). The two did just fine when we first introduced them to each other - Rosie just immediately rolled over on her back while Eleanor checked her out. However, Eleanor is very obviously jealous. She either ignores Rosie (which is totally fine), or she pecks at her with her nose whenever Rosie walks nearby. It's not just a nudge or something - she jabs her hard enough to make her topple over. I know that Eleanor is higher on the totem pole than Rosie in the pecking order (and rightly so) but I feel like Eleanor has become a little too violent sometimes (trampling over her, pecking at her, etc). Is this ok/normal? Should I let Eleanor continue? What's the fine line between Eleanor showing dominance and being too violent?

    Thanks so much for the help!

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  • What should I eat for this soccer tournament?

    So I play on a u17 girls club soccer team and I have a tournament this weekend and I really want to make sure I'm eating the right things before/during/afterwards. I've spend almost my entire afternoon reading different articles online and I've been getting lots and lots of mixed answers. All I know is that I need to eat lots of carbs, some protein, and no fats and also that I need to drink plenty of water (which I already do). What I'd really appreciate is like a schedule of what to eat/drink and when that would best fit my game times! On Saturday, I play at 8am and 12:15pm and then on Sunday I play at 11am and if we do well enough, there'd be a championship game at 2pm.

    I would really really really appreciate it if someone could help me out!!! I one of the only experienced midfielders on my team so my coach said he wants me on the field as much as possible and seeing as it's August and I live in SC (it's very hot), I'll need every bit of strength I can get.

    Thanks so much!!

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  • Are there any other kinds of tents like this?

    So I really want to go camping with my family this year except we've never gone before so we don't have a tent or anything. I was looking online at tents and came across this one on craigslist:

    It's called the Ozark Trail 3-Dome Connection Tent. I really like how it is three tents that can be connected so that you can go from one to the other without going outside. It would suit us perfectly, my parents could have the middle one, my 2 brothers could have one side, and I could have the other side. The only problem is, I can't find it ANYWHERE, online or in stores (besides craigslist, obviously). I was wondering if there are any other companies that sell tents like this one?

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  • Dog has excessive mucus in one eye?

    Over the last few days, I've noticed that our Golden Retriever has been having excessive green mucus coming out of her left eye. I was just wondering what it is and are there any home remedies for it? She spends a lot of time outside in our yard, playing with sticks and everything, so could it be that she just scratched it or something? Also, because it is spring here, there's a ton of pollen everywhere so could it just be allergies?


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  • How do I keep my puppy from getting so excited when guests come?

    We have a Golden Retriever puppy who just turned 1 in June. She has greatly improved on her manners and training since we got her except for when it comes to guests. As soon as a new person walks in the door, she is jumping all over them and licking them to death. I babysit occasionally and sometimes, when she's jumping all over the people it scares the little kids.How do we get her to calm down when guests come? I've heard that you should have the people just ignore her until she calms down but that doesn't work all the time.

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  • Do the water flavoring things make water less healthy?

    So I'm a soccer player and I have a big soccer tournament starting tomorrow and it goes all weekend (two games Saturday, two games Sunday). Because I live in the south and it's mid-August, I know it will be extremely hot so I went ahead and put 4 full water bottles (around 75-80 total ounces) in the fridge and my goal is to have them all gone by the end of the day. Now, we get the generic (Walmart) brand of the MiO liquid water enhancers and I love to use those in my water (especially the sweet tea flavor). Will that make my water not as nutritious or will it have the same effect as regular water?

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  • How much should I feed my dog?

    So we have a Golden Retriever mix who just turned a year old in June and I was wondering if we are feeding her too much/too little. We give her two scoops (a little bit more than 1 cup/scoop) for breakfast and one scoop at dinner. We had been giving her 2 very heaping scoops at each meal but we decreased the amount since my aunt, who is a vet rated her a 6 out of 9 on an obesity chart - 1 being best and 9 being worst (she's not an extremely active dog so thats probably part of the reason). I wouldn't worry about it except for the fact that she's been acting really hungry since we did that. when she's outside, she's constantly sniffing around and eating everything she can. Same for when she's inside. Now I know you'll probably want to know what kind of food we give her and once I tell you, you'll probably say that that's the reason she's fat but whatever you say, we're not gonna switch foods. We give her regular Ol' Roy walmart dog food. so if you don't like that food, just imagine i said the kind of food you feed your dogs and tell me if I'm giving my dog the right amount or not, please. Thanks so much!

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  • What should I do in this situation?

    So I'm a 15 year old girl and recently I've been trying to lose a little weight as I'm 5'5" and 155lbs. I play soccer year round and right now, I have practice every Monday and Thursday night from 6:30-8:30. I never want to eat a full dinner before I leave for practice so I normally just have a small snack before and then eat my dinner afterwards at 9 o'clock but I heard that it's bad to eat late at night. Should I eat dinner before practice or is it okay to eat afterwards or what? Or I should eat a big snack earlier in the afternoon?

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  • Is there a dog breed like this?

    Ok so I'm not trying to find "the perfect breed" that tons of people want but doesn't exist. I just want to know if there's is a breed that meets the characteristics that would be ideal for me. Or at least most of them.

    Size: I don't have a huge preference on size but if there are multiple dogs that meet the other characteristics then I'd probably choose a medium sized dog.

    Personality: ideally it would be really smart and easy to train, good with young children, and love to be active outside (jogging, walking, swimming, etc) but also love to cuddle on the couch and be petted. Also being good with other dogs would be a good thing.

    Grooming: I don't really care how much grooming I hafta do as I'm already accustomed to brushing everyday and bathing frequently as is required with the Golden Pyrenees we already have.

    It doesn't need to be a good guard dog but it HAS to be a dog that'll stay inside an invisible fence and is not likely to wonder off. It'd mainly be an inside dog but let out occasionally to play in the yard.

    As I said before, I'm not expecting there to be one dog that fits all these characteristics. I just wondered what breed fits the most of them.

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  • Why does my puppy do this?

    So we have an 11mo old Golden Retriever and lately, I've been letting her lay on my bed while I do school (I'm home schooled). the other day, I was just laying there doing stuff on my laptop and my foot happened to touch her and she growled really loud at me! She's NEVER growled at any of us unless we're playing and stuff. I touched her in the same spot with my hand to see if maybe she'd been hurt there and she was just fine with it. There were not spots, bumps, or anything. I touched her w/ my foot again and she growled again! It's happened 2-3 times (all touching in different spots on her) now but ONLY when I touch her with my foot and she's on my bed. she's never done it in any other circumstances. Just a minute ago, though, i touched her with my foot while she wasn't looking and she didn't even notice. Is this a dominance issue? should I not be letting her on my bed anymore or what?

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  • is ammonia a safe dog repellant?

    We have trouble with our dog getting into my mom's flower bed and eating rocks on our patio. I've been researching homemade repellants and have tried chili powder, vinegar, and lemon juice, all of which she licks up like its bacon. The only thing I've found that she doesn't like is ammonia. I was wondering if its safe for her if she does happen to lick it up? I dont wanna go spray it on everything and have her end up liking it and then it making her sick.

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  • puppy shows dominance when i sit on the floor?

    So we have an 8mo old golden retriever and she seems to be catching on that she's not dominant over us EXCEPT whenever one of us sits on the floor with her. I often like to lay on the floor while watching Tv but whenever I do, she like walks over to me and tries to eat my hair or bites my hand or something! Like, she does it everytime and she wont quit doing it until I finally give in and move to a chair. She knows she's not sposed to bite anywhere else. This is the only time she does it. How can I teach her that I'm still dominant? She does this with everyone, not just me, btw. (This is a dominance issue, right?)

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  • Is my puppy overweight?

    So we have an 8mo old puppy that we rescued from a shelter so we're not quite sure what breed she is and I was wondering if she weighs too much? We think shes a golden retriever but someone we know who breeds golden's says her shoulders look too broad and she doesn't have long enough belly hair for a golden her age but that should give u an idea for her size. She weighs about 60lbs and I can feel her ribs but I hafta kinds push on her sides to feel em. If I look at her from the side, I can see an obvious waist but when I look at her from above, its just straight. It hardly goes in at all at her waist when u look at her from above. I take her on jogs w/ my bike every morning and she has a pretty good appetite. Does she seem overweight? Or r there better ways to tell then the ones I've tried?

    Here are three pics I took of her. U shouldn't hafta sign in or anything to see them..

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  • what is the most durable toy for my puppy?

    I have a 7mo old golden retriever puppy and I need help finding durable toys for her to play with! She chews through toys like crazy and its getting expensive to keep getting her new ones. Ive tried Kong and they last a little longer but she still destroys them within the day (sometimes week). Btw, shes not chewing out of anger or anything, she just really, REALLY likes her toys! Does anyone have suggestions?

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