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I was born in Tennessee, and developed an early interest in genealogy. I graduated in history, with honors, and then took a teaching degree. I worked as an administrative assistant and receptionist in a mental health facility. I also taught history and English. Now I'm a full-time mom of a boy and two girls, living in New Mexico, and I like to read, scrapbook, travel, and garden. My house looks like Ally McBeal trying to be Martha Stewart.

  • Reading DNA Project information?

    I have an ancestor named Churchwell Jackson, Sr. He was born in 1758 in Orange County, VA. He came out of the woods at the Battle of Kings Mountain and there's no documentation of him before that.

    I Googled his name to see what new developments there were on him, and found the Jackson page from the Family Tree DNA Project. This is found at

    There are several people in the study who match Churchwell Jackson as the common ancestor. But the page includes this information:

    The following Kits within this Jackson Group match at 37 markers to the Jackson surname as well as the following three other surnames as follows:

    …..46298 – JACKSON with matches to BLACK, HENRY & SINCLAIR surnames

    …..61325 – JACKSON with matches to BLACK, HENRY & SINCLAIR surnames

    …..N3392 – JACKSON with matches to BLACK, HENRY & SINCLAIR surnames

    …….7020 – JACKSON with matches to BLACK, HENRY & SINCLAIR surnames

    .…..12604 – JACKSON with match of only the BLACK surname

    .…..51855 – BLACK with matches to JACKSON & HENRY surnames

    .…..46976 – HENRY with match of only the JACKSON, BLACK & SINCLAIR surnames

    What does all of this mean? Did our family change its name and should we now be looking for Churchwell Black, Henry or Sinclair?

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  • Speculation sought on turn-of-century ancestors?

    Thomas Jefferson Long, b. Jan. 1841; d. and buried Aug. 1908 Franklin Co., TN.

    Civil War service, Co. K, 32nd TN infantry. Wounded in GA in 1864 (minie ball through the right foot) which caused him lifelong pain and disability.

    1885, m. Amanda L. Isbell, b. July 1862, d. Dec. 1899; probably bur. in Jackson Co., AL. The oldest daughter died of TB (as had Amanda); the two younger girls were raised in the convent at St. Mary's, Sewanee, in about 1903.

    Questions: 1) We have several documents dealing with Amanda's father's estate. Although her sisters all sign along with their husbands, Amanda signs by herself as A.L. Long. Why?

    2) Thomas had to sue to get Amanda's AL land released to him after her death. Why?

    3) Amanda is likely buried here:

    Many of the women were buried under their birth names (Mary Smith, wife of J. Jones). Why?

    I have some ideas on this myself but am curious what others may think.

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  • Laetoli footprints?

    I remember reading an article some years ago in which Tim White said he believed the method of uncovering the footprints created the third set of prints, since Mary Leakey's team was using chisels. He thought they should wait to uncover the footprints until they found a less invasive way. Does anyone remember this? What do you think--how many hominids were there?

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  • 8 year old won't accept coaching?

    My son is 8, in his second year on the ski racing team. He has taken swim classes, plays hockey, baseball, and track, so he's experienced with sports and coaches.

    The ski race coaches have put him in the group with the younger (7 and under) kids because there are skills he still needs to learn. He's a really good skier and resents being in this group, so he won't do what the coaches tell him to do. Consequently, they won't move him into the older kids' group.

    I have explained this to him numerous times. Now it has turned into a battle with his dad, who goes along during training sessions as a volunteer. My son took off down the hill after being told to wait, so my husband chased after him, stopped him and yelled at him in front of everyone. Now son is mad at husband and thinks he is the problem.

    Advice, anyone? Husband threatened to remove him from the team if he didn't cooperate. I feel this is too harsh and doesn't teach him to accept coaching.

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  • Scrapbook Chalk on Upholstery?

    Help! My 5-year-old spilled chalk (I don't know what brand; they came in a round container with about 8 wedge-shaped pieces) on the upholstered part of a dining room chair. I vacuumed the loose parts but am afraid to put water on it in case it "sets" the color. The colors which remain are, of course, red and dark blue; the upholstery is beige. Any ideas?

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  • Headstone mistake--now what do I do?

    My 2nd great grandfather was a Confederate veteran. He died about 1911 and a headstone was placed at that time, but it weathered. My great-uncle harassed the Sons of the Confederacy until they put up a new, military-style headstone. Unfortunately, while his dates and name are correct, his military record information is not; my uncle had the wrong person by that name.

    What can I do now? Is there some way to fix the problem without embarrassing anyone? My uncle has since passed away.

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