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    I have the NZXT phantom 530 and im looking for liquid coolers!! and i have chosen the corsair h110 extreme performance... will they fit together?? could i mount the radiators and fans at the top?? also if not .. suggest any best liquid coolers within Rs.10000(INR)

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  • gaming and workstation motherboard under Rs.15000 ???? PLEASE HELP !!!!?

    My rig consists of asus gtx 980 gold 20th anniversary edition , i7-4790k and 16 gb corsair vengeance pro and a samsung evo 850 120gb ssd!! i have bought these!!! i need the best motherboard under Rs.15000 to have the best performance!!! please help!1 i couldnt choose between the msi gaming 5 , asus maximus vii ranger and asus z97-a !!! all included with offers in !! you can check them!! Please suggest me the best motherboard that can make my ssd performance faster and also faster performance on all components!!! also suggest me best liquid cooler under Rs.10000 !! i have shortlisted the corsair h110 and cooler master nepton 240m!!

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  • Gaming PC assembly doubt?!??? please help ?!?!!!?

    I want to couple the Intel 4790k and 4Gb gtx 980!!(with 16 GB RAM).Will they do good?!? Like , will I b able to play the latest games with really high graphics settings and fps?!? Also the biggest doubt is.. I'm gonna use a Samsung led HD TV as my monitor with 55" screen. Will there be a problem?!!Also suggest me some coolers .. I thought of getting a cooler master Lucifer ..

    My to be built configuration is :-

    1)Intel 4790k

    2)Asus gtx 980 4gb

    3)Corsair vengeance 16gb

    4) Asus motherboard

    5)750 W PSU

    Budget - ₹.1,50,000

    Or $1500 - $1750 (approximately excluding taxes)

    suggest me some better alternatives too except for sli-ing the graphic cards and AmD (I'm in India and its already 40 degrees here with AC, not literally :P)

    Thank you so much guys!!

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  • i have a 18-55mm and 70-300mm canon lenses.. which filter should i buy 58mm or 55mm?

    also im asking this for ND filters coz i need to take long exposure fotos in the morning!! suggest some alternates too!!!

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  • SUGGEST A DRAGON BAL Z GAME FOR PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    i know the DBZ games in PS3.. but all the reviews are confusing !! suggest me a game with great graphics and more characters and COMBOS AND POWERS!!! also a long single player game!! i dont give a **** about the multiplayer and online features! my concern is single player and vast characters and combos!! and also graphics too !! suggest me a game please!!!

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    six pack help pls!!!!!?

    hey ... im lean i.e healthy weight (18.68 kg/m2) and im 17

    im 6.2 ft and 66kgs ... i hav no fat in my tummy ....

    i used to work out and my six pack is not helathy as it looks.... u could seee ... actually i couldnt even see a 6 pack ....

    i could see it clearly only when tightened!!!

    suggest me proper excercises and diet ..... i could afford non veg twice a week and egg every day....

    i hav good stamina i supp like i can do planck for 2 mins and 100 reps different crunches a day...

    i cant go to gym and i hav a pair of dumbells (5 kg pair) but ...

    i hav good cardio like i jog 3.5 km a day..

    i want my six pack to b healthy and srong and u know ... like a six pack .. help me out pls!!!!

    i want it asap ..!!!

    suggest me all kindds of protein but i dont take these steroids and protein powder ...

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  • Bone popping sounds in all joints?

    i experience popping in all my joints like knee,elbow,ankles,hip,neck,wrist and even 17 years old. i've been experiencing this for the past 1 joins have started paining especially ankles and knee.

    im currently experiencing a disturbing pain in my ankles and my joints pop frequently.

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  • a laptop problem!!!! hp pavilion dv6 7012 tx!!! or a tv problem!!!! pls HELP!!!?

    i hav a 55 inch samsung smart tv..and a hp pavilion dv6 7012 tx which i usually connect to the tv thru a home theatre system..( JBL,Harmann kardonn) and watch youtube and other stuffs... suddenly wen i played a youtube video( connected to the tv )...i could watch it but could not listen any sound....... i gtried playing a song frm my music folder in c drive i could hear the sound..... similarly i couldnt hear sound from putlocker,sockshare, and other such media players,....... and i could hear the sounds from the laptop also!!!!!!

    the hdmi i used to connect to this laptop wen connected to ps3 gives sound!!!!!!!

    this is damn confusin....ppls help me guys... where is the problem????? TV? OR LAPTOP? OR THE HOME THEATRE..

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  • i want to buy a ps3 game .....pls help?

    I want to buy a ps3 game .....pls help?

    im in INDIA and im lookin for DARK SOULS,a ps3 rpg game ...i couldn't find it in near by stores so im searching online shopping web sites with cash on delivery option... im tried many websites and all the sites say that they dont have that game on stock!!!!!!!!! please help me to get this game by sending me the link of the online shopping site (with cash on delivery option) that has DARK SOULS...................................… PLEASE HELP!@!@!@!@!@!@

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  • i want to buy a ps3 game .....pls help?

    im in INDIA and im lookin for DARK SOULS,a ps3 rpg game ...i couldn't find it in near by stores so im searching online shopping web sites with cash on delivery option... im tried many websites and all the sites say that they dont have that game on stock!!!!!!!!! please help me to get this game by sending me the link of the online shopping site (with cash on delivery option) that has DARK SOULS............................................... PLEASE HELP!@!@!@!@!@!@

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  • which is the best one among these????? (RACING) (I'm a PS3 Owner!!!)?

    i love cars and racing games.......... i have completed burnout paradise and lookin for a better game......

    iam thinking about GRAN TURISMO 5 and NEED FOR SPEED : HOT PURSUIT. i love arcade and some real time racing. but after GT5s release many people were disappointed...i am more concerned about the graphics and multiplayer tooo. and NFS : HP has all my favourite cars. should i go for NFS : HP?

    or suggest me some other games???? PLEASE????

    (note : no DIRTS and MOTORSTORMS PLEASE!!]

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  • what should i buy for my ps3?

    i own a ps3 ........

    i have god of war3 , rdr , mass effect 2 , lbp2 , gta 4, killzone 3, uncharted 2 and black ops..

    next should i go for mgs4 or burnout paradise or wait for infamous or what do you recommend . please no sports and fps

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  • how does the sun burn in space?

    sun is a ball of they say...............but how does the sun burn in that ''no oxygen'' area?

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  • ps3 games buying doubts!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    this year i thought of buying mass effect is so gr8t...........but metal gear solid 4 is really equal to me out guys..... link me some vids

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  • what does episodes from liberty city have???????????

    does it contain the orginal gta 4 , the lost and the damned and the ballad of gay tony or just ballad of gay tony and lost and the damned.............

    does niko come??????????

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  • how to get internet in ps3 slim 250 GB??

    see,i know how to configure i the ps3.but what does my pc need.i have internet connection in my pc. how to connect it to my ps3 wired or wireless. what does my pc need for wireless internet in ps3 answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. PLEASE GUYS.

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  • how to save in super mario 64 in PC playing through n64 emulator?

    i dont know how to save guys. please help me how to save in pc.

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  • gta san andreasPC..problem???????? please HELP!!!!!!!!!?

    my gta san andreas is working. everything goes good. i could hear the sound of the car , shooting and some. but during the movie sequence i.e when i enter the mission, i couldn't hear anything. even when i travel in the car i couldn't hear the radio or any others speaking during the travel(in missions and roaming). i need to hear the sound! during this areas. the logic and possible and the correct answer gets five stars

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  • problem with WOW?!?!?!?!?!?!? ANSWER GUYS PLEASE IMMEDIATELY?

    i have 768 mb of ram, nividia geforce 6200 256 mb of ram,pentium 4 , 3.06 ghz. will world of warcraft, burning crusade, wrath of the lich king,fear,left 4 dead and games like these work in my PC.

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  • what are the latest and best pc games working in these requirements??

    im having 769 mb of ram,256 mb of graphics card (nividia geforce 6700)

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