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Traumatic brain injury:3/5/06 Right temporal subdural hematoma,bifrontal cortical contusions,right temporal caotusion,right occipital contusion,andright cerebellar contusion. Yep,should be dead and sometimes wish i were. Hit by my own truck while somebody was trying to steal it.Nobody to sue,"forced"to live on SSI.And for that,i am sorry,not proud. May 1,2013 Dementia is starting to get the best of me,I do well for an hour or so in the early morning hours.But it's gotten to where i forget what i'm doing while i'm doing it. Confined to this bedroom,Yahoo answers is the only coversations i have with the outside world. Distractions and confussion inhibets me from sitting with my family. My opinion changes constantly,emotions are not controllable. and yes sometime i ramble. Thank you for your patience,kindness,and allowing me to be part of Yahoo answers.