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  • Family problems please help me?

    I am 13, and my name is Megan. My dog recently had puppies, and every time we touch them if they get stuck or anything, my Mum just had a go at me. She was on the phone to my sister today and my sister was saying how she was missing home. I went to go sit beside the box where the puppies and our dog was just to look at them better, and my Mum just starts shouting at me, and says to my sister how it's just 'back to the real world' Like I make her life so bad all the time. Then she was making it that I was rolling my eyes but I was just looking at something that caught my eye on the ceiling. Then she does at me about how I was then lying, and can never be told anything. If I make her life that bad, why doesn't shed just kick me out. I've gone from home before for her, to try and make her happy, but apparently that's not what she's wants? If I make her life bad then why does she want me here? Please help me

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  • How to get rid of a kink in my hair?

    Hey there so I have a massive kink in my hair when I take it down from having it in a ponytail... My hair goes flat on the top, then is like a massive bump! Any ideas on how to get rid of this? Thanks!! Megan x

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  • I think that my dog is in the early stages of labour?

    We thought she was in labour the other day but it seems not... she has been shaking and panting for most of the day and is laying in her whelping box. I am quite sure that this is it, but it's comforting to have other people's opinions. Also, is there anything that I can do to help her through this stage? I am giving her belly massages, but I don't want to hurt the puppies. Thanks in advance, Megan x

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  • dog birth please help!!?

    we have purposefully bred from my chocolate labrador, and she went into labor at 1pm english time yesterday. a few hours ago the mucus plug came out, but there has been no pups. she is just in her whelping box and is laying down, and panting for a few minutes, then stopping. i need advice please, from experienced people or vets. thankyou so much!

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  • Puppy names... girl and boys...?

    For cream puppies, but ONLY HUMAN NAMES PLEASEY not like crumble or something x thanks in advance :) xxx

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  • Which is your favourite?? (names) :-D?

    Puppy names... Poppy, Lily, Rosie, Mona or Pippa?? Thank you xx

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  • Good girl puppy names?? all ideas welcome!?

    Cream puppy, but it would be good if they were human names... thank you!!!!

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  • which is your favourite???????(names)?

    puppy names for a cream curly pup :D

    girls: Poppy, Aoife (ee fa), Evie, Mona, Rosie

    boys: Hugo, Morris :), Rury, Watson, Clint

    which one's your favourite? (boy + girl) thanks, megan xxx

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  • puppy names- girls and boys?

    hello :) I have 2 dogs- Oscar and Fionne (fi-on) and i am getting either a girl, or boy cream pup. any ideas for human puppy names?? it would also be good if they 'went' with the names Oscar and Fionne. thankyou :) megan xxx

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  • puppy names :D ?? all ideas welcome :D?

    boys and girls :D cream puppy. traditional would be cool not like 'Fluff' or something :) thankyou :D megan x

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