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I'm an aspiring writer. I live down south in the US. I'm very conservative. My family has a lot of preachers. I'm very interested in politics, beauty and fashion, God, writing, dancing, singing, music, drawing, rock climbing, ice skating, four wheelers, go carts, zip lines, etc. I like collecting coins, foreign money, porcelain dolls, anything Disney, movies, Nintendo's, old lunch boxes, stamps, coca cola stuff, etc. I am a Christian, been saved, born again. I'm not one particular religion, I was raised half baptist and half pentecostal. Dad baptist preacher, mom pentecostal. Even though we all converted to baptist, I like to refer to myself as a baptacostal! Because I have mixed views and beliefs from baptist to pentecostal. I am conservative, but in some cases more liberal than most Christians. I don't think it's wrong to drink alcohol, say a few curse words, or smoke. My job isn't to find things we can't do, but to find people I can witness too. To tell people about Jesus.

  • Which celebrity support who?

    Which celebrity supports John McCain and Barrack Obama in the 2008 election? I know that Oprah, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Anniston, George Clonney, Jessica Alba are all supporting Obama, and Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, Brittney Spears, Drew Carrey, Tom Selleck, Pat Boone, and Donald Trump are supporting McCain. Does anyone know who else is supporting either party? I'm interested in knowing who Billy Ray Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg, Regis Philbmen, Sally Field, Kathrenie Higel, Bruce Willis, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stephani, Lauren Conrad, Bill Crosby, Arnold Swertenegar, Mel Gibson, etc.

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  • Does anyone remember the cosmetics line name?

    I'm looking for a certain cosmetics line name, I have completely forgot it. They were like a French company and they quit selling to the US. It was something like les or la t something. Not sure. It was in allure magazine at one time, does anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks.

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  • War with Russia???????????

    Are we going to war with Russia? I heard something on the news about Russia shooting people or something. What's going on? Is the US going to war with them?

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  • Bernie Mac RIP...................

    Bernie Mac has died. That is another great person that is gone now. He was so funny and a good actor. I know everybody has to die, but it's sad to see them go, Bernie Mac RIP! Are you in agreement with me? Please no haters, respect the dead.

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  • How to fix a pc to start?

    I have a dell computer it started to freeze up one day, and then it just shut and and the screen went black. I've tried rebooting several times and even tried rebooting from the operators disk, but nothing works. It will come up and say dell and have the things that it does in the beginning, but then it just goes black and I can't figure out what to do. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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  • Movie all I wanna do question?

    For those of you who have seen the movie All I wanna do. Do you know any links that talks about the real people that were played. Like Kristen Dunst played Verna Von Stephan, etc. I was wondering what they real people looked like, like what the real Verna Von Stephan looked like and Tinka Parker and so on. Do you know any good web sites that tells about Mrs. Godards school and the real people who the actress were playing, not just about the movie?

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  • Have you had questions deleted?

    Has anyone has questions deleted? I've had a few survey/poll questions deleted, and I don't understand why they were. It didn't have anything bad in it, I think this is stupid. Who else has similar experience.

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  • Trivia time... Can you name.....

    Can you name any interesting piece of trivia?

    Here's mine. Did you know that the medical show that ran from the late 70's to the early 80's called Quincey M.E. staring Jack Klugman did a two weak special on rare diseases. As a result more people started opening up to the rare disease foundation and donating money. Then Jack Klugman went to congress and spoke on the topic of rare diseases. As a result of all his efforts the rare disease foundation was able to make the first treatment called Hematin for certain rare disease. Who said one person couldn't change the world!!!

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  • Can you make a riddle?

    Can you make a riddle out of this?

    Key words,

    Donald Wright, writes, right, hope, cope, smokes....

    Most creative gets best answer!

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  • Do you know all 50 states?

    Can you name all 50 US states, off the top of your head without cheating???

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  • Is yahoo done taking a breather?

    I'm having trouble it won't let me answer questions but I can ask them, its so weird every time I go to question and hit answer and type up my answer, when I go to send it, it comes up and says yahoo is taking a breather. I wish they would finish breathing so I can answer questions. Anyone else having problems like this?

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  • What 10 things will you buy this month?

    Top 10 things you'll buy this month..... Not including bills or groceries...


    1) Makeup - Sephora

    2) Gameboy advance games - Game Stop

    3) Nintendo DS Lite - Game Stop

    4) Health Insurance- need that bad

    5) Medicine

    6) Clothes

    7) Fix my computer

    8) Fix car

    9) Movies

    10) Freezer

    Provided there's enough money to go around. LOL!!!

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  • Poll: What are you going to do with your hair?

    What are you waiting to do with your hair?

    Me- I'm growing mine out so I can cut it into the inverted triangle (the stack) look!!!

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  • If you had 100 dollars to spend.....

    If you had an extra 100 dollars to spend right now on anything what would you buy and where would you get it??

    Me-gameboy advance games, and makeup, game stop and sephora, of course that's like maybe 30 for games and the rest for makeup, considering I could spend 200 easily in sephora!

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  • How much do you tell your parents?

    Any age, young, in between, old. Just wondering how much stuff you tell your parents, and do you have a good relationship with your parents?

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  • Gene therapy question.

    What does gene therapy involve? Is it something they would have to do for the rest of your life if you had to have it? How does it work?

    I have porphyria.

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  • Ever dreamed you could fly?

    Have you ever had a dream that you could fly? I have. And then I wake up and realize it was a dream, darn, I wanted to fly.

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  • What does the blood have to do with porphyrins?

    The blood in your body has porphyrins in it, I think it helps makes the blood, but what exactly does the porphryins do, where do they come from, what are they made of, if you have to many i.e. porphyria, what will cure it. I know I know there's no cure, but there is, there's got to be we just haven't found it yet. But mainly what is the purpose of porphyrins and what are they made of?

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  • How many contacts are you allowed to have?

    Does yahoo put a limit to how many contacts your allowed to have? Why?

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  • What do you collect?

    Do you collect anything?

    I like to collect, stamps, coins and foreign currency, Disney stuff, misc Disney stuff, like old posters and figurines, etc, old lunch boxes, old comic books.

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