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  • Scheduling another Cali DMV Test?

    So today I took my drivers test and failed. :( I accidentally pulled too far into the intersection and I made a car maneuver. I had no mistakes and that was my critical error.. Lucky me, huh? So the examiner told me that I had to wait two weeks or schedule it online. I went to the DMV website and I scheduled an appointment and it said I had one for November 23rd, two days from now. My question is, if I schedule it, will they tell me I still have to wait two weeks? Or is it possible to take it that day?

    Thank you. :]

    1 AnswerInsurance & Registration9 years ago
  • Clearing the Xbox 360 Cache..?

    So what I basically do is.. Put in the "Clear Cache" button sequence and it will delete all the updates for all the games? Then, I just re-update the game (Fallout 3)? Because I am always getting slowdown and lag when I play Fallout 3 and I was hoping if this Cache thing would help..

    Also, would this delete my saved games and ranks from other games. I heard that doing this it will restart my Gears 2 rank. I also heard people losing their saved files in Fable 2 (Which I really don't want that to happen... I am to far in Fable 2 to get everything erased). Thanks in advance! :D

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  • Is wales a good place to visit?

    I am planning on visiting Wales this christmas. I was wondering if anybody knows if Wales is a nice place to go for a vacation. Thanks. :)

    10 AnswersOther - United Kingdom1 decade ago
  • Preordering game... Then final price.?

    I was wondering, If I preorder a game, does that $10 count of the price of the game. Like, say a game is $60 and I preorder that game which costs $10, does that mean I only have to pay $50+ tax when the game is released? Thanks in advance.. :D

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