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Hi i'm Damian..... I draw, I write, I listen to various sorts of music, My age is a number that usually changes on a yearly basis, And sometimes, under certain situations and pressures, I snap (who doesn't?) I'm not afraid to steal your sanity and make it my own....Nor accept your version of reality while dragging you kicking and screaming into mine....Don't worry though....You'll have fun :D I don't mind random emails so feel free to strike up a conversation with me.... I heart a majority of my Contacts and I am always up for more, so add me if you wish.... Laughter ISN'T the best medicine (last time i checked it didn't cure cancer or hiv/aids) but it helps.... I believe in certain things... I do things a certain way... I like what i like... And i'm probably different from you in some way. I am a unique individual (even though if you were to hear me speak i'd use the word "we" vs the word "i" on occasion) Anyway, hi there....And how are you today? O_o

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