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  • Is what I'm doing the best thing?

    I just want some unbiased opinions on my problem. This ma also sound silly but it's about the principle. My mum assigned me to do the dishes no big deal and then when I had loads of homework I did not have time to do it. (I was up until 11:30 pm) and I got punished another week. Now that isn't the part than bothers me, this week was supposed to be the end and my mum assigned me 2 weeks extra for having an attitude 2 weeks ago. She claims I have now nex week since she gave me he punishment last week and the week after so I am protesting it. I mean I compared it to paying the bills twice, why would you if you already did paid or in this case did the time. Is protesting the right thing to do?

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  • Calling the police for another state PLEASE HELP?

    This person on a chat room just told a bunch of us members that she is involved with a member of a gang, and she is very young. The gang member is young too, but she is a target if another gang sees her. She can be a potential target and she has told me she has been raped by others, not the member. But usually gangs end up to that stuff.

    How do I get in touch with the police? Can I get her and her family witness protection? I don't want her family or herself being a target. She potentially is in a very dangerous situation. I don't know what to do.

    5 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police9 years ago
  • What to do about Cyber bullying?

    I guess I should start from the beginning...

    I got involved in a website that was pretty fun but people were kinda emotional. There was a chat on the site and one person was a cyber bully.

    I was given power in the site and I banned them. This person was given multiple chances to redeem themselves.

    Then we stopped welcoming this person and this person kept breaking into the site. We caught this person. Then I decided and I asked others if we should bring this person back. They have been gone for a few months...

    We agreed to bring this person back and then they found a foot hold and took over a part. This person brought people in but was a cyber bully. They would start fights, curse, etc.

    One person came to me and told me about what was going on and how they were being victimized. They were close to suicide. They took depression medicine and that is the only reason why they did not, but they were close.

    This person took over the face book and then after banning them for cyber bullying. I saw a suicide note. The suicide note was blaming me.

    They tried a suicide note before, blaming me. I did not think it was real then and I found out later they were alive. The person claimed they attempted but failed.

    I do not know if this is real or not. I am scared.

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  • Should I send the text?

    I got involved in this online forum and I befriended some person (she is the opposite gender) and we have gone to another site and I have seen her via webcam and I spoke to her. Her mom found out she got involved in a forum and took away her laptop and she can't go on that site anymore. She gave mer her number to text. I'm worried about privacy I seen what she looked like and she is only 1 year younger. We live in completely differrent locations. I'm worried about texting her would be to give away my privacy and be opened to be stalked. Also my parents pay my phone bill and I'm afraid they will winder if I gave away private info on the forum. I am sad she left and I talked to others on the forum and they are mad I won't text her cause. At first I thought this was a plan to get my number but now I'm not sure. I'm afraid about privacy and such, should I text her?

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  • Powers for the senses?

    I am writing a book about people with heightened senses. I need help for a few idea of powers.

    Taste: I don't have an idea for?

    Smell: I don't have an idea for?

    Feel: I have some ideas but I want yours?

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors10 years ago
  • political topics for blog project?

    For school I have to make a blog about something political to talk about. Any ideas?

    4 AnswersPolitics10 years ago
  • Did J.K. Rowling make a mistake?

    In the series the idea of a "trace" for young wizards that knows if they cast spells. Hermione's birthday is 9/19 and Harry's is in July. When they left they all used spells, Hermione wiped a death eater's memory in the diner, and the wedding was in august, wouldn't they be able to track Hermione? Every single times she did spells, enchantments on tents etc. Did J.K. Rowling make a mistake or is there another reason Hermione didn't get traced

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  • Unique qualities for a character?

    I am writing a book and I am trying to think of multiple abilities that a real person can posses. Something real but not common. So far my character has a photographic memory. i cant think of other qualities a person could have. if you can please list them.

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  • Needs medical advice quickly?

    My sister was running an all of a sudden her toe started to hurt. We have been giving her ice and she is running warm water on it now. I googled symptoms to see if she broke her toe but I think she has a nail injury. The article said it might be red and a doctor needs to poke a hole in her nail or remove the injury is that bad. I checked her foot and her toe was red and I compared her toe to the other toe and the other one wasn't red. Could it be red from the ice/ warm water or not. Please help!

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  • how can I make a blog?

    i like to write and i want to be able to post a blog. can i have instructions for a site that allows you to post a blog. how to post one. etc.

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  • why do the producers rig American Idol?

    last year everyone was going ADAM SHOULD WIN. I AM VOTING FOR ADAM, ADAM IS BETTER THEN KRIS. however Kris won. then this year everyone was saying Crystal should win. but lee won. its American idol not producer idol. whats the point of voting if they picked the winner already? why do they rig it in the first place?

    1 AnswerReality Television1 decade ago
  • where can i buy a pet fox?

    i want a pet fox. i want to no if people do sell regular foxes. i know people sell fennic foxes. but i don't want one like that. i want a regular fox. and don't say something stupid please like go to walmart or raid a fox den. I am serious about this. i really want one.

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  • Why isn't their an award show for regular people?

    I think that celebrities have enough award shows. Why can't regular people who do good things get awards where the celebrities vote for them.

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • What is Antarctica like?

    what is the land scape like, (hills, flat, mountainous, etc) what are some land and sea animals are their. Any other interesting facts.

    2 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology1 decade ago
  • Why don't people talk about Older Child Syndrome?

    Almost every knows about "middle child syndrome" except the problem with that is people forget about Older Child Syndrome. I am the older child in a family with 3 kids in it and i feel that i am like a pathway and i have to experiment things for example in school if i have a bad teacher my parents would make sure my sisters didn't have that teacher and i would have to had suffer the entire year with that teacher. My sisters (are twins) always get attention on them. if a person sees us together and knows us they say, "hello twins... and josh." is gets so frustrating sometimes. Everyone pays attention to them more then me. The only time I ever get attention is if i am in trouble. I remember meeting this guy who was making a website and wanted it to be animated a bit and he looked at my sisters first and asked them if they wanted to be voices for some of his characters in the website. He looked right over me to ask them. And after he asked them he didn't go back to ask me. (the good news was that my mom never sent back a email or message saying it was okay if they did it so my sisters were never on the website) Being the oldest child i am being blamed for everything and i mean everything. at one point my sisters blamed me for global warming. My parents also are guilty of blaming me for things, at one time my sister grabbed a lays chips bag that was the last one in a box so my other sister went to her and yelled at her for taking HER bag although it didn't belong to her. they went into a brawl over who the chips belonged to and they were screaming. My did scream from upstairs that I have to go to my bedroom as a punishment. I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FIGHT YET I WAS BLAMED FOR IT AND SENT TO MY ROOM. When i tried to explain what happened my dad said i start everything so i am in trouble when i ignored his idea that i started it i started to say what happened but he screamed at me saying "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT." My parents think i start every fight or problem in the house and they say i am the instigator when sometimes my sisters start the yelling or screaming or fighting yet i am still blamed. Also my parents ask me to do every single chore. they sometimes ask me to do allot of things things to do at the same time ex "take out the trash, feed the dogs, take the dogs outside, do the dishes, clean up this mess, put these coats away, take the recycling outside, vacuum the carpet, pick up this, move that, mow the lawn..." it gets so frustrating. while they just tell my sisters one or two things to do. You may be thinking well your sisters are younger. but the fact is they are a year younger then me. they are capable of doing what i have to do. but they still don't because they are my "little" sisters. My sisters even make excuses not to do work so they can sit around so I have to do it and they get away with it. "Dad i don't no how to work the vacuum. make Josh do it, Dad i don't no how to work with the DVD player make josh get the DVD from it." I feel that i have to pave the path for everyone else. i feel that i have all the responsibility on my shoulders. Why don't i get to goof off. I don't believe it is fair to me because they can but i have to be the responsible one because i am older. After a fight with my sisters i have a worse punishment them my sisters and my parents reasons are "you are the responsible one you should no better." When my sisters ask for things they tend to get some things handed to them more easily then me. I wanted a Nintendo DS when it first came out but my parents told me I had to save my money until i had enough to purchase it. Later my sisters wanted it and they both had 60 dollars combined so they couldn't even purchase 1 with their money combined but my parents were like, "oh look its 150$ for 1 how about you put the first 30 dollars for each of you and we will spend the 240$ for 2 DS and you ." My sisters didn't have to save their money that much and they still were able purchase it WITH my parents help although my parents told me I had save to buy my own. Do you understand why i have older child syndrome? Everyone thinks that middle child syndrome is bad because they feel left out. In my opinion Older Child Syndrome is the worst because they feel used and forgotten or just someone to blame. Do you agree with me? I always feel the pressure is on me the most. People talk about how they have Middle Child Syndrome but they never say that a person has Older Child Syndrome. They make it seem like it doesn't exist. People believe that if they don't talk about it then it does not exist. When I tried to learn more about Older child Syndrome I found little to no information about it.

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