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  • industrial barbells question?

    alright so I'm ready to get more bars for my ear and so far the bar length is 2in. I really like this

    but it's a half inch short. My piercing isn't straight across the top of my ear btw, more diagonal. I've been looking and quite frankly my head is spinning at all the bars. I'm new to the industrial and I've had it pierced for 8 months now. No pain unless I yank my shirt off and don't pay attention.

    Any thoughts or sites you guys/gals know of feel free to share them, and yeah I do want that item I guess I just need to find another bar that makes the total length to 2in.

    ty for all the help!

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  • dell inspiron 530 psu ugrade?

    Alright it's time to upgrade my psu, mainly due to my video card demanding more and more power. What I'm running into is trying to find a psu that is compatible with the dell 'proprietary' motherboard. Meaning I have a 4 pin connector to the up and left of the cpu (labled p2) on the the wire. I've already tried a corsair cx 500 and while it had a lot of connectors sadly it didn't have the four pin.

    It did have a detachable 4 pin but it left my 24pin down to a 20 pin and didn't work. Any help would be great cause I'm hitting walls with this and my fingers are all googled out. Oh for further reference I need a psu that has at least 20 amps on the 12v line (I think that is what the video card required. an nvidia 640 gt)

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  • question about dvi-hdmi connections?

    if I buy a dvi to hdmi connector will my video quality go up any? I'm just wondering cause right now I am using the regular connection (vga I think I may be wrong) from my video card to a monitor. Only reason I ask this is because my monitor does not have an hdmi slot only the vga and dvi.

    And my video card has the hdmi/dvi/vga connections so I'd be running the hdmi from the video card and switching to dvi to my monitor until I have enough cash to buy a better monitor.

    That's really my only question, thanks for the replies everyone!

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  • upgrading a dell inspiron 530?

    Property Value

    FAMILY-PC (Dell Inc. Inspiron 530)


    Manufacturer Dell Inc.

    Model 0RY007

    Version [unknown]

    Serial Number ..CN7360487C04B4.


    North Bridge Intel P35/G33/G31 Revision A2

    South Bridge Intel 82801IR (ICH9R) Revision 02


    Name Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 450 @ 2.20GHz

    Cpu Socket Socket 775 LGA

    Max CPU Speed 4000 MHz


    Maximum Capacity 4096 MBytes

    Maximum Memory Module Size 2048 MBytes

    Memory Slots 4

    Memory Type DDR2

    System Slots

    ISA 0

    PCI 4

    AGP 0

    VL-BUS 0

    EISA 0

    PCMCIA 0

    ExpressCard 0

    MCA 0

    now this is the cpu. I think I've got the sockets correct this time.

    video card....

    well stumped on that one, I'm not really understanding difference between PCIe and PCI. so any help on a decent video card (I'm not wanting anything over 100 bucks.) I'm not going to play games at their max settings, medium to low settings are fine with me.

    my psu is 300watts. Not looking in to upgrading it all at once...just little things here and there. But I do plan on buying the CPU with a better thermal compound, A video card that can at least handle mass effect games and under 100 bucks (currently buying everything off of amazon).

    so thanks for the help, I understand this isn't the best hardware but I'm not looking for a gaming rig or I'd just spend the cash on it :P

    if you need more info on the computer specs/hardware just email me it's quicker and my email should be on my contact page.

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  • upgrading a 2 wire thermostat to a digital thermostat?

    Alright so just moved into a place where the ac and furnace are on 2 separate thermostats. I want the ac to be on a digital thermostat seeing as the one we have now likes to float a total of +/- 4 degrees. I've searched the net and all I come up with is for furnace installation and I don't want to wire the furnace up to a digi thermostat.

    The wires I have on the older mercury one are yellow wire to Y and a red to R. No other wires are present.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • air conditioner/furnace?

    Alright so I have both the a/c unit and a gas furnace. My question is this, while the a/c is running can I run the fan on the furnace. And yes the gas is cut off for the furnace seeing as it's 95 degree weather here. I only ask cause I started seeing the temp go up while the ac was running and thought 'hey maybe the fan in the furnace will circulate more air and cool down the place quicker so that the ac unit won't have to work so hard.

    Hopefully it won't mess up the ac or furnace doing it this way for a few hours or until I get some answers on this question of mine.


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  • Tiller questions and operation?

    Alright so I borrowed a John Deere 624 (I think that's the model number) and it's a 5hp. Since I've never operated a tiller before how in the hell do I start it. It says put machine in neutral before starting. All I see is a grip handle on the left side a knob that can be pulled towards you and then towards the tiller (near the left handle) then a slide knob that has Off, low, high.

    I've tried looking through the net for tips and an operation manual but damned if I could find any. If anyone has experience with these types of machines feel free to just send a message with as much info as you can type!

    thank you so much


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  • Replacement Wiring Harness?

    I'm trying to search for a vrcd500sdu replacement wiring harness and I've got to say WTFH is up with me not finding it. Hell I used to have a kenwood cd player and the replacement harness was like 20 bucks and easily found. very annoying let me tell ya, well if you guys/gals have any luck please let me know. And ebay is evil saw one listed for 100 bucks >.<

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  • Roses and Honeysuckle?

    Now I wanna plant some roses, and sadly I can remember when I was 5 and the roses my mum used to plant. So fragrant, but now it seems most roses I smell now-a-days has hardly a smell to them.

    My question is this, which roses (either by their latin name or common name) has the most fragrance? And the more the better!

    Other question has to do with Honeysuckle in the shrub form. I've looked on most sites and for the life of me cannot find one that flowers in the summer fall, all I've seen is the Winter Honeysuckle that flowers winter/spring. And help here?

    Ehh third question Wisteria, my mom has had a vine form growing for about 4 years and have only ever had one bunch of blooms. Why's that? I've seen other people have them for a year or two and BAM bunches everywhere!

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  • My rights when going to a Dental office.?

    Alright so on 9-16-10 I went to Aspen Dental here in cleveland, Tn. Paid 19 bucks for the x-ray and dentist consultation. Spoke with the Office Manager for over half an hour as he explained how much it would take for a full upper teeth extraction (keyword FULL) an immediate denture then the permanent denture at 6 months.

    Paid 1440.40 on 10-2-10, was in the same day to get a periodontal cleaning for my lower teeth. Was then told to come in 10-11-10 to begin my full upper teeth extraction/surgery.

    Came in at 3:00pm asked about the anti-anxiety pill to take before the surgery/extraction and was told to come back to the room to get it done. The Dental assistant had everything ready to go save the laughing gas to put me under. The dentist comes in and asks me rather rudely if I had gone to an oral surgeon to have my molars and wisdom teeth extracted.

    I turned to her and said no, I didn't have anything done. I was told in my first consultation that you would be doing my full extractions on my upper teeth. It's in my statement of treatment plan. She pulled up my file and began to tell me that she 'refered me to an oral surgeon for ALL maxillary teeth extraction'. Needless to say I was very very very upset, here I am in pain from exposed roots and she wants to lie.

    Then the office manager knocks on the door and enters and asks me to come into his office. He explains to me that he spoke at length to the dentist 'after' my consultation for my treatment plan and she said she could extract the teeth.

    After three days of BS with the office manager calling 'other' aspen dental doctors. They all mysteriously "do not feel comfortable removing not just my molars and wisdom teeth, but now some of my front teeth."

    What legal actions can I take against this company? They had my xrays for a little over 3 weeks, and my money for 2 weeks now. They have made no attempt to correct this mistake and refer me to an oral surgeon that can fix my teeth. I have paid the expected 50% of the procedure (1440.40) and all I got to show for it is a cleaning and mouthwash!

    I'm not out to get anyone but please understand this is serious, I have all the forms that the office manager and myself have signed and no where on any of those pages. Does it say that they can back out of a procedure and keep my cash. I'm very worried that they will inflate everything they did to my lower teeth so that most if not all my down payment gets taken and I will be out the money and still in constant pain.

    Please take this seriously as I am so frustrated and upset that I don't know how to fix this. I've had bad teeth for 2 years and I seriously thought I'd finally be free of the pain. I just feel helpless and I don't know how to resolve this.

    thank you for your time reading this and your help.

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  • oil capacity and weight?

    going to do an oil change on an 1997 dodge avenger es 2.5L(think that's the v6) The chiltons manual says 4.5 liters go in (including the oil filter).

    Now I have a v4 suzuki reno that holds that. is it true that the v6 would only need this much oil or is it more?

    oh and what weight is preferable in it? Live in Tn and the coldest it gets here is maybe 28f at the coldest.

    Lord sorry for the jacked up wording of the post but it's like 6am and my brain froze when trying to word this question.

    Chrysler1 decade ago
  • dodge avenger 1997 fan noise?

    Alright so I have a dodge avenger 1997 v6 es. 2 Questions.

    1) Does this car come with a cabin filter...if yes where is it and how do I change it?

    2) When I turn my fan setting to 3-4 (mid to high setting) it sounds like the underside of the passenger side dash is going to lift off. If I set it to 1 or 2 no noise...can this be a result of a noise barrier thing (sorry don't know the right word for it) is off or if there are nuts and bolts missing/loose.

    Any help would be awesome and if you can provide links for me...awesomeness! If not ty for the answers

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  • He front loading washing machines VS Laundromat frontloaders?

    Alright so I have an HE front loading washer and I've noticed it doesn't fill up all the way like a washer at the laundromat does! Does it have something to do with the locking mechanism being less strong like a laundromats front loading?

    I mean I love the front loaders cause you can wash so many clothes at once...I guess I'm just used to the washers filling all the way up ya know.

    also if anyone has time and knows of a brand that does fill up all the way that is a front loader gets an automatic best answer!

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  • Bleach question about Urahara and Tessai?

    alright so when Kisuke Urahara and Tessai get their spirit powers stripped and sent to earth forever, what all did they lose? Cause Tessai can still suppress hollow ichigo and Urahara can still call on Benihime.

    I swear I'm not a tard but maybe the manga clears it up where wiki and the anime doesn't.

    and as always thanks

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  • Male Makeup (not stage)?

    Alright i'm trying to find male makeup, and not stage/halloween/drag. Just normal makeup that is made for men. Easy simple quick! Have links in your answers and best ones get +10 :D


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  • Spark plugs for Suv 01 jeep?

    I'm lookin to buy a set of 6 plugs to change out the ones I have in a 01 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo. The current plugs are under 50k miles but it's preventative maintenance so yeah. I don't care about the hype, extra millage or hp boost. People are going to feel it because they change their plugs when their getting fouled out, so I just want a decent priced plug that is trustworthy.

    Thanks bunches

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  • Playstation 2 RPG's!!!?

    Alright I want some suggestions for some good RPG games, I'm tired of games that say their RPGs and i throw down 40 bucks and it sucks and is totally not rpg. I want an rpg that is an rpg. give me some of your favs or suggestions. I like games like Shin Megami Tensei series um ff series stuff like that, swords and sorcerery aight help me out!

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  • Radiator Flush in Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 01...?

    ...alright I wanna flush my coolant cause it's that time to do it and for the life of me i'm either searching for the wrong information or i'm getting momentarily blind! So I need all you guys/gals's help!

    I need to know where the drain plug is and how much coolant (gallons I assume) I need. And if I'm really lucky you'll recommend a good cleaner to run through it. the jeeps at 168k miles I think >< and it has been flushed at 75k >< I know bad me. So again thanks for all your help.

    oh yeah, I'm not going to take it to a mechanic to do cause all the ones around me charge 80 bucks and all they do is drain it and refill it without cleaning it out. bastards

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  • problems with viewing certain websites ><?

    alright a few weeks ago I could view myspace and a few others. now nothing says it's getting information from these sites and then times out in like 5 min. I'm using the current firefox build, have uninstalled and completely killed it off my system then restarted and installed freshly. Still no luck, I pinged the sites and both are at like 802ms while yahoo was only at 30-105ms.

    Any ideas or hints or tricks?

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  • The end of "The Giver" by Lois Lowry?

    alright now I've read this damned book since i was in middle school and I am still at odds with myself over the ending of this book! I have some theories, now I want to hear yours! Tell me what you think of the end of the book and why! I love hearing peoples ideas might help mine be that much better.

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