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I was born one hundred years to late. I like to hunt predators, coyotes and bobcats in the fall of the year. I also hunt white tail deer for their meat. I fish, use to race and still love to tinker with older muscle cars. I have never turned down a drink of rum and coke, black velvet or jack Daniels. I have built a lot of race cars both for street racing and racing at sanctioned race tracks. I was very successful and had loads of fun. Been married for nearly 40 years, have a great wife, fantastic son and two special grand children. I`m also a proud republican and above all a proud American. I feel I live in the greatest country on this planet. I hate poluters and people that throw their trash on the ground or on other peoples property in stead of a proper trash container. These poluters are the bottom feeders of our planet and should be locked up for life or made to clean our country every saturday and sunday week end of the rest of their life.