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  • What is the difference between lux and temperature (Kelvin?)?

    I just purchased a digital lux meter (LX1010BS) while suffering from the impression that it would help me edit my photos in raw. (Yeah, I feel like a dummy. I guess I'm learning the hard way this time.) Is there any connection at all between lux and color temperature? I am trying to decide whether I should return the contraption or not. (I'd take a $7 loss, plus return postage.)

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  • What product should I use to bind a paper/cardstock dial?

    I've created a dial that shows when the sun sets in my county, annually. It requires me to print two paper circles and then fasten them together in the center. I need something beautiful (not paper fastener:… so that I can show this piece as part of my portfolio. Thoughts? Ideas? I'm worried that rivets will not allow the papers to turn because it'll clamp closed too hard. Thoughts? (Submit links with pictures if you can.)

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  • Where are the cheapest cabins to stay in or around Yellowstone National Park?

    We're looking for a cabin big enough for a family of 8 or 9 with a kitchenette. We'd be in Yellowstone around mid-September, 2011.

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  • What are the chances of drinking water in a given neighborhood causing gallbladder damage?

    Background: My daughter failed a hyta (sp?) test, had an endoscopy to rule out an ulcer, but passed that. So the docs are certain it's her gallbladder.

    What's strange is that the neighbors across the street and down one house have three daughters who have had their gallbladders out. All these girls are teens.

    AND how do I get the doc to take my concerns seriously, if this is a valid question?

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  • Hypothyroid mom needs help deciphering dream!?

    My 12y old son asked me to post his dream. I'm a bit brain dead at present.

    "I was at school and I looked to see what core I'm in and my brother was right. (He's been predicting the core based on extra-curricular school activities.) I went to my core and my teacher was announcing the costume dance and seeing who was interested in the hallway in going to the dance. Lots of people were.

    The dream skipped to after school and people were lined up in constumes with a machine evaluating their costumes and anyone with a bad one was sent home. Then i was home and I was looking for a costume. I decided to wear a bucket on my head. This is the laundry room bucket. (EW!) So I take all the rags out of it. The bucket also had red cabbage in it. (P-U!) I rinsed out the bucket and dad made dinner. AFter dinner, dad offered pink oreos. I said yes and dad starts talking about how pb&J is better older and pink. He also says I can't have it until my lil sister empties and loads the dishwasher More..

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  • My youngest daughter asked me to post her dream.?

    I had a dream that I was in a video game. Well this girl had blonde hair and a cute little necklace that said "Love." She played my (video) game and she was so close to the end, but she missed the jump and I was dead.

    It scared me when I woke up.

    (P.S. My kids are allowed 1 hour of computer/video game time per day after chores, reading, and outside play.)

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  • My youngest son asked me to post his dream. "Pizza dream?" he asks.?

    We were going to (my aunt's-- 7 hour drive away) and we were folling train tracks. Soon we stop and some guy was hanging around us. My grandma says, "Who wants to sing songs?"

    We vote and (this is present time) we agree on "Here Comes Santa Claus" and for some reason everyone sings "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer."

    Pizza dream?

    (It should be noted that he recently took a trip to his aunt's house with his grandmother and older brother.)

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  • My oldest son asked me to post his dream.?

    I said, "Bye" to mom (Jynx) as I exited my house w/a backpack. I was in the car, wondering, "Where are we going?" In the next scene or frame of thought, I was at my dad's house (currently my dad is in jail.) He said "Hi," and it sent shivers down my spine. (Not physically, but in the dream.)

    Then I woke up.

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  • How do I discourage my neighbor's undisciplined dog from teasing/provoking my dog?

    Problem: I live in a small town next to a person who has a reputation of gossiping, lying, & being difficult to get along with. We've lived next door for almost 10years.

    They own a little male dog they allow to run, unchecked. It comes to the end of my mid-size muscley neutered dog's cable, & my other neighbor's dog who also is on a cable. (Two different neighbors, understand?)

    The other night, in the middle of the night, I heard screaming outside. My dog had busted an old part of a chain (spring) and cornered my neighbor's dog underneath my husband's vehicle. He never left the yard.

    Now, I'm hearing the neighbor brag that the little dog "learned it's lesson," but my boy says that the dog is still misbehaving through the fence.

    We live in very close quarters with this awful woman. I don't wish to call animal control or the police and resent the mistreatment and neglect she shows her dog by refusing to show the dog limits & rules.

    Non confrontational answers? Pepper?

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  • Is it a violation to copy and post the an answer within the same question? Who do I check with?

    I've never reported anyone, but I found a question where somebody copied an answer (not mine) and reposted it as their own directly below the first answerer. What's up with that? Boredom? Should I report it? Does it matter?

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  • Are "Pit Bulls" descended from English Bulldogs?

    I just got my feewings hurt. :(

    Two months ago we adopted an English Bulldog/choc lab mix, got his shots, got him chipped, got him neutered (a life-changing experience--lemme tell ya.)

    He came from a home where he had his mom (Eng Bull) and a "hyper" (or so I'm told) golden retriever. He was low man on the totem pole. The home had property-- no fences needed, no leashes, out in the boonies. Housefire required living elsewhere, family dropped off kibble for dogs.

    We've (fam of 6) taught him to walk on a leash, wait for permission to eat, and how to live in the house with us (outside at nights). We hope to save up for a fence; right now we're BAD dog owners and have a cable for him out back.

    Neighbor down the street hates this dog. Can't believe we've bought a pit bull-- as if pit bulls were bad-- but this isn't one. "Oh no," he says, "Pit bulls come from English bulldogs; that's why our dogs can never play together."

    I desperately want to train my dog to be friendly(continued)

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  • My family went on vacation! (My daughter's dream)?

    "I had a dream about me going on a vacation w/mom (Jynx), dad, & sister (but not brothers) & I saw dolphins by this ocean. I got 2 sit on top of a dock. It was all relaxing until 3 sharks came. Our stuff went into the water. These 2 men- 1 looked like 1 of my brother's friends- & the other 1 looked like my sister's friend w/lighter brown hair instead of red hair- so they got into the water & they got our stuff. One shoved the sharks away (looked like my brother's friend) & the other 1 grabbed our stuff. So after they grabbed our stuff, we got to see whales & go swimming.

    Then it went black. We couldn't see & we tried 2 run home w/out our stuff because we heard gunshots & saw a little bit of fire next to our stuff. So everybody runn'd & my dad got left behind because someone in a black mask grabbed him. He said "Go on!"&we did 'cause we didn't want 2 get murdered 2. They shot him twice & he never came back. We cried @ the end. But that was just a dream"

    The dreamer is 8 years old.

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  • Do you serve Jesus, Joseph Smith, or yourself?

    What do you think it takes to get to heaven?

    25 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • If a duck is a bird, and that's okay, then why must a duck try to convert a dove?

    And please no claims of "that doesn't happen." If I didn't experience this firsthand, I wouldn't be asking the question.

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  • Hamburger mixed with dog poo? A dream of burying a dead woman in my backyard?

    Before I tell you my dream, here are some outside factors to consider--


    made plans to see Prince Caspian

    Prom pictures divided

    husband told me of nasty comments of our yard overheard from twisted neighbor lady

    PBS movie-- saw part with boy killing some trapped animal

    Saturday: yard work.

    There was a battle in my backyard. Everything was shrunk to miniature scale (at this point.) I was pushing the enemy toward our house (oh, and I was a guy-- a commander or prince or something.) We defeated a leiutentant and buried him. The impact of this couldn't be appreciated-- we were still fighting--

    but my eldest daughter was going back to prom for the second night in a row. "How will I afford more pictures?" Her strapless dirty gown (not the one she wore to prom) was given to another girl-- It may have been her co/actor in "fiddler on the roof" -- Fruma Sara (my daughter played her this year, with another actress as Fruma Sara for opening week.) (Stay tuned for more...)

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  • How do you test your (personal) "revelation" from God?

    (In other words, how do you know your revelation is from God?)

    20 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Where is common ground for Christians and Mormons to debate?

    Mormons believe in Book of Mormon, articles of faith, and Bible (only if it's translated properly.)

    Christians believe in the Bible, as translated from original language and scrolls (NIV, KJV, etc.)

    Where is the common ground to discuss our faiths? Should we even bother? Or does it just lead to hurt feelings?

    Or are we posting questions and answers just to prove our "spiritual superiority?"

    What's your heart about this?

    21 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Bible says watch out 4Satan who looks like an angel of light. Wasn't The Prophet Joseph Smith concerned?

    when he was visited by The Angel Moroni? How do you think he tested the spirit? how did he know that angel was okay?

    11 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago