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  • Where can I find a quick rundown on all the controls of a synthesizer?

    I would like to get into electronic music production. I dont expect to get huge like Skrillex or deadmau5 or even relatively known at all. I have multiple music software, I know how they all work except for warping and modifying sounds. I can do a little but not a lot, and I can't accurately recreate the noises in my head.

    For example, where can I learn more about and how to use:








    The specific "software" i'm toying with currently is KORG DS-10 Synthesizer Plus.

    I know it's not the most powerful but it's simple and mobile, so, eh.

    I also have Audacity, FL Studio and Linux MultiMedia Studio on my computer.

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  • Whats a game development software that works on slow computers?

    i have a gaming computer and i'm a programmer and I'd like to use Unity at least but my current computers are too slow to run it and i wont be able to upgrade for a while. whats a good 3D development program that will run on slow computers?

    i'm looking for free but theres always frostwire.

    also, i'm looking for one with dynamic lighting and if possible some concept of liquids.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • How do I tell my (mean) family that I'm a brony?

    ( Brony = Male who watches the TV show My Little Pony )

    I would just tell them like I'm sure other bronies simply would but it's not that easy for me. I live with two people, my mom and my brother. To my brother, everything I do and like is gay (Movies, Music, Games, etc.). To my mother, every thing i do and like is WROOONG (She puts very pressure-ful decisions on me that she should deal with herself, then she violently scolds any decision i make). They're very mean people with a short layer of love and they dont even seem to care about me. They make fun of me for the NORMAL things i do (ex: liking Daft Punk's music.). If i told them I'm a brony, I'd never hear the end of it with them. They're going to find out eventually though if i dont tell them.

    How do I tell them?

    tl;dr: I have the type of family that would usually land me in foster care, how do I tell them I like My Little Pony without them tormenting me and making my depression worse?

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  • My Linux PC has been hacked once and attempted a second hack. What do I do?

    Last night, on Facebook, me and my friend were discussing, things, that could'v sparked interest to like the government or something. We were talking about all the 9/11 conspiracy theories, we also talked about how we thought where we live might be a terrorist target. I mentioned we should move to Canada (nobody hates Canada). Then my jackass friend sent the message "and bomb it". Right after that I got a notification that Remote Desktop had been activated. My security settings were modified so they didn't need my password or my confirmation to access my computer. I was unable to disconnect them so I instantly unplugged my computer. I logged back in a few hours later. i fixed my security settings, checked facebook and talked to the jackass friend that started it. He told me that his computer was also accessed, but he uses Windows. After a couple minutes of talking to him we both went to bed. I woke up this morning with a message on my computer screen. They tried to connect again while i was sleeping. I got their IP address.

    Their IP address was:

    I tried looking up this IP and came to a website, a Japanese website, this IP was mixed in with a bunch of other ones.

    What should I do? Should I be worried?

    This is my computers OS:

    Linux Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

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  • What's better, Unity 3D or Unreal Engine?

    I am an amateur programmer and I was looking to buy new software. I was looking specifically at Unity 3D or Unreal Engine. The main things I am looking for are realistic lighting, realistic liquids, and interactive physics. Which would be better to use?

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • How would I respond to this message?

    I was just talking to someone on facebook (a girl) who I haven't seen in years. This is how the conversation has gone so far:



    Her:What are You Doing?

    Me:Playing xbox what about you?

    her: Jacking Off

    (Well, That escalated quickly)

    I'm not too sure how to respond to this... What should I say?

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  • How do I import DirectX (.X) files to Blender?

    I had the ability to before. The program was running glitchy so I uninstalled it and installed the newest version. Now the option to Import/Export DirectX (.X) files isn't there. I'm working with a (.X) file and I'd like to put it into Blender, modify it, and export it to (.3DS) format. How can I do this?

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  • If LimeWire was shutdown, Why is FrostWire still working?

    Is it because FrostWire simply hasn't been caught yet? FrostWire showed up right after LimeWire was shutdown. So, why didn't they instantly shutdown the "knock-off" too when it apeared?

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  • Does Minecraft 1.3.1 support HD Texture Packs without mods?

    I was looking through collected system data in Minecraft (OS, Default Settings, FPS, etc.) and I saw a few stats about the Texture Pack. One of the stats said "Texture Pack Resolution - 16". Does this mean that Minecraft 1.3.1 supports other resolutions, such as HD, or is it 16 only ?

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  • How do i make letters look like this: D̸̢̫͍̪̞̜̺̠͛̑̃ͨ̌ͨ̂͡i̶̦̠̩̪̘̬̍̊͌̆d̝̅̉̒͢͢͠ ̵ͦ͗̉̌̾͊ͫ҉̟͔̳̜͙̺̜̫I̷̶̤͂͆ͥ̌̽́ͅ ̨̛ ?

    I'v seen it a lot and I have a few uses for such characters. When I paste things like this into a text editor it comes out like "Føøøøøøøøøøøøø". I can only copy and paste letters I'v seen with it already done though, I cant figure out how to make a character look like that myself. How do I do that?

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  • How to I make Facebook L00k l1ke th15?

    I keep seeing these screenshots of facebook where the way things are spelled are all weird and with numbers.

    The closest thing I could find was the "Me Gusta" Button Extension for chrome.

    Here's an example:

    How it says "5 minz b4 via mobile", How do I do that? I can't figure it out.

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  • What was the first Linux distribution from 1991?

    What was the official first distribution of Linux from 1991 that was programmed by Linus Torvalds? And is it still possible to obtain an (*.ISO) file of the first Linux floppy disk?

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  • Is Lazarus IDE similar to Visual Basic 2008?

    I'm really used to working with Visual Basic, Specifically 2008 Express Edition. I used it a lot when my PC ran on Windows. Now I have Linux and I have this software called Lazarus. The main interface looks a lot like Visual Basic and it says it can program applications for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Which as a programmer, my main target OS is Windows. Does Lazarus have a similar/same programming language to Visual Basic?

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  • Someone Hacked my Xbox 360 and now they won't leave me alone. What do I do?

    Last night, My Xbox randomly turned on. Then It started scrolling through the home menu tabs. Whoever it was came onto my Xbox, went into YouTube, Netflix, Minecraft, and My System Settings. And whenever I turned off my Xbox it would come on again only seconds later. Then start doing the same thing. I have Video Footage too of it happening. All my controllers were off. When I did have one on he kept blocking out my signal even if my controller was registered as Player 1. and If I hit the button on the front of the xbox that disconnects all controllers, he still kept going... He's not hacking My Xbox Live (though he did go through my messages). He's hacking direclty to my Xbox somehow. I'm a huge computer geek and the quality of this guys hacking just leaves me speechless... I don't know what to do. He keeps coming back every now and again. The only way I could have any control was if I directly connected my Keyboard to the Xbox. What do I do about this hacker?

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  • Why Is my Xbox 360 controlling itself?

    Me and my friend were sitting in my room on the computer and behind us, my Xbox 360 turned itself on, scrolled over to an advertisement, then scrolled over to the bing search tab. And just now as I was typing the xbox just scrolled from the Bing tab to the TV tab. All my controllers are off. Why is this happening am i getting hacked?

    **it just scrolled again to the Music Tab..........

    **Now its going to the settings tab.....

    WTF DO I DO?????

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  • Can I still download older versions of Microsoft Visual Basic?

    I'v always used Microsoft Visual Basic 2008: Express Edition. When I tried to put it on my newer computer all I could find was 2010 Edition, which has too high of requirements for the way I run Windows applications. ( I have to run Windows apps under either W.I.N.E. or VirtualBox since I have Linux )

    Are there any Mirrors or Archives of Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 I can still download?

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  • Where would I buy a butane fuel canister?

    I bought this special lighter off of Amazon. The reviews said that it comes empty and you need a butane fuel canister to fill it.

    Here is the part of a review that mentions it:

    - "However, it does NOT come with lighter fluid inside. Thus you must buy a butane fuel canister and administer it on the bottom of the lighter. You need a pressurized can of butane, regular lighter fluid will not work."

    So, Where can I buy a butane fuel canister?

    1 AnswerOther - Electronics9 years ago