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  • How can I help an anorexic friend?

    She is 22, has a child, and is in a very stressful personal situation. She's 5'4" and thinks she needs to weigh 100 pounds. She spent 3 weeks without eating, then went to some diet pills and 1 salad a day. She runs and exercises 3-4 times a day and if she has to eat to keep people from getting suspicious, she will vomit afterward.

    I figured it out and confronted her, and she said she wanted my help to let her know when she went "too far." I told her the other day she had hit "too far" because her hair is falling out, she has a few loose teeth, she can't sleep, she has stomach and kidney pain all the time, and I think she just had a miscarriage. She is now taking 3 times the diet pills (garcinia cambogia) that is called for and watches "pro ana" videos and is on pro ana websites or running the whole time her child is at school. She knows she has a problem but doesn't want to stop or get help.

    Quite frankly, I am so mad at her right now, I can't make myself look at her, but I know I'm one of the few people who know what she is doing, so I feel responsible to do SOMETHING...

    If anyone has dealt with this kind of thing, please tell me how to help her. She has a therapist and access to medical care, I just don't know what will motivate her to WANT to recover.

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  • Can parents provide their minor children with cigarettes or allow minors to smoke in their home in Missouri?

    I know it is against the law for an adult to buy cigarettes for minors, and it's my ubderstanding that the law precludes minors from even possessing tobacco products in Missouri. Yet I see photos on facebook showing a friend's home with minors smoking, and she insists she talked to a juvenile officer who said kids can smoke if their parents give them permission/provide them the cigarettes.

    But not all these kids in the pictures are hers. I'd hate to see her in trouble if she has simply misunderstood the law.

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  • In Missouri, can a foreclosure go through if no assignment has been recorded showing who has the right to FC?

    Original deed of trust in 2005 was made in favor of one bank and was being serviced by homeq. In 2010 servicing rights were transferred to Ocwen (one of the worst customer-service companies ever, in my opinion). We received notice that payments were to be made to them. As we had to deal with health issues and job loss, our income dropped and we tried to modfy. LONG story, but in short, we are in foreclosure. I have searched the public records and no assignment was ever recorded transferring property to Ocwen. I have contacted Ocwen and their attorney repeatedly asking for documentation that they have the right to FC, but no verification has ever been provided to me. Nor have they answered why my payments jumped several hundred dollars on a fixed rate loan...

    So, can a foreclosure sale legally be done if there is nothing in public record that says who has the right to foreclose?

    Their attorney has also sent notice of the sale to people with no legal interest in the property and there is no request for notice of sale filed at the recorder's office....

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  • To be considered cyber-bullying, must the offender give a name?

    A "friend" of my daughter moved from Missouri to Illinois recently, telling everyone she was pregnant. My daughter and I were "friends" with her on Facebook, and through a series of posts, discovered that she is not pregnant, but using photos of other people's ultrasounds to continue the deception.

    After finding that her friend lied to her, my daughter unfriended and blocked the girl. The other girl started spreading rumors about my daughter and getting other "friends" angry.

    I contacted the mother, who confirmed her daughter is not pregnant and has done this type of thing before. Now this other girl posted on Facebook that she is going to "Mess her up," "Beat her a.." etc when she sees her again, and says she is coming from Illinois to visit. I posted that what she was doing is cyber bullying and she said that it is only considered that if she named names, which she had NOT done. However, one of her posts identified the girl she was going to beat as "John's" girlfriend, which IS identifying her, in my opinion. Then she unfriended me.

    I did contact her mother who said that SHE had turned her daughter in before for planning to attack another girl and getting others to hurt this other girl. She said there are no plans for her to come back to MO, but her daughter has run away and come here before. Then she started telling me things that her daughter has said about mine, that I am 99% sure are lies, intending to humiliate my daughter.

    What I need to know is if is considered a real threat if the girl did not specifically say it was "Jane Doe" she intends to beat, even though she used other details to identify who she was speaking of.

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  • How to find birth mother?

    I have a friend who is seriously ill. She was adopted when she was about 3 and knows only basic info on her birth mother. She hopes to find her birth mother before it's too late, just for a sense of closure, I guess.

    I have found numerous people/addresses/phone numbers online, know what date she married the last time (as far as we know), but we've mailed letters to all the adresses we find and have had no luck. We can't afford to pay for an expensive search.

    Any ideas/resources to help us find her birth-mom?

    She has a great relationship with her adoptive Mom, and I think part of what she wants to do is to let her bio-mom know that she made a great decision for her daughter...

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  • So, how do you help someone in crisis when you don't know them personally?

    One of my "contacts" here has been discussing suicide. I only know this person by her user name, have no way to contact her directly, but I want to help. Often, by the time I see the questions, she has chosen a "best answer" so i cannot reply, even though I want to.

    I want her to know that I care. I see she is creative (me, too). I know she is struggling with issues of faith (most of us do at times). I know she has relationship problems and often feels alone (been there, lived through it, could write a book about it). I know someone has recently hurt her badly and she is almost afraid to trust again (I could definitely write a book about THAT).

    I want her to know that I have been praying for her.

    I know life is hard.

    I also know it is wonderful, and if you just hang in there, you WILL have times when the joy and love overcome everything else. but if you give in to that hopelessness, you will miss all that potential.

    I want her to know that people care, even if they don't always show it, or they have no way to contact her to show it.

    I believe that we are all here for a reason, a purpose, and that she matters. Even if she isn't seeing it right now, she has her whole life in front of her, and she can go on to do great things.

    But only if she chooses to go on...

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  • Will air bags deploy under water?

    My area is prone to flash-flooding and water over roads/low water bridges. A teacher recently told my daughter's class that, if you are in a vehicle that is going into the water, to roll down the window and unstrap your seat-belt before all the way in the water to hasten escape. Sounds logical...

    BUT, if your car has air-bags, will they deploy when you hit the water? If the vehicle is already in the water and being carried down-stream, will hitting another object still make the air-bags go off? If so, then wouldn't it be safer to remain belted in until the vehicle comes to a stop?

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  • The wrong words come out...?

    I have a problem that has been around a few years. it is increasing, but still typically happens only several times a week (sometimes several times a day, but other times every few days). I will be talking and suddenly the wrong word comes out in the middle of a sentence. Most of the time the word I say starts with the same letter or sound as the word I WANTED to say...

    I have an extensive vocabulary and excellent language skills, but this seems to be beyond my control. I struggle sometimes with writing, too, when i draw a total blank on a desired word, which is unlike me.

    Background: upper 40's, female, high blood pressure, otherwise fairly healthy (some discussion as to whether I have lupus or not). No history of stroke, brain injury, etc. I work in an industry that requires good communication skills and volunteer a lot of my time, so it really concerns me that I am having this problem.

    Does anyone have any ideas? By the way, no health insurance...

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  • Teen with auditory hallucinations and "shudders"?

    I have a teen aged daughter who has, for several months, had random full-body shudders (like when your grandma used to say someone stepped on your grave). These happen several times a day, sometimes several an hour, and even though they only last a second or less, they have made her fall forward or bang her head when it happens.

    Lately, she told me that she also hears voices; usually just calling her name, but other times talking to her, mostly cutting her down, sometimes in other languages.

    She has aways been very intelligent, creative, compassionate to a fault, and still is, but there are also some signs of mild depression creeping in. I know I need to get her some kind of help, but don't know whether I should start with a Doctor or a psychologist. Obviously, it sounds like there are mental health issues, but for some reason, the shudders disturb me more. Do these tie together in some way?

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  • Need ideas for meals for 60-70 EVERY week?

    I cook every Wednesday for my Church's Bible studies. I average 60-70 people a week and try to serve a full, reasonably healthy meal without spending too much.

    I am just running out of ideas and don't want it to get boring for everyone who attends, so if anyone has some good recipe ideas for a crowd that won't take me ALL day to prepare (I usually spend about 3-4 hours cooking), I would love menu ideas.

    Thanks, in advance for your help!

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  • Wrong words come out: Aphasia?

    First, let me state that I have, and always have had, an extensive vocabulary and exemplary language skills. But I have noticed a problem that is occurring with increasing frequency: I will be speaking just fine, when I hear the wrong word come out of my mouth. I am aware that it is not right, but it seems that I cannot control it. Probably 90% of the time, the word that I say starts with the same letter or sound as the word I meant to say, but the words are never related (it's not like an acceptable synonym interjects itself).

    It seems random to me in that I've not noticed any correlation to stress, fatigue, headaches or any other factors. I know it used to happen about once or twice a month, now it seems to happen every few days, sometimes multiple times a day.

    Does this sound like aphasia, or is there a different disorder that could cause this?

    I am 47, female, hypertensive, family history of Alzheimer's, used to suffer (tremendously) from migraine and cluster headaches and get occasional "brain spikes." I don't drink, use illegal drugs, or currently take any medications.

    Any ideas what I need to look into are welcomed!

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  • Can a Non-Profit hold/sell real estate and make a profit?

    Can a church or small non-profit organization, if given deed to real estate, turn around and rehab then sell the real estate and realize a profit? If so, does the profit count as a "donation" by the buyers or those who originally gave the deed to the land?

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  • Translate "mother of many sons" into different languages for me, please?

    I really don't care which languages this gets translated into. I would like several answers, translating that into different languages, for a story I am working on.

    I would appreciate it if you could give me the correct spelling, then break it down so I know how to pronounce the phrase.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Creativity: How do you express it?

    Are you a dancer, composer, writer, artist, or what? And please give a little detail (If you're a writer, do you write poetry, science fiction, romance? If you're a dancer do you do ballet, modern, hip-hop?).

    I draw photo-realistic portraits and write, mainly Christian Spec and some fantasy/sci-fi type stories.

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  • What are your pet peeves about Y!A Books and Authors?

    Besides the incessant questions about the Twilight series, here are my pet peeves, in no particular order.

    1) People asking us to do their homework for them.

    We really don't want to analyze Moby Dick or compare and contrast characters from Romeo and Juliet with the Notebook for you. Do your own homework, please. Most of us either have already done all that or are busy with our own homework.

    2) If you want to read books online for free, please Google them. Odds are, you will have to pay for access to online books. Better yet, go to your local library and check them out and do it the old-fashioned way. Any librarian will gladly help you find what you are looking for.

    3) We are not likely to give you good plot ideas or character names. If you cannot think of a story by yourself, why are you writing?

    4) Do not post samples of your writing, asking for opinions, then get mad at people who give you their honest opinion. Don't post without truly wanting constructive criticism, and please learn to accept it with grace and thanks.

    5) People who tell everyone that their writing is awesome or amazing are not being honest. They are wanting a few easy points and don't care about making your writing better.

    6) Don't post samples of your writing without proof-reading it. If you cannot spell, punctuate, or use the English language, study up on that and improve it before posting. We all make typos (I personally have health issues and my hands don't always cooperate), but if you can't even tell the difference between 'your' and 'you're,' 'there' and 'their' and 'they're,' you need to brush up on those skills. Even the greatest story seems horrible when it's badly written.

    I know this covers a lot, but feel free to add your own.


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