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  • Is it legal to vote in a Presidential Primary twice if you change residency mid-season?

    IE: A Democrat starts the year registered and resident in Iowa, votes in the Democratic Presidential caucus, then moves to New York or Indiana and votes in the Democratic Presidential Primary there later in the year after registering as per state guidelines.

    Does doing this break any rules/laws? Thanks!

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  • Potential Helicopter pilot who is unable to use certain limbs or missing limbs?  Could my friend ever be cleared?

    I am aware of Jessica Cox, a fixed-wing pilot who was cleared by the FAA to fly Ercoupes with coupled rudder pedals/ailerons by the FAA even though she has no arms.  However, recently, a friend of mine with one arm and two legs expressed interest in wanting to fly a helicopter even though he only has one arm (the other lost in an injury) when I discussed my adventures in flying.

    Now, I've flown an R22 once (I'm a student pilot with all 4 of her limbs, thank you) and I clearly remember needing to basically have control of the anti-torque pedals, the cyclic and the collective at all times with flying the helicopter.  This basically entails both feet on the pedals and one hand on the cyclic and the other on the collective at all times due to the inherent instability of your typical helicopter, and therefore the need to make constant corrections on the controls during flight.

    I guess I'm wondering if this control scheme could be or has ever been adapted to an individual with only one arm, possibly in more stable helicopter (tandem rotor?) if needed.  I'd like to tell my friend whether he's stuck with airplanes being the only option or not.


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  • Is there a database I can use to find gas stations that don't sell E15?

    I have a 2014 Forte...Kia car manual indicates that I shouldn't use E15. I've noticed it burning/losing oil alot lately. My understanding is that E15 burns hotter than pure gas or E10 by volume. I'm thinking this may be causing oil burn.

    Is there some database I can use to locate gas stations that don't sell E15 to test this theory over time? With the new federal regulations regarding E15, there are waayy too many gas stations selling it now for me to avoid it without pre-planning. Thanks!

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  • Is it easier to gain muscle and lose fat (ie: become more performance-capable) at a lower weight or a higher weight?

    I'm 5'10.5", female, would like to be very fit (less fat, more muscle) but at the same time light (roughly 145 lbs is my goal, I'm currently about 155-158). I've been doing a lot of cardio and quite a bit of dieting to get my weight down, and it's been working very well (been losing about 2 lbs a week since early November).

    Anyway, would it make more sense for me to not worry about my weight so much at 155 and then work out with lots of a cardio/strength and eat tons of protein (I'm ovolactovegetarian if you want to give diet rec's, ie: not meat/fish/poultry) and very slowly lose weight, or maintain my course of high cardio and low caloric consumption jump down to 145 lbs first before going on the protein-rich diet and strength/cardio training? I'm basically for all intents and purposes trying to get my body in shape for performance purposes (not so much appearance) at a weight I can feel comfortable at. Specifically, I want to have the type of fitness needed to easily do the types of activities someone in military boot camp or an active hiker/outdoorsman would be doing, not so much like heavy weightlifting or anything like that unless it's backpacking or something similar.


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  • Is it easier to become a Civilian Commercial/Airline pilot in the USA or Europe?

    Kinda wondering as even though I'm a lifelong resident/citizen of the USA, I'm technically eligible to get Polish citizenship as my mother is likely going to have it in a few months (jus sanguinis/ie: my grandma is a Holocaust survivor, and she wants to use it to live in Italy), therefore if I really wanted to I probably could go through EASA and European airlines in lieu of the FAA.

    How do the requirements, available programs, and job outlooks compare? Also, I speak English as a first language, along with Spanish and Hebrew. Could learn another language if really needed...

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  • Is there a way to pay unpaid payroll taxes from over 5 years ago (under the table pay)?

    I was paid under the table for two jobs in 2012 and 2013. I d like to pay the small amount of payroll tax due to a potential investigation. How do I do so? I never made enough to warrant income tax. Thank you.

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  • Use of "Hello Gentlemen" in business contexts when I, a female, am in the room?

    Yeah this happens alot, I am at work (I work in IT, specifically network operations/monitoring for a network in North America utilizing Cisco/Linux gear) and men say hello/goodbye gentlemen when we start a meeting or they enter/exit the room. I am basically the only woman in my department (there is one other but she really works outside our main work area), is this disrespect or just a typical practice of misogynistic old fashioned men? Most of the guys who do this **** are like in their 50s or above btw (I'm 25). Anyone else have this experience? I kinda want to know just to clarify my chances at upward mobility in this office. Thanks.

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  • Is there some sort of technical method that was used to verify non-repudiation of the contents of the recent clinton email hack?

    I've actually been reading into getting my security+ cert lately and just learned about computing concepts such as message signatures (hashes signed with a private key) over Public Key Infrastructure. These can be used to verify the integrity and even the origin of communications in a networked environment. This has made me wonder about the email hack in the news lately.

    Now there's a lot of banter online about the contents of the emails that were uncovered. Anti-Clinton voices+wikileaks say the emails are genuine, pro-Clinton voices+news media generally say the contents are a hoax/forgery made up by Russia to influence the election.

    Given the contradictory voices I'm just wondering if there is any sort of technical evidence out there that shows these emails genuinely came from where wikileaks states they came from, whether that is from wikileaks themselves or otherwise. Anyone have any info on this?

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  • How is an obi belt supposed to fit around your waist?

    IE: Is the style for the thick part of the belt to go all the way around your waist or is it supposed to taper at on your back? Reason being: I generally buy small belts (size 6-8ish) for my hips and thus bought the small size obi at NY&Co this afternoon. The back of the belt tapers at the rear of my back unless I really cinch it. Should I be running back to the store to get a size up?

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  • Name choice: Which middle name do you like best?

    FYI: This is NOT your typical Y!A baby naming question so don't throw random name combos at me. (albeit if you have some thing similar to the choices below, throw it at me) It's for me, I omitted taking on a middle name during a previous name change and am sick of not having one. My first name is Jessica, just need to figure out my new middle name. It will start with an m...

    Jessica Molly

    Jessica Michelle

    Jessica Mikaela (mi-kehl-la)

    Jessica Maya

    Jessica Michaella (mi-kai-eh-la)

    Jessica Mary

    Jessica Mia


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  • Health insurance billing with two providers, primary and secondary...two different rates for service; what do I actually owe?


    So I've been seeing a psychologist for the past couple of months and billing the visits through my health insurance. Now, I actually have two insurance policies through two different companies, Aetna and UHC. One, my primary, is UHC through my employer and I am the head the policy. The other, my secondary is through my mother (I am under 26, family plan...Obamacare) and is Aetna.

    UHC accepts her $175 per visit charge and applies it all towards my deductible (has yet to have been met), stating I owe $175 to my psychologist.

    Aetna does not accept her $175 charge per visit, reduces it to $65 and gives my psychologist $52 per visit as my deductible was met VERY EARLY this year due to a major procedure my sister went through. They state I owe $13 co-insurance.

    Now, with UHC as primary, and Aetna as secondary, do I actually owe the additional $110 per visit noted on the UHC deductible in this case? Mind you...UHC has effectively paid nothing here and is only a bureaucratic crapshot in this process as you can tell (Aetna requires me to submit to them and get nothing before they'll even look at the claims).

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  • Can I drive a car to the CT DMV office across state lines?

    Either the Norwalk or Bridgeport office, after signing the title from with my brother, a NY resident while in NY? Or would I be in trouble if the cops pulled me over (thus requiring me to find some alternate transportation to one of the DMV Hub offices)? I would of course already have gotten proof of insurance.


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  • My car's engine is suddenly very loud?

    For the past couple of weeks I've been dealing with several problems regarding my 01' Chrysler PT Cruiser. I recently spent about $450 total to:

    A: Have some undercarriage work done.

    B: Reseat the left front break.

    C: Complete an oil change.

    Now here's the thing, for a while now, whenever I've gone to a car repair shop, the mechanics have always been asking me about "loud sound" that my car is making and recommending a muffler repair. I haven't been noticing any extreme noises, so I've always said no to that particular repair, thinking the muffler thing was just a minor annoyance.

    Thing is though, when I got these most recent repairs done, right before I sent in the car for my most recent repairs, I noticed the car's engine start to misfire after I filled up on gas at a certain gas station. The mechanic mentioned after the fact that that might be a spark plug problem. Looking online, I got the picture that this is just another "nuisance" thing like the muffler that might affect your mileage but that's about it (and I don't plan on keeping the car past June of this year anyway), or alternatively, this could just be a bad gas problem. However, as I was running errands before work this morning, my car's engine suddenly got REALLY LOUD while I was driving in a supermarket parking lot and it has been like that since, it almost sounds like a motorcycle engine in terms of noise level. My check engine light also came on yesterday...

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  • As an American, if you were given the chance to pass any single federal or state law/bill, or alternatively a constitutional amendment...?

    to perform a single function (no omnibuses allowed) without going through the democratic process, would you do so? If you would chose to do so, what would you pass?

    Note: This function cannot be one that guarantees you in particular any political power (ie: you can't become a dictator or legislate yourself into the Role of Speaker of the House).

    13 AnswersLaw & Ethics7 years ago
  • Should I get the Core 2 duo E8500 or spend $10 more for the E8600 for my low-level gaming retrofit?

    Ok, I currently have a Dell Vostro 200 with win7, a Pentium Dual-Core E2160, 4GB of RAM, Windows 7 and integrated graphics that I used to use for work purposes. I want to turn it into a rig that can play games like DOTA 2, CS: GO, SWTOR, Civilization V, and Anno 2070 at low-medium settings or higher with a stable 30 fps at 720p. I'd also use it for things like media streaming and GIMP (Photoshop).

    Now I don't feel like messing around with the oem power supply or cooling/tdp, so I'd get a low profile gpu with plenty of gddr and dx11 like this.

    However, I have two core 2 duo choices on eBay to upgrade the CPU to something better for gaming, the E8500 @3.16 GHz, which goes for about $26, and the E8600 @3.33 GHz, which goes for $36. Do you think it makes sense to take the extra .16 GHz considering my setup? Thx!

    2 AnswersDesktops7 years ago
  • Windshield Wiper Cleaning Fluid Issues?

    So my windshield cleaning fluid mechanism on my 01 PT Cruiser LE hasn't been working since the beginning of the winter here in the Northeast. I figured the issue was due to water freezing in the delivery tube/valve throughout the winter so I've been ignoring the issue for some time.

    However, its been warming up and its even a pleasant 60 degrees F today here so I figured the problem should be solved by now (if that is actually the issue). However, when I tried to get the cleaning fluid to spray today I got nothing, so I went to the gas station and put about a gallon of fluid into the car's windshield fluid reservoir to completely fill it up. I'm still having no luck

    So, any ideas that might be quick fixes to this issue (I am not apt at auto repair, don't tell me to take anything apart lol) before I go ahead and get it checked out at an auto repair shop? Mind you I can hear a specific motor buzz when I attempt to spray fluid on my windshield that isn't the wiper motors. Thanks!

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • What IT certification should I go for next?

    Over the past 4 weeks, by using/abusing and the examcram series of study materials, I have earned both a CompTIA A+ and a CompTIA Network+. I already have some experience working consumer tech support and a Bachelor's in Mathematics (so a college degree isn't really an issue, unless employers want to be picky about my major) and I want to eventually get a job working in some sort of Enterprise IT role. Whether that is Systems administration, Security, or Network Infrastructure...I don't really know that yet at this point.

    However, I don't know which cert would be best to take first to optimize my job prospects NOW (I'd like to get all of the following in the long run though to get a wide perspective of your typical enterprise environment before really specializing in one subject or the other with even better certs). I am torn between CCNA: Routing & Switching, MCSA: Windows Server 2012, and CompTIA Security+.

    Thoughts? Which is the best to get a good job off the bat? Also, are any of the certs better as a foundation for the others in your opinion or do you feel they're mutually exclusive?

    Oh and finally, for the MCSA and CCNA, what do you recommend for self-study materials? (professormesser and examcram have been working brilliantly for me on I don't really think that's an issue with Security+)

    1 AnswerComputer Networking7 years ago
  • Best way to get the money I'm owed?

    I am a US citizen currently working remotely from home for a Tech Support company based in New York State where I'm supposed to be paid $12/hr for part-time work averaging 20-30 hours per week (I have worked there since January). My gross wages are around the range of 12k to date, but my employer has only paid roughly 8k over the past 10 months. I'm owed roughly 4k, which comes to be about 3 months in backwages.

    Now, I'm absolutely sick of this situation and I want my money already. I don't care if I lose my job now, nor is it a priority to get any unemployment benefits (they look to be potentially much more trouble than they're worth considering I still live with my parents). Key point tho: I have been paid under the table since January. NOTE: I was already, well originally planning on just taking the hit and filing Self-employed this coming April to save my employer's skin and to ensure I retain my job. However, after this bs he's pulling I'd consider filing as a regular employee to save some of my earnings from being taxed off if it wouldn't cause too much trouble.

    So, what would be the best way to deal with this situation and get the money I am owed? My mom and dad both say file for unemployment and immediately stop working for him to start the process but that sounds like a c**pfest against me given I've been paid under the table and as so many mention on the net, it is partially my fault for accepting that arrangement. Would I be better off going to small claims court?


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  • Can you recall anything about your existence before birth or your conception for that matter?

    If you're going to answer this question seriously, please don't read the other answers beforehand, they may affect the results of the following "exercise".

    You know, we all have an uncertain outlook on death, its gonna happen to all of us but none of us really know what'll happen when it hits us. So, the following idea came to mind, maybe you can't accurately predict what happens after death, but if we existed before conception, we would have had an experience of some sort before that time. Ofc tho, whether or not we can recall any sensations from it if we even felt any is another story. Existence after death can't be that much different from existence before conception, right?

    So, this is what I want you to do, firstly don't read any of the other answers before you respond. Think back on your early childhood memories. After that, attempt to push back further, try to remember what came before that, using either emotions or your senses to put it into an idea or words. What comes to you, if anything? Put your response in the comments below...i felt something specific with intense clarity when I did this, I'm wondering if any of you get a similar recollection or sensation. Thanks!

    PS: I know this is a spiritual question of sorts, so I'll give this clarification, unless you actually recalled something distinctively religious in nature, please don't bring up religion. I'm personally an atheist, I'm open to religion and spirituality, but I'm not looking for some ideas you believe out of a book I can lookup online. Please only give details on what you can actually recall.

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  • Is the Buell Blast a dependable bike?

    I just heard of the company given they went out of biz around the time I got out of high school. I'm currently shopping around casually for a starter motorcycle after taking the MSF and just noticed the existence of this motorcycle model. I've noticed that on various online sites, they are listed as ALOT cheaper than almost all the Kawasaki Ninja 250/500s, Suzuki TU250s, Honda CBR250/500s, or Honda Rebels that I've seen so far.

    Yeah, I know all the bikes I mentioned above are Japanese bikes and Buell's from an American company that is out of business (supported by Harley Davidson tho), but does that make the Buell any less dependable than those bikes? I've seen my family go through several cars that require constant maintenance after regular use, as well as a few that don't, and given I know if I got a bike, I would really use it; I would much prefer to have something I don't have to bring to the shop every 2000 miles (I am not a mechanic). So does anyone have any thoughts on the matter here? I'm a poor college grad so the cheaper I can get a bike, the better. I do not want to be spending oodles on repairs after purchasing the thing just because I saved $1000 and got the American bike at first. Thanks!

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